Join April's fun events!

Dear Royals!

The long-awaited Writathon challenge is here! Check out our new review contest as well.


To win the challenge, you need to write at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks.  This is a personal challenge first and foremost, but we hope you will get into the habit of writing and get some motivation while participating with other authors with similar goals. 

The Writathon starts now, until the 5th of May. 


  • You can submit a new story or you can continue an old one, but the 55,555 words have to be completed in a single-story, not across multiple stories. 
  • For the duration of the challenge, the chapters posted to the story cannot include any sexual content.
  • You can only participate with an original fiction. The story cannot be a fanfiction. 
  • You can only participate with a word count written during the challenge period.

To accept the challenge, go to the Writathon tab in the Author dashboard and click [Participate]. You can confirm your participation by checking if you have a progress bar in the writathon tab

If you have a backlog of chapters, click [Participate] only when after backlog is published.

A backlog is any chapter that you wrote but did not publish before the start of the challenge. 

If you are submitting a new fiction, the word count for it will start from the beginning of the Writathon challenge regardless of when you chose to participate. But, you must still click [Participate] to be a part of the challenge.
If your new story has a backlog, simply open a support ticket and a staff member will change the starting word count number for you.

For the spirit of the challenge, and to inform the other authors and readers - please add [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description of your story.

As much as the challenge is a personal one, it is also a bit social. Accordingly, we opened the Writathon forum where you can leave your words of encouragement, frustration, or challenge to your fellow participants! 


First Milestone:

Write at least 25,000 words by the 15th of April to qualify for the announced participants' list. 
The list will be announced to everyone, and it will show the fictions that are seriously participating in the challenge to make it easier for readers to find those stories.   

Second Milestone

Finish writing 55,555 words before the end of the 5th of May.  
If you complete this milestone by the deadline, you will count as a winner of this challenge (even if you didn’t make it in time for the first Milestone)!   


All winners will receive 1-month of Author Premium (this can be used or gifted to another user as per request). 
All winners will receive an Achievement unique to the Writathon worth 5000 level EXP! 

Time zone:

The challenge follows the IDLW timezone, which is the last timezone on earth. This means that as long as the date is still the 5th somewhere around the world, the challenge will continue! You can check out a countdown in the author dashboard as well. 


How to submit your first story

Register for an account on Royal Road if you have not already. This can be easily done from our Welcome page or by clicking the “Login" button in the top right corner and selecting "Create an account" at the bottom of the login form.

Once you log in, click Write on the navigation bar, which will take you to the Author Dashboard. From there, click [Add New] or jump to New Fiction Submission

Fill in the Title and the Description. Select the genres and additional tags. Fill in your first chapter's title and the content of your first chapter. Expanded detail on this can be read in the next section.

Note: Please do not include links for donations, Patreon accounts, or shortened links to other sites such as Discord servers in your Description.

Note: if you do not select fanfiction for stories based on others' work or do not choose the Content Warnings appropriate for your story, the submission will be rejected.

Upload a cover image that is 400x600 pixels or larger (this is optional)

Then click Submit. You can read more about this in our new knowledge base  

All new submissions are manually checked for appropriate tagging and plagiarism, so expect it to take between 12-24 hours for a submission to be approved. Please be patient. Make sure to follow our rules to not get rejected after waiting.  

Once your fiction has been approved, you can find it by clicking [Write] on the navigation bar. Then click your fiction Cover to get to the [Fiction Dashboard], [page], and [Add Chapter] button. 



The Review Contest

Update: Please check out the new blog post for the latest updates and new unlocked themes. 

The review challenge is a contest that was run by community members in the Reviewer's Guild with the purpose to review more stories together. The results were automated by Consistent Milk's bot.

The contest is simple. You need to find stories to read based on certain themes. You can then review those stories and get points. If you have at least 21 points you will win!

You can review one fiction per theme.
You can only review after reading 5 chapters. 
Your review must be relevant and unique to the story.
The review must not break the review rules.

Note that if any review was disqualified due to low effort, it could mean that you will lose the contest. So we recommend that you don’t participate if you only intend to do it with half an effort.

How to win:
You will get 2 points for an advanced review
And 1 point for a standard review.
At the end of the contest, we will verify your reviews, calculate your points, and award you. 


