Writathon Participants list

Writathon is a challenge where authors write and publish at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks. You can read more about it here 

The following is the first Milestone list of those that managed to write at least 25,000 words by November 16th (00:00IDLW) / (12:00GMT)

Title Words
Tales of Demons and Dragons - An Original Xianxia GameLit 74,652
Memories of the Fall 63,097
Ocean of Dreams 54,818
Nothing but bones 54,748
An Unknown Swordcraft 50,701
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale 49,476
Necrowarrior [A LitRPG at the end of the world] 49,102
Hero Delivery 48,295
The God of Midgard 46,669
The Wanderer's Rebirth 46,041
Ar'Kendrithyst 46,019
New Terra 44,572
Mandatory Overtime [VRMMO/LITRPG] 44,540
The Rising of a Diamond 44,475
A Pauper's Ascension 44,410
Tori Transmigrated 44,382
Thalia Prince 44,228
The Tournament 43,397
The Ancient Core: A Progression Fantasy 43,334
Misadventures Incorporated 43,017
Life's Allegory 42,803
I Summoned a Hero from Another World to be my Girlfriend 41,698
Astartes in a fantasy world 40,906
Reverence; Zero 40,709
Black Boar Band 40,499
Big Red Button 2: The Second One. 40,197
Blackened Blood 40,167
The Slave: Pride 40,089
Hunting Dawn 40,058
Bite Mark 39,864
Mana System - Hello, World! [REVISED] 39,111
No Strings Attached 39,002
The Apocalyptic Game - A LitRPG 38,983
Lure O' War (The Old Realms) 38,962
Epic Tales Variation: Aegis Kan 38,468
Lineage Saga (Kingdom Building Fantasy) 38,393
Travels along the Astral Road 38,344
A Warlock's Lament 37,826
The Replacement 37,781
Apocalypse Parenting 37,606
The Guardian 37,561
Loremaster: A Progression Dark Fantasy 37,430
Salamangka: origins of the organization that returned magic to this world 37,290
Luminous 37,225
Divine Blood 36,942
Boneclock 36,908
Celestial Journey 36,885
The Battle Mage (litRPG progressive fantasy) 36,615
Mana Soul 36,575
Modern Phantasia: siVisPride 36,562
Dungeon Core Chat Room. 36,007
Dreamers of Eternity - A Xuanhuan Webnovel 35,658
Murder in Heliopolis: A Solarpunk Mystery 35,509
Endless Slumber, Wherefore Art Thou? 35,500
War of Redemption 35,292
Lightblessed 35,287
Metahuman Chronicles 35,250
A Pirate's Life, The Virus, and A New World 35,114
Contact Through Voided Lenses 35,026
Abyssal Road Trip 34,930
The Mystifying Diviner 34,884
Chasing The Master 34,622
After the End: Serenity 34,596
Vain Glories 34,504
I'm the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers 33,909
Bardcore 33,702
The Shape of Home 33,676
Class: Mash 33,300
Shifted 32,984
The Ruins of Magincia 32,891
Ogre Tyrant 32,758
The Power of Ten, Book Three : The Human Race 32,704
The Cursed Heart 32,619
The Unwanted (Dark Fantasy LitRPG) 32,490
Player in the Collisae (Custom Class Book 2) 32,452
Baron von Bickenstadt 32,276
SHAKKA, a Goblina's Pet Werewolf 32,089
Shades Of The Lion City 31,919
Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale 31,865
Dungeons Are Bad Business 31,768
Unliving 31,766
The Blessed Child 31,760
The Written Scraps of the Star Sea 31,703
The Dragon Mage Saga: A portal fantasy LitRPG 31,587
World of Impurity: A Gacha LitRPG 31,586
Cursed Genesis 31,528
Shamrock Samurai 31,492
The Emperor's Concubine 31,438
Nameless Sovereign 31,154
Eternity Wars 30,990
The Nexus Games 30,943
Memoirs of Your Local Small-time Villainess 30,892
How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power? 30,821
Spires 30,778
Carrion Knight 30,625
EVERNA Maven 30,589
Madness Led by the Hands 30,339
Owlnother World 30,244
Killing Tree 30,141
The Primal Hunter 30,096
Pocket Healer 30,008
Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today 29,964
The Bureau of Isekai Affairs 29,909
Dungeon Item Shop 29,684
The Psysword Chronicles (Progression Isekai) 29,684
Ebony Chitin - Adventures of The Hive 29,499
Leftover Apocalypse 29,470
Adventurer Book II: Dawn of an Empire 29,424
Peerless Hegemon 29,308
Incursions 29,305
The Adventures of Asher 29,276
War Queen 29,262
The boy who fell in love with a tree 29,190
Shadow under Plato 29,055
Rise of the Firstborn 28,988
Cable City Saga 28,948
The Glorious Six (Six Chances) 28,875
Electrified: An Apocalypse Litrpg 28,818
