5 weeks of Royal Writathon begins now!

This section was dedicated for April Fool's Day: 

Usually, Beta-test features are available for premium users only. However, the recommended for you option is now visible for all logged-in users. We successfully collected enough feedback and interaction with the recommended stories that we are already on the 3rd version of the recommender, with frequent updates on the backend. 

With the success of a public beta test, we decided to launch the next beta test publicly as well. To better help us moderate the community, all logged-in users will now be able to permanently block any user with a lower level than theirs from rating, reviewing, or commenting on any fiction.

To take this a step further, users can permanently ban any user from the website as long as that user has a lower level and reputation than them. We feel that this creates a fair environment where everyone can safely express themselves while empowering the community to moderate itself.

We have high hopes for this feature.

To access it, head to your account settings and click the [Enforce] tab.

If you filled the April Fool's form with a troll name and can prove it - we will give you an achievement. But, please open a support ticket. 
Now that April Fool's is over, please give your attention to the main event - The Writathon~! 



The Writathon is back! 

Due to popular demand, we will host this challenge twice a year, on every April 1st, and October 31st. 

Royal Writathon is Royal Road’s writing challenge to our users. To win, you need to write at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks. 

You can only participate with an Original novel. 

It can be a new story, or you can continue an old one. But the 55,555 words have to be over one story. 

First Milestone:

Write at least 25,000 words by April 15th to qualify for the announced participants' list. 
The list will be announced to everyone, and it will show the fictions that are seriously participating in this challenge to make it easier for readers to find those stories.   

Second Milestone: 

Finish writing 55,555 words before the end of May 5th, 2021. 
If you complete this milestone by the deadline, you will count as a winner of this challenge (even if you didn’t make it in time for the first Milestone)!   


All winners will receive a 1-month author premium (can be used or gifted per request). 
All winners will receive an Achievement!

Extra Rule:

For the duration of the contest, the story can’t include sexual content.
The story can’t be a Fanfiction. 

Time zone:

The challenge follows the IDLW timezone. As long as the date is still May 5th somewhere around the world, the challenge will continue. 

To participate:

Add [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description of your story.
And register by filling this form after you submit your story: 

How to submit your fiction: 

If this is your first fictional story submission, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Register for an account on Royal Road if you have not already. This can be easily done here.
  2. Click Write on the navigation bar, which will take you to The Author Dashboard.
  3. Click [Add New]
  4. Fill in the Title and Description. Select the genres and additional tags. Fill in your first chapter's title and the content of your first chapter.
  5. Upload a cover image that is 400x600 pixels or larger (this is optional).
  6. Click Submit.
  7. All new submissions are manually checked for appropriate tagging and plagiarism, so expect it to take between 12-24 hours for a submission to be approved. Please be patient.
  8. Note: Please do not include links in your description.
  9. Note: If you do not select fanfiction for stories based on others' work or do not choose the content Warnings appropriate for your story, the submission will be rejected.
  10. Once your fiction has been approved, you can find it by going to The Author Dashboard, found in your username dropdown menu “My Fictions” (top right corner), or by clicking on [Write] in the site header.
  11. Add additional chapters by clicking [Add New Chapter].

Good luck fantastic authors,
May we all succeed the quest to be the best! 

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So Zethuron can now ban anyone, even admins.


We are all loyal servants of High Overlord Zethuron.

loyal serveants

Better than being servants.

Cheater. No editing your comments when we can't.

I for one welcome our new Zethuronian overlord! 

When you ban Kana, you get a banana

The eara of the Admins is over! Long live High Overlord Zethuron!

Ok, but what does pressing the Enforce button actually do? I want to know, but I too scared to press it...


Yup... just went and deleted all of my negative story reviews, because why risk it with this new twist.

... and just realized the date.  Oh well, I'm sure that those reviews never helped anyone (even though one of them was upvoted a few hundred times and was consistently at the top)... good call on this moderators!

Let us sally forth to protect the honor of Zethuron! He leads because he is worthy!

I want to see a SS of Zerthuron's Enforce page now.