One month author premium &
For those that get
21 points: A Bronze achievement worth 500 Exp
30 Points: A Silver Achievement worth 1000 Exp
40 Points: A  Gold achievement worth 1500 Exp 


It is now enough to submit a single review in the registration form and every new review you write will be automatically counted if it matches the themes. You no longer need to submit each review individually. 

New themes have been unlocked. The older themes can still be used if you didn't participate yet. 


April 1 themes; 

  • Review a story on the Promote your story, April Thread 
  • Review a story that has a Female Lead
  • Review a story tagged as Space Opera
  • Review a story that has [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description (this could be from older events)
  • Review a completed story 
  • Review a story with a Villainous lead 
  • Review a story tagged as a short story.

April 16 themes ;

  • Review a story tagged as Comedy
  • Review a story tagged as Artificial Intelligence
  • Review a story tagged as Anti-Hero Lead
  • Review a story tagged as Cyberpunk
  • Review a story tagged as First Contact
  • Review 2 stories from the list of Writathon participants above. 

May 6th. 

  • Review 6 stories from the Writathon Winner list (each story counts as 1 theme) 
  • Review a story on the Promote your story, May Thread 

Deadline May 12th. 


Time zone:

The challenge follows the IDLW timezone, which is the last timezone on earth. This means that as long as the date is still May 12th somewhere around the world, the challenge will continue! You can check out a countdown in the author dashboard as well. 

- You need to submit two reviews via the form. One for the story with the description [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge], another for any one of the other categories, a list for them will be automatically generated. 
- This is only for new reviews, don't submit reviews you've written previously
- You can still acquire the normal review normal achievements 


Premium Border

All winners of the Writathon and the Review contest will win a one month Premium. You can read about the premium features here [Reader Premium] [Author Premium]

The premium also includes a time-limited monthly Avatar border. The following borders are reserved for premium members for their support of the platform. To receive a Premium profile border, you must have an active Premium Subscription during the timeframe in which it is available. 

The following are our current borders

March 1st - April 5th

April 1-April 30th

For those that already have premium, let’s see which faction wins more? For the next 5 days, select the border that you prefer (between puppies and kittens), and let us see who’s the favorite of the Royals! 

We will show a graph of the results on April 5th, 14:00 GMT 

The kitten Won!
44.4% Selected the Puppies' border
55.6% Selected the Kitten's border

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Also, first i guess

Also I didn't really read the way this works and I don't know what my response has to do with most of it. 

Agh, what a month to be swamped by other obligations T-T I want to do both, but can do neither.

Are you me??? I agree, I wann do both too...but will have to be satisfied with Writathon...

I like your username. Really random I know but I just liked it. 

Same. Kind of wish this was in the summer time, but it sounds fun. Maybe next time.

May 6th. 

<7 New themes will be unlocked>

Need a badge for fixing the spelling of a blog post


You got it. 


Double check now. 

Ooo, I appreciate it.

If you have a backlog of chapters, click [Participate] only when after the backlog is published.

I like the sound of this!

Alright, I'll participate in your review contest, but I am confused about one thing. Can you only do one review for each topic? It's slightly unclear to me..


Yes. One review per topic for the contest. 
There will be 21 topics total by the end of the event. 
You can either write normal review, or advanced review with the later giving you more points . 

do old reviews count or do we need to make new reviews

Do we need to submit an entry for each review? So no way to batch submit reviews for multiple categories in the google form?


1. You need to submit new reviews
2. No way to batch submit yet. 

So what you’re saying is that more topics/themes will be announced at a later period or in another format sometime to add to the 7 listed above? Cool cool.


We updated it.
Update: We only require that you submit the [Writathon Participant] one separately.
As for the other categories, one review submission link will be enough. We will automatically check every other review you submitted starting from April 1st. Make sure to copy the correct link for your review before submitting it in the form. .  

What if a story counts for multiple categories? Will you do the work to make sure one review with a female MC counts for the premote your story thread and a second counts for the female MC criteria even if it also counts for the space opera category? Should we be adding into the review which criteria we are aiming for with the review or just hope whoever is checking is thorough and decides to sort everything into whatever gives the most points? It seems like much more work for you guys and I'd almost rather submitting each one into the form.