It Started with Slime 28,767
Flight of the Cosmic Phoenix 28,747
Tombstone Trials 28,747
Blue Eden: Iron Children 28,739
Frameshift - Magic, Math, and Not Enough Context 28,733
Chronosseum 28,639
Eva's Sins 28,546
He has descended 28,476
First Contact 28,339
Deepest Depths 28,256
Tower of Redemption 28,238
Her Golemancer Girlfriend 28,207
Magical Girl Gunslinger 28,205
Dungeons and Sewers 28,180
Trashmancer 28,175
Re: Evolution Online 27,998
Chronicles of the Exalted Sun Child 27,964
The Big Bad Wolf 27,913
The Hellish Incursion Part I: Demon Dogs Conspiracy 27,875
Griffon's Fury! 27,826
Must I Go Out to Survive This? 27,805
Ember [German] 27,747
Monsters and Maidens 27,654
[Spanish] La Llave del Destino 27,646
Child of the Ancients: An Apocalypse LitRPG 27,587
The Shade of the Sun 27,538
Brushing Bones 27,404
The Key of Destiny 27,399
Imposter Hero 27,353
Just how bad can a sorcerer's apprentice get? 27,328
Lancastre Academy 27,207
The Empty Hourglass 27,176
I Am Not Chaotic Evil 27,115
Warrior, Wizard, Demon Queen? 27,073
World Egg 26,988
The Way Ahead 26,923
Sent to another world because my coupon didn't scan 26,918
A Stay on Skipper Street-A litRPG adventure 26,914
Beast Mage 26,884
My Afterlife: Aries Rising 26,763
TWIG - The System Can't Save Me, But It Can't Stop Me Either [a gamelit-portal-fantasy-poem by eric river] 26,759
Northmen Saga 26,713
The Number 26,710
Everyone's a Catgirl! 26,610
Pernicious Roots 26,603
I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please 26,591
Thief of Time 26,520
Crafting a Golem 26,517
Marketing Penny 26,435
Psychic Fantasy 26,428
Hunting Divinity: Rise of the Blood Moon 26,423
You gotta be shitting me! I'm supposed to save this realm with only my bowel movements!? [An Anatomic Isekai LitRPG] 26,400
A Girl and Her Food 26,395
Eternus Online 26,355
The DT Journals 26,304
10,000BCE 26,292
The Arcane Gunslinger 26,277
Adaptive Morphosis : Dawn Break 26,265
A King in the Clouds 26,248
The Core And The Wardens of Eternity 26,184
Virtual Connection: Ilaria 26,173
Bonespore 26,165
Shattered World: New Game + 26,134
Crepuscular's Creations 26,110
Blood Quest - A LitRPG 26,109
A Pirate's Life for Mei 26,021
AntiHero 25,970
The Eldritch Tiers 25,969
The Isekai Police: Hero Summonings are Overrated 25,927
The Treasure King 25,867
Oaths and Quests 25,853
The Merchant Who Would Be King 25,847
A Deck of Dragons - A Card Game LitRPG 25,825
A fine octet of legs 25,818
Dungeoneers 25,783
The Traveler Initiative 25,782
Gaijin 25,763
Rending Light 25,737
Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix 25,706
Reincarnated as a Dog with System 25,687
My Clone in an another World 25,645
The Forest's Guardian 25,637
The Hidden Seed 25,631
Beginning from Nothing: Book 1 of The New Age 25,608
I got Reincarnated as a Hot Mage 25,587
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other thing. 25,585
Cosmosis 25,550
Immortal System: Era of Adventure 25,539
The Kiss of Two Moons 25,500
The Queen's Guard 25,466
Reborn: Phantom Code 25,456
The Lolicoknight 25,422
My Apps are better than your Cultivation. 25,421
Juggernaut: The Crafters Legacy 25,402
The Unstoppable Ascension of Zu Mari, Time-Looper 25,372
At the Fields of Fire and Blood 25,364
The Nine Tails of Alchemy Series 25,357
Hidden Genius: Black Belly Snake 25,278
Silva: Book One - Foundation 25,245
EDIT 25,227
Rimward Bound 25,216
The Lost World 25,201
The Hopeful Project 25,181
Tuatha de Danann 25,167
The New Creator 25,158
Isoptera 25,157
Into The Guardian's Gate 25,141
The City of the Dragon Twisted 25,120
Gifts of the Moon God 25,118
Saga of the Jewels: A JRPG-influenced Epic Party Progression Fantasy !VOLUME ONE COMPLETE! 25,090
Secrets of the Myath 25,087
Cosmic Contingency 25,087
Aspiring Archmage 25,084
Vanisher 25,082
I'm a brick! But why do I have hands? 25,058
Prio's Notable Past 25,056
Ardent Tears 25,050
The Systems of the Multiverse - A Guide for the Multiversal Traveler 25,036
Light of Returning Darkness 25,031
Planetary Cultivation 25,031
Divine Mortality: a Massively Online Adventure Game experience 25,027
The Reluctant Court Wizard 25,019
Gamer wars 25,016
Daughter of Yser 25,004
A lonely exploration of Tao 25,000


