It has been a while since the last time we made a feature-update blogpost but fear not, the site is only getting better. Some of the new features are hidden in plain sight, some are more obvious, but in this post the new features and fixes added since 30 July 2021 will be listed.

Others have also liked

The next addition to the recommendation features on Royal Road is the “Others have also liked” listing on fiction pages showing, well, fiction that readers of said fiction also liked. We hope that with this addition it is easier to find fictions that you will enjoy reading.

*Note that this feature is currently in beta so changes are being made.

Draft concurrency

Premium users have access to autosaving drafts while they are writing in order to avoid losing their progress. Under normal circumstances this works wonderfully, but in the case that multiple tabs of the same draft get opened it showed a problem. The problem here was that when opening multiple instances of the same draft it would save whatever is in the editor locally, without checking if any progress has been made on other tabs, causing for loss of written work when loading an older instance as the older version got saved over the progress made in the newer instance.

This is no more; now proper checks are in place to prevent saving over newer versions and losing work due to this.

New email template

We have introduced a new template for outgoing emails that makes them less buggy.

Clickable cover images

When on a fiction page it is now possible to click the cover to get a zoomed-in view of the artwork. Check it out.

Also, please note that covers uploaded a long time ago may not have the larger size stored, as a few years ago we've only stored the size shown on the desktop fiction page. This is not a bug.

Mobile tooltips

You can now make proper tooltips that also work on mobile if you use the source mode editor (class="tooltip" title="your text") on any element. This is currently only available via the source mode editor, but in the future, we will be looking into making this part of the editor itself.

Fixed quotes in PM

The pre-filled reply on the PM page will now have the empty line after the quote, not inside the quote, to help people put their reply in the right spot. Hopefully.

Clean text paste

In the chapter editor there is now the option to do a clean-paste of any copied text. This will alter the formatting of copy-pasted text, and convert to use spacing-free paragraphs to match with that of Google Docs or Notepad. This should make it easier to copy-paste from sources without paragraph spacing.

New welcome page

There is a new and improved welcome page, check it out!

The fiction cover is now visible on the mobile fiction page

Not much to add. It’s there, believe me. (Or check it yourself)

Sepia theme now available

There is a new theme added in the theme selector dropdown. Next to light and dark theme there is now a sepia theme. Note that this theme only changes the colors when reading a chapter. Everywhere else it is based on the light theme. (Apologies to all the dark mode users)


As always there are also a bunch of bugfixes worth mentioning.

  • The profile post list is no longer broken when the first poster deleted their account.
  • Forum breadcrumbs are now correctly displaying the trail.
  • Forum breadcrumbs are now in the correct order.
  • Links on the author dashboard poll overview no longer lead to a 404.
  • It is now possible to edit the block settings for a user. (Previously the currently selected options did not show)
  • Comments by blocked users no longer show on the fiction page in the authors dashboard.
  • Long URLs no longer stretch the page when on the profile page.
  • Clicking the advanced search option now properly expands the advanced search filters as intended.
  • Fixed the missed PayPal donation button icon.
  • The forums now display the correct number of pages in a thread.
  • Fixed an order of execution bug that made it possible to submit empty reviews.
  • Fixed an error that would show when editing a profile page that had an empty bio.
  • Fixed an HTML error in the bio that would cause HTML artifacts.
  • The first post in a thread no longer has the “RE:” prepended to the title.
  • Fixed an issue that would throw a warning on certain browsers when trying to leave a fiction page instead of only when there is a pending comment.
  • User profiles no longer missing the icon for threads.

As always: bugs are mainly spotted due to reports by our users. If you notice a bug, please open a ticket about it so we are able to take a look and possibly fix it.

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Thanks for the fix, kanadaj, You're the best :D


P.S. Cheater, smh ~_~


In my defense, the blog post was in fact public when I commented!

The 'question' is for how long? 


For about 10 seconds?

That's fair enough I guess

ten seconds is kind of slow for some readers on here

page refreshers wait for their victims to appear!

This is like liking your own post or kissing yourself... :D

If you want a job done right ... :-)


And I regonize several of those bugs

I found a few of them at least.

I recognize one of those bugs found by DrBuller when the doctor was reviewing one of my stories.  

For a small subset of you, the & symbol now displays correctly on the Author Profile Page. So now you can put D&D in your bio, instead of DampersandD.

Love seeing the website improvements! Thank you for the update.

The only issue I've really run into is blurry images for icons/covers.