Hello, I programmed the automation system for the review contest. So, I am just leaving a reply to Bluelightning42's queries so that anyone else thinking about the same things can get a FAQ type answer from here. 

1. After you participate in the review contest by submitting one or multiple reviews, the program reads and stores your unique RR user id only once. So you can submit one of your reviews, or you can even submit all if you want to - but you will only be counted once. 

2. Then the program takes all reviews of the unique user and checks each of his/her reviews for the following criteria:
a) Is it a review done on or after 1st April?
b) If the review passes (a), the program then checks if the name that is given on the form and the name on RR are approximately similar, or completely different. Example:
Form name - Turtlesaredifferentfromtortoises, RR Name - Turtles are different from Tortoises (Pass)
Form Name - Consistent Milk, RR Name: Bluelighting (Fail) 
c) If the review passes (b), then the program collects all the tags of the fiction the review was done on and checks if any of the tags are allowed as a contest theme or if the fiction has been posted on the April thread. If the fiction has any allowed theme the review is stored and goes through further verification ( Like, if it isn't a short story theme, did the reviewer read at least 5 chapters? How many words has the reviewer used in the review? Is this a troll review with only repeated words or are the contents of the review completely nonsensical?) 

3. All the reviews of a user that passes all the criteria in 2 are counted as verified reviews and stored along with all the detected themes the fiction had. For example, Bluelightning42 did 2 reviews on fictions that have the following themes:

['female_lead', 'space_opera'] - Advanced Review, ['female_lead', 'april_thread'] - Advanced Review

So he currently has 4 total points. The program will keep running throughout the contest and keep checking his reviews. Whenever he does a new review that passes 1,2 it gets compared to the detected themes of his past reviews and if he did a new theme it gets stored as a verified review. Say he does:

['female_lead'] - Standard , ['female,lead', 'space_opera'] - Advanced next, then his list of reviews are recalculated as,

[female_lead] - Advanced, ['april_thread'] - Advanced, ['space_opera'] - Advanced -> With total of 6 points. Note that ['female_lead'] - Standard is a repeated theme review and also gives 1 points instead of 2, so it is dropped. 

I hope that this answers all of your questions. You don't have to worry about not getting the most points. The sorting is done by the automation program optimally and reviews are checked manually by RR staff to make sure that the program doesn't mess up anywhere., you say? This challenge... it calls to something deep inside me, begging to be released.

Glad there's going to be more focus on reviews, there should be more incentive to properly review things you've read, good or not!

The red notification symbol over the RR logo is setting me off. I need to clear my messages!

same. I was wondering wth is going on

It’s the worst and best way to turn me into an Apriled fool I have yet seen I hate it and it’s genius. 10/10 would rage again.

Wing you sunnova gun. I'm in 

Picked a heck of a day tonannounve this, I don't trust anything on the Web on April 1st

Looks like I will need to do more reviews sooner then I thought.

A review contest? I never thought something would fascinate and terrify me at the same time. Can't decide which worries me more, my stories getting passed over entirely or being put on the chopping block. Anways, I won't be able to enter either of these, but I wish everyone luck in the contests!

Did I read that right? A Writathon? Hmm...

Is there a reason that the third batch of themes for the review contest is announced that late? Only 6 days before the end of the deadline, while there are 15 days from the first to the second and 20 days from the second to the third batch. It will be rather difficult to write 7 good reviews in 6 days if one has to find stories with the correct themes first.


The options will be contained, as the deadline is matching the Writathon for a reason. 

I wonder if this is how I return.

Also I vote for the third option, Butterflies!

Am I the only one who is immensely confused by the sudden Red “1” On the “Royal Road” home link?..

The review contest doesn't specify in which timeframe a review or story must have been published. I wrote a bunch of reviews already, can I just submit them? (This seems somewhat unintuitive, so just asking for clarification, maybe.)


New reviews starting today. 

Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I'm a little confused. What if we have advanced chapters on our Patreon, so we have around 2 weeks worth of backlog? I'll hopefully have written 25k words by April 15th, but everything I post to RR by then will be backlog and all the new chapters will be on Patreon. It says I shouldn't count myself as participating if the stuff I post to RR is backlog though. What's the right way to do this?

Could you explain the rationale for why fanfiction is not eligible for the writathon? I would like to participate, but the story I'm currently writing is a fanfic.