The word count for newer fictions (submitted after October 31st) was calculated starting from chapter 1. 
The word count for older fictions was calculated based on when the author clicked [Participate] in the challenge. Accordingly, you may find stories on the list with even more new word count than what was listed.

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On this page in the dashboard: https://www.royalroad.com/author-dashboard/writathon

The top participant is Dauntless: Origins - who doesn't appear in the announcement (could be it was all added right after the announcement for all I know)

Also, I hope wordcount beyond the milestone for the challenge won't be encouraged in challenges after this one, as this competitive leaderboard format is a detriment to the authors' quality of writing and a worsening of the outcome for the readers.

Tales of Demons and Dragons - An Original Xianxia GameLit is also gaining word count from its own unnecesarry censorship of profanities by changing letters in the middle of the words to " * " and the website reads the word as two instead of one. It is just a very apparent example of how the wordcount is a broken metric for a competitive environment.

A wordcount milestone is good for a self-imposed challenge, but it's broken when it becomes a limitless competition between authors. I am sad to see so many wasting away, writing while aiming at a word count way beyond the challenge.

I hope future challenges remove the competitive element and keep it a self-imposed challenge first.

I agree with you. I believe authors should get credit for their achievement (high word count in this case) but that it shouldn't be used as a way to rank their work


The purpose of the challenge is to provide a mutual goal for the community. To motivate, and to give a place to share the fun and frustration of writing, to hopefully developed writing habits, and give more content for readers. 

The challenge is first and foremost personal. Authors win the challenge by competing the 55,555 word count by the deadline, and I hope that everyone one does it in time. 

We added a list because readers wanted to find these stories, and authors asked for it as well.

The idea behind the list order isn't for authors to compete for the top spot, but ordering the list by the word count is the best static option. It would be less motivational if your order on the list is due to how people thought about your story, or how well you marketed it while the contest was ongoing. 

However, I will think about other options for the next challenge. 

