February Update - Patch Notes

With February starting, we have some news to share!

First off, our premium border for this month - the month of lovers features a lovely heart-shaped border that you can unlock by having a Premium subscription any time during February!

Balancing reputation

Our reputation system was unbalanced. With a rather steep slope; levels beyond 40 got exponentially harder, and level 50 was pretty much impossible without abusing the system.

During January, we updated the reputation system to not allow repeat +rep from the same user on the same post in order to somewhat reduce the snowballing effect.

This month, we will delete all of the duplicate reputation received this way and reduce the requirement for later levels in order to avoid having an untenable system.

This change also means that Zethuron is officially the first to reach Level 30 and the first to reach Reputation Level 50 - a truly outstanding achievement!

Other changes

Some other bug fixes released in January include:

  • Fixed a bug with Author Premium chapter imports where quotes were always followed by a space regardless of the actual source material
  • Fixed a bug with Author Premium chapter imports where the imported chapter wasn’t sanitized properly, causing black text to be imported as black rather than uncolored
  • The author’s username on the chapter page is now split if it’s too long on mobile
  • Locked chapters now no longer show “No one has commented yet, be the first” - after all, you cannot do it :)
  • The author advertising dashboard now only shows 2 decimals instead of 3
  • 300x250 author ads on mobile now scale smaller if the phone’s screen is too small to display their full size
  • Author Premium ePub export now correctly includes custom separators
  • Fictions can now be marked as a Stub to indicate that the majority of their content has been removed. Additionally, you can now exclude them via the advanced search page. Further options might be added in the future.  
  • You can now completely exclude fictions you already follow/favorited via the advanced search page
  • Fixed the weekly fiction update summaries not being rendered properly
  • Review updates no longer send a notification to the author every time the Reviewer updates their Review
  • The Continue Reading button keeps working even if the last read chapter has been deleted, instead directing you to the previous chapter; however, this may still result in strange behaviour if the deleted chapter has been moved by the author
  • The Advanced Search page’s Pages slider now uses logarithmic scale, as the first ~1000 pages are much more frequently used than the 20,000 page limit.
  • The override checkbox on the chapter page now also overrides font size
  • Browser prefetches should no longer mess with the light/dark theme switcher

New Advertisement campaign

Starting February, we are running an A/B test between two different ad networks to see which one provides the better ad quality and income.
For this short period, European users will have 2 consent management systems regarding their privacy - each one representing a different company. If you noticed that something was off with any of the ads, please print screen the ad and open a support ticket about it. https://www.royalroad.com/support

If you noticed any bugs, or if you have any suggestions that you would like us to work on, you can use our feedback portal: 
We are glad that you are with us, and we will continue to improve and be the best place for authors and readers.

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Thanks for all the changes!


Congrats King. 

Zethuron the First! Living up to the title

And of course he is first here as well. Congrats Zethuron on the 50. 

Go Zethu! To heaven and beyond! 

It's just hilarious that you're getting called out here Zeth. You're too powerful.


Well done Zethuron :D

Zethuron's gonna be first everywhere, Rule #1 of RR!

Can we expect a Zethuron nerf in the next patch?

Honestly, I think he has a deal with the Admins. I mean how can one person be so fast. It's either this or he is a Time Lord. 


We suspect it's the latter but we have no proof yet

Oh, trust me, you will have had had were going to have had conclusive evidence proving that he is in fact a tinelord. But that timeline was reset when he reset the timeline to get a another first comment.

Blood sacrifices. 😅

Honestly, not surprised. You are the Timelord. Congrats all the same!!

Of course the Time lord is first everywhere on RR. 😃

At this point I am not even surprised, Zethuron leads the way.

Woot Woot! congratz, Zet!

Woot Woot! congratz, Zet!

Congrats on achieving this. May the power of chronos dwell within you forever.


i never thought id see someone who reads more than me then i came on royal road and saw you lol


My first thought seeing the stickman there was.

"... is he hanging from a noose" O . o

Don't know much about him being first on everything, but I checked his profile... I didn't even know there was a max level!

Congratulations to the Time Lord!!

Thanks for the changes!

So that's why I suddenly levelled up out of nowhere... I was really confused 😅

Thanks for the info and the hard work to try and make things better!

Thanks for the updates, Kana and Wing! Even if Kana's a sadist at heart, we all love him anyway.

calling kana a sadist like you are innocent

  • Review updates no longer send a notification to the author every time the Reviewer updates their Review

Why? Why would an author not want to be notified when a review has been updated? Why would this even be a concern? 


Based on previous authors' concerns, we got the impression that the authors get annoyed when they keep getting review-update notifications one after the other by the same user.  
However, it is legitimate for a reader to want to proofread their own review or update the review as they read more chapters. 
This is why we decided that based on certain parameters the updated review will not send a notification. 

If it has been a short while, and the reviewer updated the review again all of a sudden, the author will get a notification again.
But, if it hasn't been long since they made the review, and they came back to it, another notification will not be sent.

Okay. That makes sense. I was concerned an updated review after a month would simply fly by without me ever being aware unless the reviewer notified me personally.

I got a guy who was updating his review on my story every 20-30 min for 3 days (with breaks, of course). I had around 80-100 notifications. 
Imagine that. You wake up after posting a chapter at night, you usually get 5-10 comments, you see 20+ mark on your "bell icon", you open it overhyped - you see a wall of messages about the same game updating review every few minutes for the entire night. 3 pages of communication of same guy doing the same thing. 