We aim to encourage the creation of more Original novels on the platform. 

Dog Team Rules!

So this is... just a random ad? 

Just to double check: this is NOT a April first joke, yes?

For the short story review, those are often not even 5 chapters long. Are they allowed to not be five chapters long for that specific category? 

Did you not read the announcement?


If the reviewer contest rules are that you can only review one story per theme, there are only like 7 themes listed above and you need at least 21 points (with a maximum of 2 points per review) to win at all how do you review enough fictions? Are some themes repeatable?

I don't know how to post in the ideas section of the website so I'll leave it here

- it would be nice to have a section of the website or a competition for submitting ideas. This is for the kind of people who want ro write and come up with loads of ideas but can't write or don't have the time or motivation to put the ideas to use. Then authors who need a bit of inspiration or just want a change of pace or to try a new idea can go on there, browse and pick it up. They can leave a link and others who read the idea can go and check out what has become of it

Wow my eyes just glazed over the “more themes will be unlocked at these dates” lines for some reason.

Have you guys notice yet? :D The red 1 on the RR logo gives you an achievement! Cool! Don't know if it's on a limited time.


Please stop sharing this. I keep deleting your post about it, the whole point is for people to "discover this on their own".



Now that it is over. I just want to confirm that the above was only said due to April's fool day. That's all, there were no posts deleted, no achievements to be found. 

Maybe I should start another fiction

I'm still trying to read all the winners of last year's April Writeathon. And October. I can't keep up with every story on this site!

Missed opportunity to not put the 1 underneath the A for April 1st. 

All this is fine, but what’s up with the 1 in the logo?

The puppies are way cuter 

Though they also look more spitting.

Can we choose when to claim premium or does it immediately kick in? Thanks and happy writing/reviewing!


Technically, it immediatly kicks in if you don't have a premium subscription already.
But, you can reach out to us about it, and we can find a solution without an issue. 

No sexual content?

Hard pass.

I clicked the participate button , It showed error would it be possible for someone to make a walkthrough video on how to participate

Thanks in Advance


Wait until your novel is approved, and only then click the [participation] button. The error won't appear then. 

Review Contest? Shouldn't it be the Reviewathon? 

[You can still acquire the normal review normal achievements]

Found a mistake!

Uh, oh. And here I was thinking too many fictions already had the short story tag despite being neither short nor otherwise short story-esque.

Let's hope this does not motivate even more people to use that tag for their story... At at least not too many.

I put it on mine because it is more a series of short stories than a coherent narrative, but I wonder if I shouldn't.

Seven new reviews to be done between May 6th and May 12th.

That's when the real fun will begin.

Would be great if someone can slam me with some reviews


What they don't explain to you is that you need to scroll down to do your review.  If you make your review at the top where the stars are (because obvious) you won't get the opportunity to check the advanced review box.  You need to go down past the Table of Contents.

Sounds cool, but what? Why are female leads countable for the review challenge? Why are they special compared to male leads or intersex, etc. The majority of the writing industry is already dominated by women. 

I'm interested in the challenge as a way to boost my writing spirit. But the review categories seem stale.

Just my opinion though. 

I just assumed male lead would be a theme later. They have to be searchable terms for confirmtion

If I review a fic on 4/6 and a theme that fits it comes out on 4/16, will it count?

yep i was just going to ask same question

Hi New Member here 🙂 

It's my first time participating in any of this. I'm more interested in the Review Contest. I have a few questions. In the FAQ it says

 (You need to submit 2 Reviews via the form 1 for the Writathon and 1 for the other categories let say 'Promote your story thread')

Will that be 2 entries via the form according to the FAQ? Or can you submit one entry at a time for each theme?  So there are 7 themes so you submit each theme separately? 

I think that will be easier without coping multiple links at one time. 

And last question Is it okay to join so late because I'm currently busy with CampNanowrimo and only saw this today.  

You can join anytime you want, and now you only need to submit one review and your next reviews will be counted automatically. You can submit each of the 7 themes separately if you want to keep a record, but it isn't necessary. You can even do all 21 themes on the last day, and it will still count.

oooh I wonder if I should continue my old story with my new writing style...Sounds good

I am unable to do this event due to my other commitments but I wish the absolute best of luck to everyone who participates! <3