Yo we should get an achievement, loyal servant of zethuron 

Me and msng have more rep than zeth. when msng hits level 30 then its the other way around. unless they count xp and not levels. then its a stalemate :p

Have you ever thought of theming writathons? I want the theme to be "litrpg"

I'm not gonna sugar coat this, I think that this is one of the worst updates I have ever seen. In general, giving anyone the ability to block other users is fine, I even encourage that. But allowing anyone to have the ability to permanently ban anyone, just based on their level, seems like an absolutely awful idea.

Like, for example, say there's a new author to RR. They've been reading on the site for a long time, and, as such, have a fairly high level. Their fiction starts to gain some traction, and people start to leave reviews on it. The author is happy about the support their getting, and continues to write, up until the day they start getting negative reviews. The author, not liking this fact, decides to permanently ban anyone who leaves a negative comment, and because they have a higher level than any of them, no one stops it. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the admins won't let it get that far if it's clear that someone is abusing this power. But just the fact that any random joe shmo who spends a lot of their time reading can just permanently ban anyone... doesn't sit right with me. 

Also, as writing this, I just thought of something worse. In the previous example, it would eventually become clear that they were abusing the power, and they would get stopped. But what about the fans? What about the people who vehemently defend their favorite stories against haters. I am positive, that every single story on this website with even a small amount of fans, will have plenty of people who'd be willing to do that; just ban anyone who bad-mouths their story.  


People will appreciate a moderator's role better once they experience the role for themselves. I recommend that you and everyone else attempt to use the [Enforce] tool before assuming the worst. 
You can attempt to ban Santa, Christmas is far off so we don't need the account, and he stole my cookies. 

Don't worry Wing! I have more Rep than Santa somehow even though I'm just a toaster.

I'll make sure he pays for stealing your cookies!

... Or I may have banned myself. Hmm. I guess we'll find out

Hey anyone here over level 20? Mind banning this person to show them how stupid this ban system is?

Fuck me its only 11pm here, damn you april fools day.

Wonder if anyone actually filled in the form...

I said “I was expecting a rickroll...”


so many rickrolling submissions.... I have to admit, I fell for the first 2. 

*April fools wooshing noises off in the distance*

Possibly, and if it is so, then you got me, I guess. But I'd like to say that it's still the 31st for me. 

International date line!

Same, got me too. They should have waited until noonish tomorrow to post this.

AS I understant it, it is not authors that are banned, but readers who comment.

 I think it a scary rule subject to potentially massive abuse.

Recently another commentor and I had a lengthy disagreement. I think we both came away with a better understanding of the issue, our thoughts on it and each other.

 To think that in the middle of the arguement one of us would get so frustrated that we would just ban the other..... That would be a travesty and a misuse of the rule.

 On the other hand, although I have presonally have seen very little , if no , flaming or trolling, If such things were to occur, then I can see a utility to the new rule.

 I guess what I'm trying to say , is that there should be either an oversight of the ban or an appeal to it. If not It might see :

  a; A lot of misuse and bullying.

  b; A rise in people who never comment for fear of being banned.

  c; A decline in readership. "

"There are downsides to everything; there are unintended consequences to everything."


This... seems like it will be horrendously abused. The block makes sense. The ban feels like a disaster waiting to happen.

Don't get wooshed Csuite!!

I may have seen a few too many real bad decisions made that I have become too disillusioned, Doom. Not too proud to admit it got me. ;)


Bad decisions? 

I have stories.

*thousand yard stare*

Those were dark times.

That sounds weak, sky. Are you weak? No! You're stronk! Flex that level muscle for a more glorious tomorrow!

The blobby blob account will still hold great and unimaginable powers

We all know I'm the one getting banned, Vow. 😆

Here, let me ban you. You can die a martyr! >:D

.. Y'all know it's April fools day, right?

I mean, of course Royal Road is letting people ban anyone of lower reputation rank. That is only fitting. In fact, they haven't gone far enough! 

People with higher reputations should be able to place reputation taxes and reputation tolls to certain fictions. Or maybe enforce a reputation gacha systme. This will ensure that authors of the best works are truly appreciated and will make the high reputation accounts even more powerful   provide readers with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different fictions.

And for only a nominal easy to pay price of 9.99 every day, you can ban whoever you want!

Inless they buy our consumable 24 hour anti-ban protection shield!