Re-uploading images should fix that, image scaling quality has been drastically improved sometime in the last few months.

Good to know! Thank you.

Oh, lots of quality of life stuff. Nice!

Oh come on! It's not even 30 seconds. 30 SECONDS, PEOPLE!

It gets much worse on some of the more popular fics

Gotta be honest, the new home page looks like the uninspired copy and paste home page you see everywhere.


If it works, it works. 🤷

Hold up it just changed again on me. Looks great.

Thanks for your work!


Sweet! Thanks for all the hard work!

I've noticed the zoom-in view for a couple of days now.

Sepia theme has been something I've been looking forward for

Also would it be possible to add atkinson hyperlegible as a font, I've been using it on moon+ reader and I've been really liking it


Added to the list of fonts for readers! :)

The clickable images is the best thing added !

I'm way too happy about the clickable cover images thing for no reason

Is there any chance we'll ever get the feature to add things like [Built Lists], [Images], [Emoticons], ext. into our Reviews?

Right now a LOT of features exist for Commenting on chapters, but those same features are missing when writing reviews.

I get around this by copying and pasting the [Source Code] from my Comments into my Reviews to get built points and advanced formatting, but its a really hacky system for me.

I'd also like a way to expand the [Write Review] screen to fill the whole page, because I'm the trype of person who writes Essays and would like to be able to read more than 2 paragraphs at a time (without scrolling)


I would also like a [Spell Check] function both for Comments and Reviews.

I would love to be able to click on a reviewers name and see all of their reviews.

Pretty sure you can already do that one

I absolutly love the “Others have also liked” feature, I found many great stories with it <3

Maybe adding a filter so you can ask for only ONGOING or COMPLETED story, but might be too complicated.
Anyway, thanks !

I love the "Others have also liked" feature too! It's a lot more accurate than the older recommendations, I think

Love the welcome page rework. Looks sleek!

It's great to see the new "others have also liked" list! It's a feature I've hoped to see for a while and will hopefully make it easier to find new books to read. 

Really like the other users read idea!

For a small subset of you, the & symbol now displays correctly on the Author Profile Page. So now you can put D&D in your bio, instead of DampersandD.

The cover image updates are well appreciated thanks! 

And sepia sounds great for stories that are a bit more upbeat and less dark... 😅

  • Links on the author dashboard poll overview no longer lead to a 404.

I've actually run into that one! Glad to see it squashed. 

About the PMs, is there anyway that we could get blank space ABOVE the quoted text? Please? Also an option to not include quoted text or a button to strip it might be great.

Thanks for your hard work!!


Thumbs up for the “Others have also liked” feature too. 👍 Hopefully that will help underappreciated fictions get more exposure. 

Sounds like some good updates.   The 'others have liked' and clickable images, in particular

Sepia theme now available


"Clickable cover images" Oh that is something I've been wanting for a while. Nice work.

Clicking on the cover image for a fiction still shows a blurry zoomed-in version even after reuploading it. Any way to get around that? Is there a perfect size to upload at to not make it so blurry on zoom?


400x600 should work best

The cover thing is awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for the PM updates! Those were very needed. I love the beta feature of readers also liked on book pages. Good update.

Thanks for your hardwork

We can finally see full-sized cover artwork? It only took a decade.

So proud of all the growth and improvement in this site and community. Came here half-way through highschool, now I'm almost finished with college and i've been on this site nearly every day in that time. Love yall! Keep up the hard work

Thank you for the fix kana

Nice! Great to see this!

I just checked the new welcome page and there was a picture of royalroad on a smartphone. Is there an app that I am unaware of?

Thanks for fixes not sure what all are but thanks anyway.

Offers Also liked ?  Is place wear can vote on possible new feature for yes or no sort of thing.?

I really like the edit suggestions thing.

Always nice to see changes and improvements!

Thanks for the update!

I got the announcement for this and here I was thinking I made featured 🥲

keep up the good work guys, lots of useful littes things

looking forward to seeing what more the future brings

Thank you very much for the new features!

The copy-paste feature is a godsend.

- "mobile tooltips [...]"

Nice, so there are tooltips that work for people with javascript disabled now (I was happy when you made mobile spoiler-tags, and this is in the same vein)? (Not that I knew there was any tooltips on desktop already either :p)

- "This is currently only available via the source mode editor [...]"

