Past Writathon Winners!

Writathon is a challenge where authors write and publish at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks.
This is regarding the October 2021 Challenge. The next challenge will start on April 1st.

Congratulations to all the authors that managed to do it! Truly what a marvelous feat. 

This is the list of 198 fictions that completed the challenge in time. 


Title Words
Tales of Demons and Dragons - An Apocalyptic Xianxia! 180,193
Memories of the Fall 166,086
Etherial Adventurer [Adventure LitRPG] 140,697
Ocean of Dreams 113,705
Nothing but bones (book 3) 108,100
Ar'Kendrithyst 104,210
Tori Transmigrated 102,679
The Tournament 101,775
The Guardian 101,000
At the Fields of Fire and Blood 100,931
The Ancient Core: A Progression Fantasy 96,421
The God of Midgard 96,083
I'm the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers 94,068
Mandatory Overtime [VRMMO/LITRPG] 93,227
Trashmancer 91,640
I Summoned a Hero from Another World to be my Girlfriend 91,500
AntiHero 91,445
Millennial Mage 90,639
Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale 88,863
The Shape of Home 88,071
An Unknown Swordcraft 86,773
Travels along the Astral Road 85,861
Boneclock 84,881
Mana System - Hello, World! [REVISED] 82,496
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale 81,802
Dungeons Are Bad Business 81,244
Class: Mash 80,461
Carrion Knight [System abduction] 80,073
Beast Mage 79,656
The Power of Ten, Book Three : The Human Race 79,455
A Pauper's Ascension 79,389
MATHs (An Isekai but I try to be weird and confusing whilst making 100% sense by the end) 78,866
Epic Tales Variation: Aegis Kan 78,378
World Egg 78,329
After the End: Serenity 77,252
Shamrock Samurai 75,158
The Wanderer's Rebirth 74,029
Luminous 73,919
The Blessed Child 73,496
New Terra 73,017
Ebony Chitin - Adventures of The Hive 72,693
The Ruins of Magincia 72,228
EVERNA Maven 72,113
Necrowarrior [A LitRPG at the end of the world] 71,807
My Clone in an another World 71,718
The Mystifying Diviner 71,627
Eternus Online 71,276
The Emperor's Concubine 71,148
Lure O' War (The Old Realms) 70,355
Nameless Sovereign 70,221
Celestial Journey 69,769
Frameshift 69,420
No Strings Attached 69,277
The Primal Hunter 69,200
Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today 68,906
This Used to be About Dungeons 68,355
The Cursed Heart 68,252
Spires 67,044
Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG 67,019
War Queen 66,899
The Hero Without a Past 66,692
Apocalypse Parenting 66,483
The Dragon Mage Saga: A portal fantasy LitRPG 66,009
Metahuman Chronicles 65,829
Pocket Healer 65,441
Lightblessed 65,329
A Pirate's Life, The Virus, and A New World 65,079
Shifted 65,018
Leftover Apocalypse 64,847
Dungeon Item Shop 64,813
Adventurer Book II: Dawn of an Empire 64,760
Bardcore 64,703
A Stay on Skipper Street-A litRPG adventure 64,671
Misadventures Incorporated 64,587
Shadow under Plato 64,448
The Written Scraps of the Star Sea 64,437
Blackened Blood[Progression Fantasy] 64,293
Marketing Penny 64,213
[Spanish] La Llave del Destino 63,434
Dungeon Core Chat Room. 63,431
Seeds of Evil: Rophion Forest 63,083
The Core And The Wardens of Eternity 63,068
Monsters and Maidens 62,805
The Key of Destiny 62,778
The Bureau of Isekai Affairs 62,725
Must I Go Out to Survive This? 62,697
Beginning from Nothing: Book 1 of The New Age 62,430
Hunting Dawn 62,415
Contact Through Voided Lenses 62,350
The Nexus Games 62,236
Warrior, Wizard, Demon Queen? 62,105
Lineage Saga 62,051
Mana Soul 61,197
First Contact 60,814