You can also but the new queue ban and programed ban that specifically bans someone as soon as it can or it bans someone during a limited time frame respectively.


Well, that's one way to strike the fear of god into someone! 

Hey, I'm trying to ban everyone weaker than me in this chat, but I can't find the button. Help?

You're weaker than me.  Fear my ban hammer!


Go to your profile picture, click settings, then click "enforce". 
The follow the listed steps there.  


Wait... I mean, don't abuse the ban! 

I'm scared my account from getting banned because I'm a new author, and one of my readers with a better reputation decides o act on a whim and just ban my story. Any way to prevent this?


It's not April 1st yet where I live! That almost got me... it is a joke, right? 

We don't take kindly to those type of jokes around here.  Ban!

NOOoooOOoooOooOooOOoooo... oo... o

tis cruel what you have done 😨

Aww s'okay! Here, have a cookie: <-Wing ate your cookie.

IS the writathon for real or is it a part of the joke? /s (serious? sarcasm? who knows...)


The Writathon is real. 

Seems weird to mid April fools and an actual announcement. I didn't notice anything blatantly off about the write-a-thon. Can someone point out something indicating the trick? Or did someone decide to mix real and silly news?


The Writathon is 100% legit. 

I had hoped to join this event, but sadly, I cannot. My current story doesn't meet the criteria and even pushing my next ahead of squedual would ruin the goal. A shame XD

nice to see what you did with the [Enforce] tab, everyone should really go and check it out!

I hope the recommended for you thing isn't part of the joke, I've been hoping for something like that, or at least something like a "users who favorited this story also favorited this other story". 


The Recommended for You is legit - You should be able to see the beta-test-list under the home banner https://www.royalroad.com/home  

Btw, are you able to say how the recommendations are generated?


The equation keeps getting updated, based on what Kanadaj said few comments down: 

"It uses your bookmarks along with your reading history. I think the current version doesn't even take ratings into account. " 


test /ignore this

Lmao you had me leaning in to reread those first few paragraphs a few times before remembering that it's April fools in other time zones. Cheers, that was a good one.

I actually got worried for a moment there. Imagine when someone starts randomly banning lvl 1s just for the heck of it.

I mean great update! No more toxic 1-stars for no reason! Also all those underserved 5-star-ers on that story on the at the top of best rated because it doesn't agree with me...

This is bad no matter how you look at it.

If it's serious, it's a bad move.

If it's an April Fool's joke, mixing it with the writeathon is a bad move.

Side question - how is the recommended list generated? Is it from stories followed, page views, chapters read, ratings given, favorites, or something else arbitrary? I follow a bunch of stories, but I don't favorite anything (sorry) and I tend to not bother rating stories with thousands of reviews already. Can you give any details on your algorithm so I can improve my recommendations?


It uses your bookmarks along with your reading history. I think the current version doesn't even take ratings into account. 

I now regret occasionally dumpster diving in the Latest Fictions. 

on that topic, does it keep in mind whether you've already ignored/followed a story before it recommends it?

I can just go in and ban it now if you want.  No waiting involved!

So, I've been wanting to write a story for a while now. This seems like my chance.



A strong player entered the game.

Thank you!! I am going to participate in this madness!! Yayyyy. So excited lol.

Ummm, is the Writathon still a thing? Or is it also a leg pull for April fools day. >.> <.< 


The Writathon is legit, no worries. It has been planned for months. 

Example https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/108797?page=1#pid918519 

Hi just a quick qeastion. Does the mid qualifier "25000 words" follow the IDLW time zone too?


Yes - As long as it is still the 15th somewhere in the world - the contest is still ongoing.


I am new with RR so I don't know about the past updates. But I can still say that this is an awful update. It might have its own plus points, but I think the bad one outweighs them.

The story I am writing will a bit dark and it may be targeted. (by some hypocrite righteous people.) 

Now with this, they can just ban me on their whim. 


Honestly, this made my mood unpleasent.

Fortunately this is a prank 

This was for April fools, so it's actually just a prank. The writathon thing is legit though. The date on the update was 31/3/21 for me though so I didn't get it for a while there until I checked the other comments.

