Some very quick mid-month patch notes since we've had a few mention-worthy updates since the last patch notes (which really hasn't been all that long ago)!

Reader Suggestions

If you are one of those authors who just love getting grammatical and typo corrections from their readers, this one is for you! You can enable Reader Suggestions in the Settings -> Edit menu on the very bottom:

Once you enable this, readers can highlight any text in your fiction's chapters for quick corrections:

They can quickly type in their edits, which is then added to their comment box. This should make it a lot faster and straightforward to send corrections. The feature is on a toggle so if you don't care for it or find these corrections bothersome, you can simply leave it off or disable later on.

The credits for the original script go to Firebird, who provided us with the source code some time ago for improvement and site-wide implementation.

Disabling Rating Stats

One of our most requested feature for a while has been the ability to disable the ratings and rankings for your fictions so they stop staring at you. While these ranks are an important discoverability feature for authors, we understand that not everyone wants to obsess over them or might find their glaring presence on their dashboard distracting. So now you can disable them via the Settings -> Disable Rating Stats menu.

Disabling these stats will not disable ratings for your fiction - as doing so would have a huge number of further implications -, you simply won't see them.

In case you feel like you might be the type of person who obsesses too much, you can also lock this change for a certain period of time or even forever so you can't disable it even if you have the urge.

Hiding Reviews

We have been frequently told that authors may want to remove certain reviews from their dashboard just so it stops annoying them - and while reviews are crucial as feedback to both readers and authors, we understand that authors might not always agree with the reviews' content and don't want to have the criticism staring them down every time they open their dashboard.

We've now added a button to the author dashboard to hide a review from the author - please, PLEASE keep in mind that this only hides the review from the author, other users will still see the review as usual.

The feature requires 2 clicks instead of 1 to avoid accidental clicks, and the toast notification contains an undo button - once the notification expires, the action is final.

Our goal with these changes is to help the mental health of authors with more utility features without degrading the usability of the website for readers.

Minor changes

Some additional, more minor changes:

  • Added a reminder to the review form about being nice and sticking to the rules.
  • Replaced the "first chapter in x hours" input during chapter import with a datetime picker
  • Added a popup that appears after rating to encourage writing reviews instead of only leaving a rating.

Further fixes

Here are some more, albeit less note-worthy fixes:

  • The author dashboard and fiction dashboard should now show the same number for your rank
  • Chapter release lines are no longer missing from the pageviews page
  • Removing fictions from your favorites no longer redirects you to the fiction page instead of the favorites page
  • Accidental double-posting comments and forum posts should be a thing of the past
  • The table editor now uses max-width instead of width, which means it can now be used with absolute values instead of percentages - it will only apply that width if it can fit on the page.
  • Support ticket and achievement notifications are now marked as read when you click the notification
  • Replying to a comment that you have a notification for will mark the notification as read
  • The text color picker no longer has black and white options since these aren't respected anyway
  • Fixed browser errors when editing chapters which happened when you tried adding links
  • Fixed the bug where the occasional forum link took you to a page with no posts
  • Forum subscriptions are updated correctly based on the dropdown when you post a new reply
  • Fixed a bug where certain comment links linked to a non-existent comment page
  • Fixed a bug where the last updated thread didn't update correctly in the forums

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Hmmm, did Zethuron change their name or something? ;)

Is he alive ? I didn't see him on the first page

I saw on a novel that he apparently has some pc issues

A new challenger has appeared! Congrats Selkie


Thanks Kana! Hiding reviews is lovely.

Stare at the ratings too long, the ratings stare back.

Under 'rated' comment.

Replying to a comment that you have a notification for will mark the notification as read

I think this isn't needed. the cluttering of comment notifications usually happens when there are a ton of comments in a fast moving discussion. so there is often a chance to miss some other comment. instead of that, a 'mark all read' for notification would be a lot more helpful. that's my opinion.

I'd been wondering about the Suggest Edits feature for a long time. Similar to the Hypothesis extension. Happy to see it taken up!

...Why are the suggested edits in a comment instead of a toggleable overlay or updating report the author can access? This seems so inefficient and prone to duplicates

Thanks Kana, keep up the good work and you might get some tacos.

Is there a way for readers to disable the suggest edits thing? I highlight text to keep track of where I am as I scroll through the story, and it is extremely distracting to have that thing always there, blocking the upcoming text.


Not yet but if enough people want it I'll see what I can do tomorrow

Fingers crossed then that this annoys lots and lots of people ;)

I feel the same, it's quite distracting 

Could put it off to the side, outside the text area, so it's not in the way of reading?

That actually sounds nice. As both a reader and a author I like that feature (although the button seems a bit weird on my iPad (I might just have misclicked, etc, more testing necessary)), but having the button not somehwere obstructing would be nice. Maybe over the marked text, to the right?


Just throwing ideas around :-)

Please add the ability to turn this off.


You can already turn it off on your user settings page

It finally happened! Reader suggestions!

Thanks for the hard work! I also love that you made it, so when you unadd favorites that it doesn't take you to the main page. It's not that big of a deal, but it's nice.

Y'know, I thought I was worried I'd hate the suggestion feature, but I got my first comment with it today. Pretty impressive stuff, definitely keeping it on for my story.

Thanks for the update, devs! (Sorry, I'm still kinda new and learning names.)