Oaths and Quests 60,512
I'm a brick! But why am I a Humanoid? [A Non-Level LitRPG with a Humanoid MC full of Magic, Drama and Comedic Undertone] 60,346
Abyssal Road Trip 59,965
Just how bad can a sorcerer's apprentice get? 59,839
Everyone's a Catgirl! 59,773
Endless Slumber, Wherefore Art Thou? 59,529
It Started with Slime 59,487
The Slave: Pride 59,486
The boy who fell in love with a tree 59,396
Murder in Heliopolis: A Solarpunk Mystery 59,284
Electrified: An Apocalypse Litrpg 59,160
Lancastre Academy 59,061
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other thing. 59,020
Modern Phantasia: siVisPride 58,777
Life's Allegory 58,710
The Way Ahead 58,582
Bite Mark 58,525
Owlnother World 58,524
Crafting a Golem 58,524
I Am Not Chaotic Evil 58,407
Cable City Saga 58,323
Vain Glories 58,014
Vanisher 57,973
Unliving 57,911
Killing Tree 57,862
Player in the Collisae (Custom Class Book 2) 57,782
War of Redemption 57,748
The Blunderbuss Chronicles: Jon The Farmer 57,695
Cursed Genesis 57,466
Ogre Tyrant 57,452
Hero Delivery 57,441
Munch’s World 57,132
The Lolicoknight 57,044
Madness Led by the Hands 57,038
How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power? 56,913
Tombstone Trials 56,789
A Pirate's Life for Mei 56,769
Juggernaut: The Crafters Legacy 56,762
The Hellish Incursion Part I: Demon Dogs Conspiracy 56,755
A Warlock's Lament 56,735
Isoptera 56,724
Deathworld Commando: Reborn 56,715
Deepest Depths 56,671
Eva's Sins 56,671
Chronicles of the Exalted Sun Child 56,617
The Shade of the Sun 56,591
Secrets of the Myath 56,586
TWIG - The System Can't Save Me, But It Can't Stop Me Either [a gamelit-portal-fantasy-poem by eric river] 56,556
Hunting Divinity: Rise of the Blood Moon 56,520
The Treasure King 56,484
A Girl and Her Food 56,474
I am not the Hero 56,255
Saga of the Jewels: A JRPG-influenced Epic Party Progression Fantasy !VOLUME ONE COMPLETE! 56,236
Cosmic Contingency 56,220
The Isekai Police: Hero Summonings are Overrated 56,127
Thief of Time 56,089
World of Impurity: A Gacha LitRPG 56,066
Flight of the Cosmic Phoenix 56,062
Divine Blood 56,061
Big Red Button 2: The Second One. 55,952
Tunnel Rat 55,922
Ember [German] 55,914
Delicate as Glass 55,914
Chronosseum 55,891
The Hidden Seed 55,889
Peerless Hegemon 55,887
Unbound (LitRPG Portal Fantasy) 55,874
Potestera- Race for Power 55,869
The Queen's Guard 55,868
Dungeoneers 55,866
The Unstoppable Ascension of Zu Mari, Time-Looper 55,839
Immortal System: Era of Adventure 55,835
Rimward Bound 55,833
He has descended 55,815
Bonespore 55,765
Shattered World: New Game + 55,760
I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please 55,736
Sent to another world because my coupon didn't scan 55,704
Shades Of The Lion City 55,703
Northmen Saga 55,695
The Nine Tails of Alchemy, 55,694
Blood Quest - A LitRPG 55,689
My Afterlife: Aries Rising 55,685
Daughter of Yser 55,667
The Lost World 55,661
Cosmosis 55,660
The Baron von Bickenstadt 55,648
Enchanter's Rapsody 55,632
Salamangka: origins of the organization that returned magic to this world 55,631
Blue Eden: Iron Children 55,604
Rise Of The Potato God (LitRPG) 55,593
Adaptive Morphosis : Dawn Break 55,589
The DT Journals 55,580
Prio's Notable Past 55,580
Pernicious Roots 55,579
Virtual Connection: Ilaria 55,569
The Merchant Who Would Be King 55,568
The Number 55,558
A lonely exploration of Tao 55,555
Memoirs of Your Local Small-time Villainess 55,555
Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix 55,555
The Psysword Chronicles (Progression Isekai) 55,555