Well, it is how it is. *sigh* All we can do to survive is curry favor with those of higher levels or reputations in the wake of these dystopian changes on this formerly hopeful site. With my low level, I'm nothing but collateral damage in the face of the ban hammer. What a pity...

Yeah that ban thing is gonna last a week tops. All it takes is one person in the top 1% writing a script to automate the clicks to ban a user and then the whole site will basically be banned. Whoever thought this was a good idea is an absolute idiot who has no idea how the internet works and should be fired immediately for incompetence.

Won't let me edit or delete so just wanted to say it is still march for me. Damn timezones.

Long live the era of Zethuronian

I definitely had to read the ban section multiple times because of the overpoweringly loud 'What?' inside my head. My immediate thought was of how I could raise my level as fast as possible while avioding a ban which would prevent me from doing so. Then I could ban anyone who was approching my level of power.

That was perhaps the most flatly and ominously delivered April Fool’s joke I’ve read.

Attention everyone!

This is your final and only warning!

I will be writing a bot that bans anyone that does not have level 22 or rep level 43!

It is time for a purge! 

Royal Road is for the elite!

March 31 will be a day future generations will smile upon!


But... I'm level 20. 

But wait, what if I make you leave too?

It is not the place of the Elite to belittle ourselves with petty fueds.

I have full faith that we chosen few, and only we chosen few will remember this day fondly!

If you are level 22 or rep level 43, you have nothing to fear!

If not, I only pray that you can accept your fate...

GOD DAMMIT it's 11pm here! I was actually so confused.

I have high hope for this!

I have the power!





to read lots now that writeathon is back on!


Can I enter the contest with an existing story? Adding another 55,555 words to it should still fight, right?


Yes. As long as you write the 55,555 words within the 5 weeks. 

I'm currently writing 2 novels, but the 55,555 words will have to be for one of them, correct? The sum won't count.

Yes that is correct.


Man, Admin would be busy to tell people that Writathon part are legit, aren't they ?

But that's part of "hiding whoopee cushion on the chair" aren't they ? You need actual chair that people would sit on to make the jokes work.

So.....If I piss of someone, they can ban me from accessing the site, my profile and then my library of following series?


That.......well....i am glad i don't post that often, but then again, where i do post often is only on the series i really like....Like Super Minion, wich i do hope it comes for this writathon.........

Why aren't fan-fictions eligible for this? 

For the Writathon do I have to do the registration and description thing or just write?

To participate:

Add [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description of your story.
And register by filling this form after you submit your story: 

I don't know whether that link will be clickable in my comment but this is just before the part where they discuss how to make an account for anyone wanting to join but without one.

I think this can actually work. I couldn't believe my eyes upon reading it, but if we trust the community, then it will work. Those who abuse the system will only get banned in turn: back to level 0, even if tgey cheat the IP block. However, using reputation as an important measure is a bit sus. Works, but it's something that's known to have been seriously farmed. Not ideal, but it should still be fine 

Oh I'm an idiot its April 1st hahahhahahah

Y'all if I didn't read comments I would have missed the date and packed up to leave 

Wait how do you do the enforce thing on someone else 

Just realized why if wouldn't work for me when I clicked it lol. April first. It's still 31st where I live no fair

But even if my story has a sexual content as long i don't write sexual content before the 55,555 word it's isn't it.😅😅


It is fine, as long as it is before the 55,555 words for the submission, or after it. 

Love you RR, you totally had me xd

This caught me so off guard. It is still 11 in my place. 

I can't tell if the writathon is also a joke or not. Cause it could be cool if it's not a joke!


The Writathon is legit! 

Cool! Thanks for clarifying :)

Happy fools day ^^

BRUH. I was so confused until I realized it was April fools ahahaha

I really fell for it for a while! Then realized how much you could abuse that system, saw the date and read the comments

Lol I believed this for a second :(

Man, I needed that. It was good timing for a bit of nonsense. I just woke up in the middle of the night from a tough dream. Thanks!

Someone please ban this person so they understand. Thank you.

I 100% got whoosh'd. Well played.

just realized it april first

I guess this rules me out since my story arcs are less then 55,000 words and contain their own titles despite being uploaded on one fiction, right?