He was randomly changing his score from 0.5 to 5 stars. No idea why.


I really did feel threatened at that time. Heh. Funny times.

Yep, that explains why I suddenly lost levels. But, what exactly does

"During January, we updated the reputation system to not allow repeat +rep from the same user on the same post in order to somewhat reduce the snowballing effect."


Also, hilarious Zethuron mention on the graph.

You were previously able to rep the same comment multiple times dubbed 'duplicate rep'.

Wait you were? Wonder when that bug showed up? I remember not being able to

Yeah, you could give rep to a comment once every 24 hours, which got out of hand in the comment section of an old fiction that had been dropped a couple of years ago.

And someone abusing that

I suddenly gained levels, from 11 to 13, but my rep didn't change.

Thanks for the changes! Sounds like some nice quality-of-life updates.

i feel like authors should be getting a lot more xp or xp boosts. I'm higher level than a lot of popular authors because of rep alone. i feel like that shouldn't be the case. 

hmm no wonder my history shows me reaching 24 then 25 and then i just got to 24 :P

I was wondering why I somehow skipped over level 15 without noticing. Interesting.

Any chance in the future of being allowed to choose lower-level gem colours (cough purple cough) that we've unlocked?

Pretty sure we already are, explore your border settings. I recall being able to do that.

I only see the border changing option. A gem changing option would be nice too

This morning I was questioning my own sanity because I had been congratulated for hitting level 24. After all, I could have sworn I was level 25 earlier. I'm glad that I'm not crazy. *Completely crazy.

Don't worry! You're the good kind of crazy

Lol, that stickfigure Zethuron graph XD

Hahahaha!!! They drew Zethuron on a hangman on the graph. It looks like the RR staff has a sense of humor :D

I have been using this site since the very begining. Its great that after all these the Admin and mods have not lost their love of Royalroad, and continue to make this site great with every new update!

  • Fixed a bug with Author Premium chapter imports where quotes were always followed by a space regardless of the actual source material

Big if true

The graph is very helpful and amusing!

Though now all my hard work boredom spent charting out the rep scaling is ruined...


Don't be shy, share them anyway. 

As far as I could figure out from math(ew) and looking at other's accounts, the rep leveling went something like: 5, 5, 5, 5, 10, 10, 10, 10, 15, 15, 15, 15, 20, 20, 20, 40, 40, 40, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100,

After that it goes up somewhere past 100 per rep level at some point as per Zethuron's account.

I have steps of 5 (for level 1), 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 40, 40, 40, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 350(!), 250, 250, 250, 250, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000 (for level 40), 4000 (for level 41) and probably 5000 (for level 42). Although the first half of that scale might be outdated, because I haven't checked those levels for a long time and I don't have the "15 rep" steps from your list. 

You were able to give 2 rep as soon as you yourself had 200 or 201, 3 from somewhere between 500 and 600, 4 from 1001, 5 at or above 5000, 6 at or above ~10000.

Well, from my simple excel sheet, from level 44 onwards it would have been 10K per level, with the final level being 20K alone.

Does anyone know how EXP dor levels work, rep is self explanatory but I have no clue what activities give base EXP?


Comments, forum posts, reviews/ratings, voting on reviews, daily logins, giving reputation, getting achievements, getting reputation levels, referring users (Refer A Friend | Royal Road) all give experience

Gaining rep levels, commenting and +rep all give exp. There are more things that do, but those are the ones I could measure. +Rep gives you (gave you?) 3exp, and leveling reputation gives more the higher the level. Going from reputation level 19 to 20 gives you 570exp give or take 20 exp for example.

Just saying some group of people did this

Hey guys, could you add a direct payment processor? I can't use PayPal. 

Thank you for continuing to upgrade the site and make improvements!

Yay, rep economy fixed!

Hey admins, if the adds are creepy stalkers following me all over the internet, they will be blocked. I want to support y'all, but not at the cost of my privacy.

I will start using only Tor if I keep getting creepy stalking bots.

Happy Singles' Awareness Month, all! ^-^

Thanks for the hardwork admins!

All Hail the mighty Z

All hail Zethuron the ruler of time!

Thanks for the info, don't worry i am in photo shop right now.

Well, sounds like a lot of work for you all. 

Thanks for always making this site better and better. :D

Keep it up ^^ (Had to write that here, its a reflex already)

Wings and Kana after the patch has dropped.


Thank you for the effort 💗

Thanks for the chapter ... Wait that's not a chapter.

Now that this update is out, I can finally get a peaceful night of sleep.

Am new so I did not really understand any of this but I guess it is good?

Nice graph drawing! Well done artist!

Nice graph drawing! Well done artist!


Thanks, it was me!

Bro ma non potete fare una parte in cui ci sono le novelle leggere che in capitoli superano i 300 o i 500? 

... is that guy up top hanging from a noose  O . o

Thanks for the Changes :) 

These full page ads are God awful


Full-page ads? Can you share how these look like in a support ticket: https://www.royalroad.com/support? 


Thanks for the changes!

I would love for yall to make it to where you can store fiction drafts, like you can on Wattpad. I have many ideas for stories, and would love to set up a fiction just for me to see and not have to do it all on docs.


... is that a pun?

Thanks for the updates team!

Thank you for all your hard work

All hail rogue timelord Zethuron of the first comment


Thank you for your headwork

I am in love with this web. My dream of publishing my novel has finally come true. Thank you so much