The Writathon results are out!

On April 1st, The Writathon Challenge started. You can read more about it here.

This is the list of winners that managed to write 55,555 words from the start of the challenge until May 5th (IDLW). 

Let's read them all! 

Fiction Name Word Count
The Vitaean Chronicles - Volume I: The Sanguine Prince 179316
Asleep - A LITRPG story 158291
Undetermined 116866
The Mortal Acts 108792
The Kelras Chronicles 106421
Ar'Kendrithyst 106177
For Irision - Book One Complete! 101176
First Contact 99825
Dungeon of Wrath [A LitRPG Level-Up Saga] 97603
Artificial Mind 97453
The Last Primordials 95617
Ogre Tyrant 92485
The Soul Saga 91274
Divine Blood 87136
Oderria's Last Light and the Counterfeit 86987
Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy 86535
The Houndsman [Base-Building LitRPG] 84391
Wizard's Tower 84267
Somebody Stop Her 82600
The Last Ship in Suzhou 81646
Children of Aziron 81247
The Cadence of Rain 79269
The Power of Ten, Book Three : The Human Race 77142
Sanguine Sovereign 77021
Magnus 76925
Morcster Chef 76794
Of Monstergirls and Men 76624
Leveling up the World 76242
Dungeon Item Shop 76047
Apocalypse Unleashed - A LitRPG Story 75618
Echoes Of Memory 74920
Era: Dawn of the New Gods 73167
The Fragmented Six (Six Chances) 72359
The Empire of Ink 72181
Countdown 71637
Killing Tree 71604
After the Tilt 71590
Mantid 70919
AntiHero 70910
Star Divers: Myra's Song, Underworld (A Sci-Fi GameLit) 70397
Nomads of the Sea 69906
Return of Magic, Ascendance of the Old Blood.  69378
On the Other Side 69311
Ebony Chitin 69230
[Semi-Webtoon] My Shifter Academia  68898
The Primal Hunter 68633
Children of Nemeah Book 1 67560
Seekers Quest (A Post Apocalypse LITRPG) 67551
Reaper of Cantrips 66398
Just a Dream 66078
An Edge With No Blade 66038
Psychic Parasite 65565
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons 65033
Mr. Wilbur's Nightmare Cafe 64201
Arcane Societies 63159
Shut Up: You Nymphomaniac Evil Sword 62958
Lineage: Rise of an Empire 62954
Saga 62562
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale 62466
The Way Ahead 62338
The Many Deaths of Kara Lowe 61868
An Unwilling Monster 61864
The Girl with the Crimson Hair 61496
These Wounds Bleed Black 60964
Camp Starfall 60610
Kernstalion 60218
War of Redemption 59880
Myrr: Reincarnated Timemage Assassin-Learning To Smile In Another World 59410
Spires 59370
The Delusion of Stars 59094
Chronicles of the Exalted Sun Child 59049
Where Dragons Rule: Lyndria 58842
Again from Scratch 58826
Evil Eye: Hexcaller 58625
Incursions 58026
Journey of a Scholar 58001
A Demon's Journey 57770
Monstrous Heroic Decimation 57646
Ria of Shadewood 57510
Together 57337
Lemur Goes to Forash 57224
Two Collars 57130
Murim Recurve 57075
Revelation : Lord of the Kingdom of Bone 57025
RakhtaBhushan (Blood Ornament) 57008
A Journey in Darkness 56989
Ohm Station 7 56780
Thief of Time 56760
The Bleeding Memoir 56731
The Isekai Police (aka "Earth's Advocates") 56485
A Hero's Song 56482
August Ace 56443
Big Red Button. 56387
The Teru Effect 56376
Trickster's Chance 56367
Into Nothing 56367
Curse of Immortals: Tempestatem 56361
New Earth 56285
The Lewser Guide to Being a Demon 56231
The Patchwork Realms: Arrival 56091
New Game (Reborn as a Reluctant Demon Lord, Book 1) 56000
The Programmer's Dungeon 55981
Neon Cultivation (LITRPG) 55935
Life is but a Dream 55896
Heroes of Errand 55791
Adrift: Raven's Wail 55746
Rock Hard 55729
Modded Reality 55716
Deathrow Dungeon 55709
MARY: The Dreadful 55669
Vaewolf System 55595
Adaptive Morphosis : Morning Sun 55577
Absolution's Road 55555



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Congrats to all who won, quite a lot of participants!