As for your statement about Tales of Demons and Dragons 
The word count may include words that maybe manually would not be included (I am not sure about this). But the author wrote 74,652 words since October 31st (and provide proof that he did),  I don't think it is in anyone's benefit to really nitpick on whether or not that should be 100 words less. But we will look into how the words are counted for everyone for the next challenge anyway, and will disqualify anyone that cheats on purpose. 

As for Dauntless: Origins - multiple novels had their word count edited to match the honest word count only and exclude the backlog. This was done for any fiction we were informed about, or discovered. We were proactive in asking the ones on top of the list. I manually edited that novel from the blog post list in the last moment. I just updated the automated counter as well for the automated list. That entire automated list might be removed anyway. 

Thank you for your feedback. From challenge to challenge we always had different changes. Hopefully the next challenge will be even better, taking all the feedback from this challenge into account. 
For more discussions, check out the Writathon forum https://www.royalroad.com/forums/8642 

Pretty confused to be honest.  I nearly doubled the word count and you took that away from me because, what reason?  If you mean excluding the 'backlog', I almost entirely re-wrote and scrapped my first 100 chapters so that shouldn't count.

In any event, it's not the end of the world, I didn't know what the support ticket thing was about since I didn't remember requesting one.  Sorry about that

Nevermind!  I was a bit confused, I'll try my best in the next challenge and I'll ensure that there's no confusion in what I wrote

Regardless of how the event was intended to operate, there are competitive people out there who naturally try to game any system they come across. And we have to guard against that behaviour. 

This is a big list and the people in the top 'ranks' are going to get far, far more exposure. So some see this as an opportunity to use a backlog or write a bunch of junk to get up there, whether you intended it as an admin or not. It's not fair, it's not encouraging to others, and it doesn't foster better stories and authors on this platform. 

Whether or not it's a hassle to list stories differently, I think the best solution would be a randomized list, something that refreshes when you look at it so that new people are at the top each time. 

You make good points about this listing incentivizing competition against one another instead of against ourselves, but also remember that the majority don't view it as such. A few bad eggs will always slip in to any open competition, but most everyone on that listing that I've read has very much deserved the recognition and worked exceedingly hard to meet the deadline with good quality work. I'm sure you didn't mean to make it sound like there were a lot of folks using unfair tactics to get on the board, rather that the organizers in seeking a way to efficiently and easily sort the fictions incidentally did it in a way that makes it far more competitive than they perhaps intended.

Cheers to everyone who did make it, I know I was sick for a week and had to crank out three or four chapters in three or four days so I can only imagine what the rest of you were dealing with. And for my own unsolicited two cents, honestly the format that seems to be the most fair and unbiased would simply be listing them alphabetically, no? My story starts with a W, and even I wouldn't protest this because it preserves the 'pass or no' nature of the personal challenge of reaching the wordcount without heavily incentivizing going over it, you can still list the wordcount alongside the title to show off the achievement, and readers can (as they always have) decide which fictions to view based on the draw of the title as it is meant to draw them in.

Congrats again to everyone, it’s been very fun participating thus far!

maybe ordering the works by alphabetical order, and switching between descending and ascending for April and Novemver could be an alternative ?

idk, just a sugestion 🤷

As much as i agree with your first two points @Timothy Baril, a randomised list would not be all that helpful for reader who work their way through these stories :/

I somehow made it, and i'm proud


As you should be, it is not an easy challenge. 

How in the heck did you get 43k I'm all the way down at 36k and that's with cutting out reading time and having a lull in work to write :3<

Actually wrote more than that but it got messed around with due to miscommunication 

That's a big list. 


Congratulations to everyone who made it so far! Hope you win the entire challenge as well.

For those that were almost there, or just didn't manage to make it in time. Hopefully you will make it in time on December 5th to win the challenge itself! 

Yeah! I've won three writeathons in the past, but didn't make the halfway list on any of them. It's still very possible to win, so don't give up!

You can do it!

As pointed out above, this is an example of how some authors are viewing this as a contest, not a personal challenge. And it will encourge others to see it this way. 

That the Admin is using the word 'win' is only making it worse. Language matters. Perhaps we should be saying 'qualify for' or 'overcome' instead. 