Not that I expected it to work as bb-code (aka possible to create such tags without js), but still a bit sad to see that you will need the buttons in the js-dependent wysinwyg editor (the one to open bb-code editor, in this case)

- "we will be looking into making this part of the editor itself."

Oh?! Does this imply the editor is finally going to start accepting bb-code (or something similar) [which would make mobile comments not be an atrocious wall of text]!? Nice!


No, sorry, you are totally off the path here. The new tooltips are entirely reliant on JS, because the standard HTML tooltips via the title property do not work on mobile, so JS is needed to fill in there.

The text editor itself for now does not have a dedicated button for this currently though, and instead you have to go into source mode via the <> button and edit the HTML yourself to add the tooltips/notes.

The site accepts BBCode already in many places, but since new line characters aren't supported atm due to the complexity of mixed content, JS is still needed for posting sane comments.

Thanks for the amazing work :)

Beautiful! Well done!!!! I’m glad to see so many wonderful features come to the site!


We have introduced a new template for outgoing emails that makes them less buggy.

I've only experienced email bugs after they changed the template... well done on breaking something that was working fine.


More details would be welcome on this. Unlike the old template system, the new one is far more reliable, but the first few emails still had issues. If there are still any present, please let us know so we can fix it!

Sepia is nice. I like Sepia. But this sepia is way too bright. Sepia should be somewhat darker. Would be nice if it was toned down a bit. That's all. Thank you.

Amazing job, particularly with the 'others liked' addition! Love the feature :D

Great to see these additions and changes!

Those are all nice but I think what most people want is a 'First' button!

Thanks for the updates and bug fixes. 

Wonder if the "Interact" description should also mention:

Enjoy the experience of having a direct link to the creator of the work. Direct fan-author interaction, as well as enabling fan-fan interaction.

Since part of the fun of commenting on stories is also reading and interacting with comments by other fans and not just authors. 

The "Personalized lists" description also misses a full stop at the end, which the other three descriptions have:

Follow stories so that you may never miss an update again, nor forget the last chapter that you read. Favorite a story to show the world, or enjoy the other personalized lists.

PS: Sorry for so many posts altogether. Am a creature of habit and too used to posting first and then editing to include details later...

Thank you all for your hard work!

I'm sorry, but if you're editing text with multiple browser tabs, that's playing with fire.  It's not RR's responsibility to ensure the proper tab is gettting the autosave.  The best thing to do is to make all the corrections on your word processor before copy/paste it to RR.  Alternatively, make your corrections on grammarly website and then copy/paste the finalized chapter over to RR.  The worst thing to do is have multiple RR editors on tab.


One issue we've had before was that an author accidentally left a draft open on their desktop, only to edit it on their phone or laptop, then have their desktop autosave on top of it.

Oh oh! I have a suggestion! Maybe limit the amount of letters you can input into the 'twitter' part of the profile page. Don't know why that'd be needed though, because I totalllly haven't had the entire script of the Bee Movie as my twitter for months now. Lol. Not at all.

sorry babe, no sex tonight, royalroad patch just dropped

thank god i hated double spacing my entire 3k to 4k chapter updates every paragraph.

Thanks for all the work!

thanks for all your ongoing effort!

Some good stuff here! Should be interesting to see what we can do with this.

Sepia's not working for me on mobile for some reason. Dark/light works just fine


You need to be a bit more specific than that! It works for me fine. Keep in mind that Sepia is only Sepia on the chapter page, everywhere else it uses the light theme as re-theming the entire website just for the reader experience was deemed far more work than it was worth.

Clickable cover images: Dmit now everyone see, that my cover was made in 7 minutes in MS paint :D

Thanks for the patch/update!

Thanks for the update. Very useful :)

I didn't read any of this but... cool

Love the warm colours on the Sepia theme. Excellent release! Well done!

Love the creative, and original title! :p

finally, i can actually see the cover image! ty RR staff <3

I'm loving the top completed and top ongoing sections.

For some reason, the font size of text of the update, as well as stories, but not the Comment sections became enlarged. At least when I'm reading on my Galaxy s10. This wasn't the case yesterday..is this a buy, or do authors now have the ability to change font size?

Good to see people working on the site with even some passion for the project in their hearts, not just greed like some other sites. Rare to see nowadays.

Thinking about features, I noticed some people here using those nice blue tables and was wondering how hard it would be to do a feature that enables authors to show description as mouseover text, might be handy for some litrpg crazies :). Nothing important, just a thought.