Grats to everybody! 

Congrats on winning. And on winning with a huge margin! 

Thank you and congratulations to you as well!

55555... just saying. I landed on. the. dot.


This was my comment when I saw that: 

"Someone submitted exactly 55555 words. Honestly, that stresses me out. How can they be sure, they didn't edit out an "a" somewhere"? 

What courage! 

Or even worse, imagine if there's a typo that would lose them a word if they fixed it? Winning on a technicality!

my exact thoughts lol

Your profile page shows the total number of words. If you only have that one story, you can look at the number, then add or remove words in existing chapters until you have the desired number. Congrats to DoomAlsoDoom (and everybody else of course).

Congrats. Though getting the exact number...

You took my spot lol. 

I sweat buckets for you seeing the inclusion at 55555. Hahaha! Was great.

Congrats. Though getting the exact number...



 everyone with OCD loves you ^^^(I'm sincerely impressed)

That should be another achievement on its own🤣

Congratulations to everyone who won!

Agreed. Though pity there is none for comments. We might have won something for that! 


Are you proposing a commentathon? 
I'd take suggestions for a readathon. I'm not sure how to go about it, if we were to ever have one. 

Zethuron would win in a land slide.

Probably by forcing a 100 word or more comment on every chapter read. Requiring a review to be posted on the novels you are reading to be applicable. Finally summarizing the amount of words read or words posted in comments (removing from the count any deleted comments by authors/staff to avoid spam).

Basicaly a way to force users to interact with the novels.

@Wing, wasn't really proposing one as I have no clue how to make such a thing actually work. Just thought for sure Lin Meili and I could have done well on it. Though it sounds like Sosseres has some good ideas that might actually make it feasible.

I feel like if you were to do a readathon it would have to be something that isn't too serious. By this I mean it would be waaaay too much work to make sure people couldn't exploit it in some way to "win", so instead you just let it happen. Something along the lines of "Read x amount of chapters/pages this week/month and get a free week of y." If someone wants to exploit it you just let them ruin their own fun and ignore them.
Could have a button or something come up at the bottom after spending x amount of seconds on a chapter to "claim" the words/chapter towards whatever goal is set. 

Maybe give no rewards except a badge and/or a mention in a blog post? Then the incentive for people to use an exploit would be a lot less. 

Maybe it could be paired with writathon to give added incentive for authors taking part? Something like number of chapters read of stories taking part in the writathon? That way not only do authors get a mention and a badge, it also has the added possibility of gaining new potential readers? Probably won't be a huge amount of people, but that might help out some of the more obscure/hidden stories that are taking part. Rather than just seeing your story named on a list at the end, there would be people looking up possible new stories to read that are taking part in the writathon throughout. And if they drop out halfway, those people will run out of chapters and maybe check out another story that is still taking part? Though that would mean there has to be a way to relatively easily find stories are taking part in the writathon....


So exciting! 
That is 113 Winners. WOW! 


Well done everyone!!

Congrats on winning. And getting your name so high up on the list.

Congrats everyone.


Thanks for the border.


Special cookies to the one that wrote 55 555 words exactly and to the one that wrote more than 3 times the amount needed. Both are extreme in their own way . ^^

Congrats Tynian. But don't encourage Doom! 

Congrats to you wonderful people

Was a lot of fun, see you all next time!

Congrats Razzmatazz!

I had often participated in code hackathons, and never ever thought of its writing counterpart. It has been an absolute blast!