It's a writing marathon. In running marathons, at the least, I've found that I'm more motivated by evocative words like 'winning' than the similar 'meeting goals' or  'qualifying'. If viewing a marathon as a contest hinders you, you have sympathies, but for others it may help to feel pushed on by the crowd.

I made it this far, no reason to stop halfway

Now, back to writing

So many things I've yet to read.

Ooh, it was hard, but seeing my fiction up there is totally worth it

It is worth it, it shows just how hard people were working

It most definitely is :) 

Get ready for the second milestone! You'll do it!

Thank you so much! Same to you too!

Very cool, thanks for the post. 

WOOO!!! First time making halfway list!

Sheesh this is a huge list.

Happy to see mine up there at least.

Wow. That's a long list. Congrats to everyone. Always a pleasure starting new adventures with every read

Woo, made it!

Let's see how many bad ratings I end up. ;)

woah, just barely made it, congratz to everybody!
let's continue on with this incredible journey!
I'm excited to read so much of this new fiction!
this event has really boosted my motivation!

haha, my ingenious plan to just copy/paste "And then..." over and over was a success guys


wait this isn't discord shit


Not sure what would've been more frustrating.
Finding you did do this, or the fact that you just wasted my time by making me check and find nothing of the sort?

I did not appreciate that

Haha, no, sorry about that boss--it was just a joke I had in mind since I've been writing.

Keep the good work and excuse my stupidity! 

Yes! I made it, with not a word to spare! But there is still so much to write...

Omigosh! I'm on the list! And pretty too!

Nice seeing Lure O' War there :) Back to writing

Umm... how about adding to the list the names of the authors? 😸

My first work published and I'm so proud that I managed to enter the game! Good luck to everyone who also managed it!

Congratulations to everyone who managed to get the first mark. Those that missed it, no worries! We are going to smash that 55k ceiling in no time.  

well done everyone! Good to see so many on the list! It's exciting TO BE on the list! And just good luck to those who are still writing and didn't make the list- this is just a wholesome moment! 

Eyo, I'm there. Congrts to everyone!

Oh! I forgot that I had planned on participating. Is it too late to sign up? I'm about 30K words into my nanowrimo project this year, but if I missed the deadline, then maybe it doesn't make sense to post this year. 

Naw, i'm pretty sure that it ends December, and the participate button on the writeathon section is still there, so maybe you can still join in


If you started writing after October 31st, and the story doesn't have sexual content. Then you have more than enough time to submit the story and participate now. 

Thanks, all. I read the rules after posting (bad order, I know lol), and I see that I won't make this list, since we're past the first deadline, but I'm 100% eligible for the second deadline! I'll probably start posting tonight after I finalize a couple location names. I appreciate the replies. :)

good luck, if you're already at 30K word, then I'm sure you'll reach the second milestone

I made it! Barely squeaked in over 55K, but I did it. Now I have to keep updating for the few followers I picked up. <3

The list is so long, I missed mine multiple times, wondering if there was an error lmao

Pro-tip hit control+F, and type in the name of your story. It helps a lot. xD

Hope to see you on the next list as well!

Thanks for the tip ! Congrats on making it as well !


Did I do something wrong? My story is not listed? https://www.royalroad.com/author-dashboard/dashboard/47991

I clicked the participant button and labeled my story as a participant in the Writathon?


Are there any indications on this page that you participated? https://www.royalroad.com/author-dashboard/writathon 
You need to click [Participate], select which novel you are participating with, then [Enter Fiction] to start the challenge. Not everyone is included in the challenge automatically. 
Once you do the above, you will see your word count progress on this page  https://www.royalroad.com/author-dashboard/writathon  
If you don't see it, you did not [Participate] correctly. 
Open a support ticket once you participate correctly, we will consider what we will do about this. 

Thanks, I just sent a support ticket. I hope I did it right this time.

Hey Wing, 

If I did do it wrong and am not able to participate, I will accept that. My mom passed away on Nov. 4 and working on the Writathon has been a gift. Whether I make the list or not is not important, What is important to me is the good that has come to me in the process of writing over the last two weeks. Thanks for all you do!