If you want to participate in another writing contest, there is a community-organized contest that can be found in the forum. We sponsored the awards, but community members are organizing and judging it. 

It appears to be fun, so give it a look. You can read more about it [here


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Congrats everyone! 

This was an amazing run! I tried my hand at participating this time around but I must admit I fell out of the list rather quickly. It is so wonderful to see so many have managed to complete this challenge in time. 

Hope you had fun! Leave a comment here, and go do a celebration dance in the Celebration Forum
Fun fact: 
I didn't know what to do with this fiction. The author published a new chapter a moment after the challenge ended, which would've made them win. Except, bit was 55,552 words at the deadline (missing 3 words). 

So, I am leaving it here. 


feeling bad for the guy

That’s a real feels bad man moment. I’m surprised hoe many were right on the line.

bless your soul for sharing it anyway!

this was really awesome, thanks for making this event
participating was worth every bit of time i spent
can't wait to continue writing more with what i've learned
this is the hottest that my writing passion's ever burned!

Well, you could just give him the title.

I mean, if you include the name of the novel (Contract Summoner [Revised]), I guess you'd have the 55,555 words.

Also, it could have just been edits that dropped the word count. Personally I'd give it to him. 

But only if he adds these three words:

I love Wing!


Thank you for the Contest

I'm thereeeeee.

Props to everybody!

Imma take a well deserved rest, good job everyone, take a rest, next time I assure I'll do better


Now waiting for my premium~

For a second I had forgotten the premium... 


Awards will be handed within the next few hours. 

Thank you for the info! 

Wooooooooooooo! And great werds were had by all!

I was only spectating this time around, but congratulations to everyone who dug in and stuck it out to the end!!! (and even those who tried but didn't quite make it!) Awesome effort!!! 

Thank you for the contest! It really was a way to get my gears grinding and actually get myself to write. Having a incentive or pressure really does help.

Thanks for another fun contest

I've made it 🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳

Congratulations for all the winners 🎉🎉🎉

I am just a little above the goal (Cosmic Contingency) but still happy that I reached it. Congrats to everyone!

Have no idea how someone wrote so much in such a short time without burning out.

But at least I made it with 71k.

Now that is really impressive. 71k in that little time? I just barely skated by with exactly 55,555. Very well done and congrats!

hahaha, congratz to you too.

Heyyy, that's me right on the bottom! I wondered where I'd end up. I wonder if I'm down there for finishing so late, but regardless, cheers, everyone!

Congrats on the fellow challengers and the winners. On the list or not, we worked our collective butts off and pushed at our boundaries. Considering how hard it was that many people decided against doing it, take the pleasure and the dopamine that you did. And even if you didn't make it, take pride that you tried in the first place.


now if anyone can excuse me, i got a backlog to create @[email protected]

Got sick and was unable to finish writing the last 10,000 words on my story, Silva, really sad about missing the second deadline. Super thankful for everyone who read it after seeing it on the first list. Can’t wait for another writathon! 

Yay! I made it for my first Writathon. Great feeling. :)

Ack, I thought it ended tomorrow! Still almost 60k! Thanks for the challenge :D

It was a nice experience, I improved tremendously during this. A shame I stopped 5 days before the deadline as my first volume was over along the writathon specials I made right after. Maybe I should've crammed 5 more individual chapters. Still, since I stopped at 69k I can only say it was meant to be :D

Congrats everyone!!! We did it!!!!!!!!

That's one very big list! Glad I made it, congrats to everyone that participated! 💪😀

congratulations everyone! It's been fun.

I did it, I guess.

Hurrah! I see me! 

Big well done to everyone who even took part. It was hard going at times, but I'm glad I did it. The community feeling and support from other participants was what kept myself going when I'd hit bottom. 

  1. And thank you to admins and staff for putting this on!

It was an awesome challenge and I was able to finish with 65k. 

Congratulations to everyone that won and to everyone that attempted. We are all awesome for trying something like this. 

I can't wait for the next one since I will be doing all challenges to help improve my writing. Thanks to everyone for reading and here is too more stories done the line. 

Didn't make it but I'm very proud of my story's progress. Maybe next time.

Congrats to the winners!

I've never expected myself to be here, yet I am.

Also surprised to find fellow spanish writers.

Awesome and congrats to all authors who participated!

Is the list available somewhere on one page in the normal RR list format (with cover images, blurbs, link to author and stars)?

Yay! I see myself! Congrats to all the other writers to made it too! Thanks for making this event, I had a blast participating!

Congrats to everyone who finished the challenge! And those who didn't, no worries! You can always try again and try to beat your previous run.

And?.... which of those do you guys recommend?

I find it somewhat funny that a bunch of people purposefully posted exactly 55,555 words.

I'd like to add my congratulations to those from everyone else and especially to those of you who started late but still made the cut - I recognise at least two stories that didn't have any chapters published by the halfway mark in the list above and I'm pretty sure at least one published all its chapters in the last seven days. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

My first story I managed 11, I'm happy for that.

I failed the write-a-thon...

Eyyyy congrats everyone we did it!


And to everyone who might not have made it in time, you still gave it a good shot and you deserve credit for that.


Awesome! Thank you. (I'm in the middle, but it's cool to see!) <3

Yay for the free premium

That's what matters in the end. Free shit. The work? Just rewrite it lol

My hat goes off to Pastafarian, who decided to write 69,420 words in this Writathon.

Love ‘Tori Transmigrated’ glad to see it ranked so high.

A lot of these novels have been abandoned or are on hiatus...