From a self-admitted neurotic wreck: Thank you.  The ability to toggle off the prominence of the "rat race" in personal displays means a lot to me.  You folks have done a super job implementing things that addressed my gripes over the past two years and I was (slowly) on the way to making a return anyway, but this completed the part of the list that I myself had written off as "I'll just have to learn to live with it and mess with scripts myself".  The corrections function is the sweet maraschino cherry on top.

Guess that's another excuse out the window for me.

Hooray! This was writing excuses; you're out of excuses, now go write.


Thanks for all your work! ^-^

Stay awesome, you two (three?)

Thanks for the update!

Looks good! It's great that the site is constantly updating itself and adding features, which are often actually valuable, as opposed to much of the internet which randomly changes things just to change them.

A quick note - as a general rule, reviews are NOT for the author. They would never be for the author, except that as a website that hosts ongoing works authors might want to check in and and see what people think to change and learn as their story goes on. My views on this are not just my own but things I have heard from established Hugo award-winning authors, and I agree with their take. Reviews are for other readers to potentially help them learn if they will like a story or not. There are plenty of other ways to contact authors on the site, such as comments and PMs, and it would be nice if RR could help promote reviews for other readers only, as that's what they are there for. 

Yup. There is need to distinguish between a review and a critique.

wonderful updates, thank you

ngeeeEEEEEEEeeeng ?


Thanks for the new features! The Suggest Edit was truly helpful.

The edit suggestions makes me so incredibly horny

Thank you for these updates! I especially love the hide review one.

These changes are awesome!

Looks good to me. 


Also love the 'ngeeeEEEEEEEeeeng'.

Wow! The site feels way faster! Wheeeeeee!  

Thanks for all your hard work, admins!

This are all pretty cool, thanks!

Wait how do I delete a comment




Can someone delete my comment please

I can't sleep seeing this grammatical error in my hastily revised comment...

Just commenting to let you know I'll never forget this blunder

Just here to make sure you are reminded of this forever. 

It's still painful to read wth

Where is that delete button in mobile??

Thank you for the update, would it be possible in a future update to add a way for readers to readers suggestion. I'm not good at english and I found this feature very distracting.

Sorry 😬, Anyway, thanks for all these greats features

oh the reader suggestions one is nice.

I believe a better feature would be to allow the author to comment on a review. I believe this would be fair as many other review systems do the same in order to allow the recipient a chance to either defend themselves or aknowledge specific criticism.


Reader suggestions 🎉. Finally, I don't have to save all the typos in a separate page!

Being able to hide the story metrics is great. I might actually be able to focus on writing, if I can manage to get past the things blocking me IRL.

Now you guys should do an a/b test, where it's auto-hidden for half the new authors to see way writers are more likely to stick around, then make that the default.

*which way

Weird that there's no 'edit comment' button here.

Whatever happens on the Internet stays Everywhere. Also, Science! Experiments are always great if you can afford to do them.

Finally, no more empty forum pages!

Support ticket and achievement notifications are now marked as read when you click the notification

YESSSSSSSSS thank you!!!

Thank you for the update! ❤️

Amazing update.  Didn't think you'd ever give us such advanced features.  I just assumed they would take up too much bandwidth to implement.  Well done.  


Thanks for the update RR team!

Well this seems nice. Thanks a lot RR!

While being able to suggest edits to the Author are great, is there a way to opt-out as a reader? I tend to highlight text when reading and that bright blue button to directly suggest edits gets in the way of the next paragraph.


Will have that implemented sometime this week. I mostly just need to figure out where to actually put it so it's in a sane place.

Thank you for these fixes. I feel peaceful


The new suggest an edit feature is a great additon, however I would like to suggest that it return the text color to the default white after the transplanted text rather than having to do so manually. You might even say I'm suggesting an edit to the suggest and edit feature.


Would that I could, but it's your browser that's doing it, not me. I'll see if I can do some class shenanigans instead so it won't copy the color. 

Thank you for the hard work 

I saw the "suggest edit" button accidentally while on mobile and went "There's an aupdate? Already? Hot DAMN that's useful!"

I have a request: can chapter reply notifications also include the title of the book? It can get very confusing

Love the new reader suggestions feature for two reasons. 

1) ease. It's so much easier     to compile lists of stories. 

2) it lets us know when our editorial feedback is wanted. I think almost every author says they want helpful feedback, but really only certain ones do. Since this feature became available, I use it to tell whether the author wants editorial feedback or not. Feature on, provide feedback. 

that said, two bits of feedback on the actual JS process: 

a) the JS on highlighting and color changing changes is incredibly complicated  and generates weird results a lot of the time. If it could be simpler, it would probably be better. I've looked at the results displayed in the comment several times and thought, WTF! How's someone supposed to interpret that??

b) if the comment that the process generates could leave a space at the top for additional comments, that would be great. In every comment I try to say 'thank you' to the author. It's a bit of a pain to move to the start of the comment, insert and type in my text, select it, then un-underline it. The underline is automatically picked up from the generated comment's heading. 

thanks! And I love this feature. 



Wow good updates!! Very helpful to writers

The page is doing this thing where when I use the arrow keys to scroll a cursor that will lock on to all the page's text appears. This is only happening for me on royal road rn.

I am not a writer, I'm a reader. 👺

I always forget to submit my corrections before I press next chapter. Could you add a warning that there is something unsubmitted in the comment box when pressing next chapter?