Write 2-3 arcs for one fiction, and you can win

"An Arc" = "A cohesive group of chapters", in my mind. So of course 55k words will be comprised of several arcs! :)

Yooouuuuu just want four new arcs of Anarcho, Mister!


The same universe, and on the same fiction page? Sounds fine to me. 

That ban rule is putting a lot of trust in humanity on the internet... let's hope that there isn't many high level 'Karens' or trolls.

I've been made a fool... There are trolls among the devs.

A question about the extra rule that states that there can't be any sexual content. When exactly is it considered sexual content? Does it count as sexual content when a character is described as showing a lot of skin or when I say that a character could hear moaning from another room? Or does it only count as sexual content when there's something like a sex scene?

Sorry if this is a stupid question I just want to make sure.

I would also like to know. Does this mean only graphical scenes? I have to scratch one scene and would need to know if its ok to just tell that something will happen by 'fading to black'.

Like e.g.:

She closed the door, slipping out of her clothes

*** scene break ***

When he awoke the next day


Is that ok for the Writathon?

Anything that is explicitly sexual - that is, anything that would qualify for the Sexual Content tag here on the site. So just showing skin doesn't count, but showing skin in a sexual manner (sexually descriptive) would. Fade-to-black is fine as it's not showing anything explicit, only implied.

@D.C.Veiling, tagging you in case it doesn't notif you as well.

Man I'm so confused if all of this is legit, or if all of this is not, or if just some of these are legit.

The only thing that isn't legit is the bans hehe. Writathon and recommended list is legit!

I banned twenty people and they still exist. kANA FiX THIS!

55,555 words are a lot for a bird on a typewriter but I'll do my best!

I wonder if we'll get a bamboozled achievement for signing up on that website xD

Due to popular demand, we will host this challenge twice a year, on every April 1st, and October 31stt. 

do u meamn october 31st? or do i just not get it


My mistake, thank you for pointing it out. 

Cool. Good luck authors.

welp, I guess I should stop making fun of those who exploited the reputation system. Now they have real power. lol.

Muahahaha, fear my power as you cower in your folly to read dates! 

Wing is weird. She might actually give people the power to do this crap. And tomorrow it will be a royalroad's version of the purge! (shudders)

In that case, we only need to seek shelter with the mightiest of us, Zethuron.

None surpass him in this twisted new reality!


The Writathon is legit. We've spoken about it being in April a few times in the forum - you can check this as an example https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/108797?page=1#pid918519 

So go ahead, submit your story with confidence. 

On a less serious note, did you also check the ban form? you should. 

Ngl I can immediately see someone racking up as much rep as possible and then mass-banning people. This is gonna be extremely easy to abuse and hinges on the users being very trustworthy and responsible - traits that are sadly in shorter supply than they ought to be.

Wait, nvm, I get it now, ya bastards. Fair fucken play.

Oh boy I sure hope nobody bans me...

Honestly this april fools post may end up being too effective lmao.

You got me good though, keep up that great work you're always doing!

Can I submit mutliple stories to the writathon, or just one?

I only have one question: did you make a special custom message for Zethuron's Enforce tab? Because he'd see that someone higher leveled than him banned him which is obviously not possible XD

It took me far too long to realise this was a joke. I read it this morning and just accepted it and only just came back to check the something in the Writeathon rules and realised.


What really would be nice is being able where in the pending fictions review queue your fictions is. Something like "there are 4800 reviews pending before you" 

Damn I wish the no sexual content tag rule didn't exist as I have a story I would like to participate in the writeathon with but it sadly qualifies for the sexual tag eventhough it isn't a big part of the story. I feel like that rule blocks too many potentially good stories from participating as the sexual tag is very broad not just for smut.

つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ GIVE BAN

Was i the only one who seriously thought the writeathon was the april fool's joke?

I want to see a SS of Zerthuron's Enforce page.

I filled out the form and added the participant title. Is that all I had to do? Haha or will I get messsaged to confirm my submission?

So does this mean I can ban a mod when I reach level 💯

This OBVIOUSLY an April Fools Joke!

(pls don't ban me)

Admin did a mean troll this year!

They did for sure. So many people fell for it :P

I did for second as well, before remembering that it was April 1st. 