Congratulations to everybody who took part! 


So much to read.

congrats to everyone,

looks i will be busy for a while thanks for all your hard work 

Congratulation, dead Ladies and Gentlements!

Congrats to everyone who participated with the writaton! Its a joy reading exceptional content from talented authors. 

Congratulations to all the winners!🎉🎉

I'm so bummed. I didn't find the sign up link and I did the challange anyway...But by the time I realized that there was a link that I had missed it was too late to be added to the list. Oh well, I know how it works now. I'll do it right next time.

That blows. Still, there should another one coming up later this year. 

Thanks. One of the Admins saw and added me to the list! I'm greatful they're super nice!

Good to hear! And well done! If you had kept quiet and not mentioned anything (and not written sufficient words), you would not be on this list.

Submit a support note. It is easy to check if you published 55 555 words in 5 weeks and i doubt they woul be petty as to not admit your inscriptions even if it came too late. 

Trying cost nothing. 


Congrats anyway, writing so much is an ordeal, even if the deed isn't officialy acknowledged. 


You wrote 74,920 since the start of the contest. It would be a shame not to see your name there.

So~ now you can see it.


Thank you Wing and all who commented. Sorry I just recently started in Royal Road so I was having trouble navigating and figuring things out. I really appreciate you guys adding me to the list and all the help from the other commenters. 

Good job everyone!

I didn't realise I had written so much, I was near the bottom at the mid-way point.

Congrats! More is better than less. 

Congrats everyone!

Congrats to all who won. 

Congrats everyone, I got second to last place, will aim for a higher spot next time.

Still very happy to make it at all 


Just 55 000 is already a lot. Making it in is enough in itself.


So, congratulations. 

I finished up in the middle with 78k. That's my NORMAL writing pace! :P

Congratulations to all winners!

this got me curious. @Wing do you by any chance remember the maximum number of words someone submitted for writathon challenge? 

Great work all! This was ton of fun to participate in :) 

Congrats on getting on Trending and on this list too.

Thank you very much! I'm honestly very grateful that the RoyalRoad staff held this competition, I might have never put this much work into Morcster Chef if they haven't, but now I just can't stop 😅

Sounds like a good habit that your fans will greatly appreciate! 🥳

Congrats to all, love to see such a long list!

Congrats everyone and thanks for your hard work!  That 55,555 word guy is gutsy!

Woah.  I came first.  That's nuts.

Congrats! That's a remarkable achievement :)

Congratulations to all 🥰

That is a huge amount that reached the goal.

Congratulations to all the crazy people 🤪. I hope to join you soon.

So proud of all of you!

Congrats to the winners!  (・ิω・ิ)

Can't believe I actually made the deadline. Posted my last chapters just two days off the deadline :lmao 

GG everyone

Congrats to the winners! I tried, but it was too stressful working within Finals Week. I got about halfway, maybe a bit more.

congrats to all who wrote and made the list you rock!

Congratulations to the winners!




I really liked the whole challenge idea.  The rewards are nice, but being generally new to the site, I found that this was a great motivation booster.  Already looking forward to the next one!  X]  ^-^

I made it, but barely. Some of y'all write crazy fast.

How did first contact LOSE words?

That was pretty stressful to do, but it was fun in its own way. Congrats to everyone else as well! 

2000 words a day is my soft max. How you guys write such insane amounts bewilders me. Nonetheless, congratulations are in order. I'm hoping to take part in the next writathalone, be prepared. 

So many novels! Hurray! 

Amazing turnout!! Congrats to all on the awesome feat, and cool looking border this month!

Congratulations to all winners. More success ahead

congratz to all participants!

Congratulations to all the winners. Keep giving us amazing contents... 

i really enjoyed reading many of these stories this month. cant wait for the next writathon!

Congrats everybody! 

Woohoo! Joined late, but got in there. Top 10! Woohoo. 

Congrats guys!

I would suggest to divide the winners between new books and other that just kept writings their continued work.