Take care,

Joyce Matula

Still can't believe I made it! CONGRATS EVERYONE!

Nothing but Bones by Carrarn only has 4 chapters since they pulled everything to release on amazon. Should they be up there if they took everything down?


Check out their 3rd volume. That is where the wordcount came from. 

Congrats to everyone on the list! >3

It was hard. I needed to rest after reaching the 25k words. Congrats to everyone!

I feel that. I was writing interludes by the end because I was so burnt out of my core cast.

I can't believe I made it. Now there's no way I can turn around! Hope you guys can finish the challenge!

I MADE IT!!! Dungeons & Sewers is on the list!

Woot! I'm 9th. Such a good number. Congrats to everyone who made the list and Congrats to everyone who didn't. Keep it up!


When I've completed the word count before the allocated date of competition complication, can I go back to adding ronchi sex scenes to my story?

It says it cannot have that for the duration of the writathon, so I'm assuming no

Feeling pretty happy about this one, even though I might've made a few more grammatical errors then I should have in the rush to get it in.

I made the list! Woot woot!. Between having a new puppy, and college, I'm glad I was able to carve out time to write every day. Once you get into the habit, it's pretty fun/easy. Especially when a chapter practically writes itself and the story just takes over. 

Thanks for the recognition!

I don't see my book on there. I'm pretty sure I clicked the participate button. Did I need to write a certain amount before now in order to be counted as a participant?

Aw man, does that mean I can't participate any more?

Nah you can always start! Just follow the link in the post.

No, you're still counted as a participant and have a chance of winning as soon as you reach 55,555 words before the end of the writhathon. This list only works as a sort of 'midway point' to let people know who some of the active participants are, but not being on it does not necessarily disqualify you.

233 people made it?? Holy crap, good job, everyone!!

Whew, just barely made it! Thanks again for hosting this, and I hope it'll bring more people over to the Isekai police!

I agree with some of the sentiments here that having it be a list by word count is detrimental to everyone involved; especially to readers. Simply put, incentivizing people to smash as many words as possible is just going to get you jumbled messes as opposed to quality works.

Then there is the issue of backlog where you are also encouraged to have already written the amount needed. I know people are "supposed" to do that, but let's be real. If there is a way to win internet points, people will lie, cheat, and steal to do so.

Hope I don;t come off as bitter. I did not make the list as I was preoccupied with setting things up for my debut novel.. To whomever mentioned having the list be randomized, I think that would be the best solution.

Indeed, I'd prefer the list to be randomized, and with covers and author displayed. No reviews, no other "gameable" stats.

Ay I see me! :D :D :D :D

Congratolations everyone!! You all did amazing and you should be proud of it!! ^^

Yay! I'm proud of everybody (plus I see my fancy schmancy story there too )

well done everyone!
Hopefully we have anymore people who end up completing the challenge at the end of the month!

I made it and I'm so happy. Now as long as I don't procrastinate I should make the next one as well!

I click the notification and enter the thread. I look on the list. I see that I'm not on there. Literally turn 360 degrees and walk right out.

It's cool to see my story, lol - I'm at the 31k mark, basically. o.o

I was off by 300 words :') gutted xD but gratz to all that made it in time. 

Thanks for the chapter! :D

Thanks for the chapter! :D

Congrats to all participants. Some really promising work being produced! 

Any recommendations from the list?

What happened to Hidden Genius: Black Belly Snake?

Re: Evolution Online is returning a 404. I believe the story has been deleted and probably shouldn't remain on the list

Hey, That's pretty cool! I've never had anything I've done listed close to the top of something. I like it! Um... does this page stay around, or should I take a screenshot?

I can still find and access last year’s list, so you should be good.

Actually, I just realised I was seeing the past writathon winners list and can’t find the mid-writathon participant list. I don’t know if this was already a thing the previous years and can’t see why they would delete this post, but you might want to screenshot it just in case. Sorry for the wrong info.