Tis time. To ban all cat haters!

Kidding, kidding. April fools. Good luck to all those who participate in the Writathon! You can do it!

damn you april fools! why must i be so gullible ;-;

Haha, you really got me with the April Fool's update. 

I've never participated in a challenge like this before, I'm definitely going to try out. Good luck to all my fellow competitors. 

april fools thing

I was going to start posting my story in two or three months but now I have to either post all of my content right now or wait until October. Welp, I guess I've got 6 more months to write before posting it I guess.

And any user that is more than five levels above their target victim prey willing-participent in annhilation sibling rival is able to use the "Eviscerate" option that will download a skull and crossbones computer virus to their mainframe that will diseminate to their onsite friends and allow a simultaneous attack from worldwide forces to bring down their motherships

Is this the "Faith in the Internet" achievement, or are you referring to another, bonus one, for people who submitted a troll form reply? 


The same achievement, but for those that submitted the form without adding their username correctly. 

Yes brothers and sister we must have a big feast for the FOR THE HIGH AND MIGHTY OVERLORD





Hold up guna grab me beer and watch the wireworks (Wireworks - Descriptive, a detonation of jumbled wires and cables that are infathomably tangled and will ensnare the world, entrapping and killing all life and the ensuing effort to untangle them consumes all the oxygen on Earth, resulting in a runaway greenhosue effect that turns the Earth into a psuedo Venus a millenia after all life has been extinguished.)

Jokes aside we do need a way for users to self moderate, because having no negative consequence always begets assholery

A mere dislike button would be enough, but a way to give negative reputation (independant of the regular one) would also do

When it counts words written, does it include chapters that have not yet posted?  If I have something scheduled to come out later, is that included in the word count for the Writathon?

What did the Enforce tab do?  I didn't check it out at the time and now it's gone.

Hey~ I submitted a registration form. How do I know if my story got registered ok?

Just saw this post. I am late to the party but I am still going to try


Question on the Writathon challenge - Do to the words need to be published before the deadline to be counted?  Or is it sufficient if I have the chapters written and uploaded before the deadline (either, the milestone one or the final one) but scheduled to be published after the deadline? 

(I'm assuming there is some automated chapter scheduler, never seen the author side of things before)


The chapters need to be published, and visible for the public userbase. 

i hope i have enough for the writeathon thingy by the end of the month...

We win theeeese XD

I had a question, when it says I can use an old work, is it okay to use an old story with only like 2k words I've had on hiatus for a while



I have a story with about 8k words. Will those 8k words be added to the tally or is it the 55k added on top of that 8k?

It's only new words that count for the challenge. So any words posted before the challege don't count.

Roger that. I'll just have to make the 55k to the 5th of May then. Cheers and have a good one.

I really think that they should add that. I was wondering about that too.

I'm on the page for the 5 weeks writathon event, and all the commens are about the new ban changes xD. Color me confused.


P.S. Yeah, I know this comment section probably connects to multiple thing. Or I have the IQ of a rock. One of those is true at least. :D

Hello all, I joined the site too late to make this milestone, but I'm competing too. :)

Same! Best of luck to you!

Where can I see the writathon list..?

Ugg, writing contests drive me crazy, I can never write fast enough. Welp, if anyone entering needs help editing with (characterization, plot, pace, descriptions) let me kniw I'll help with a chapter or two and give encouragement. ❤️

This was a blast!  :)  
Though I really wish Fanfiction was allowed.

When can the writathon just end?!  I just want to see where I'm at on the list.

Hi, can the admins please check my word counter and see if I met the requirement? I placed a support ticket but no response so far.

Contest just ended a few hours ago. Give them time to process and edit. They aren't full time on this. This site is just a fan-made hobbyist thing, patience. 

We will know soon enough.

If you really can't wait you c


You can go to your fiction dashboard and just add the word count from the 04/01 till the 05/06 12:00 UTC. 

Thank you.  I will just wait for rhe results. 😊


We are full-time on this T.T, there is just a lot to do. 
It took a consistent 3 hours in the last 4 Writathons to prepare and publish the results. 

My bad.


Have a cookie to forget my comment 🍪 ^^


Is it going to be 55555 for oct 31 too?