On October 31st, The Writathon Challenge started. You can read more about it here.

This is the list of winners that managed to write 55,555 words from the start of the challenge until December 5th (IDLW). 

Let's read them all! 

Fiction Name Word Count
Artificial Mind 148250
Tower of Somnus 120178
Sweet Minds 101819
Criminal Lord 96073
The Illusionary Six (Six Chances) 90686
Ar'Kendrithyst 87332
Beyond Humanity: Lightning Falling and Hook of Rage 87155
Horizon 87116
[LitRPG] Kernstalion 85204
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons 83999
The Primal Hunter 83677
A Week to Infinity 82339
His Majesty's Immortal Academy 77358
Emmy And Me 77026
Iruedim 75915
The Martyrs: the Generation that Burns 74719
Ebony Chitin 73746
Dead Tired 72535
Dungeon of Seasons 69720
[Semi-Webtoon] Shifters 69531
Pixel'd: Trapped In A 16-Bit RPG 67918
Re:Direction The Peak (Cultivation Tale) 66911
The White Horde 65253
Bloodshard: Stolen Magic 64378
Carus - Libertas 64096
The Many Lives of Cadence Lee 63476
Shattered Helix 63063
Spires 62602
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale 61503
Katarina the Witch Hunter Book 3: Norn 61365
Renewal and Rebirth 60487
Of Swords & Gems 60408
Kingdom of the Lich 60264
Monroe 59960
The House Husband's Multiverse Fueled Journey From Mediocrity 59425
Reboot Reality 59325
Reverse Reincarnation 59051
The Blade's Tools 58952
Against the Abyss 58567
Through the Vortex 58511
The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha, The Tip of the Spear 58145
Crack in the Vault of Heaven 57718
Legend of the Lost Star 57698
Katarina The Witch Hunter Book 2: Aston 57509
Virlyce Infinity 57375
A Lonely Tree 57250
The call in the night, OneShots collection 56845
The Tournament 56823
Shadows in the Dawn Mist 56811
Experimental Wuxia Novel 56681
Monsters Paradise 56679
Aether Academy 56658
Ronny McKitty 56530
Who Wants to be a Barbarian Summon? 56351
Lolly 56275
Escape from Idiocia 56211
Mistwalker Xyn and the Cult of Eldritch Evil 56193
The story of how a Cultivation Universe was Conquered by an Interstellar Weapons Platform 56065
Tenshot 55981
The Firefly Diary 55973
Ortus 55906
The Nomad 55880
Psychic Evolved 55809
The Pen Is Mightier 55804
The Holy Candle: A Gamelit Fantasy Adventure of Alignment 55829
Sins of the Father 55756
Arawulf, the First Daughter 55746
The Book of Dreams Chapter Two, The Temple Of Dreams 55718
The Arduous Path 55688
The Wild Beast 55595


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Commenting before things are live is weird. Necromancy has gotten pretty advanced these days.

Congrats to all the authors who have completed this year's writathon!

Even more so for those who basically overdid it all!


Oh also, reminder that the recommendations feature is in early testing, it has only come out recently. And in my opinion it is working quite well, though stil could be improved by a lot.

Looks like I accidentally snatched 8th place. Oops :D
Congratz to everyone, that is quite the list of stories reaching the 55,555. Well done!

Congrats to all the winners. Pleasantly surprised by how many people managed to complete a tough challenge. Well done!

Great job to all the people that passed the mark! It's a small and wonderful group of stories.

Congratz all who finished writing!

Wow... so many? 😲

70 or did I miscount? 
Congratulations to my fellow participants!

The tag is fine, so long as none of it was written during the period of the contest, I believe?

Good job to all of the writers that knocked it out of tha park this past month! 55,555 words is not easy, but all of you made it look like a walk in the park. You are all awesome!

Congratulations dear author's for the job well done as well for the grind. Okay, time to check them one by one - it's high time to binge these novels.

Man, I'm really glad I managed to complete the challenge (even if barely, and 3 hours before the deadline at that). What can I say, it's been a blast, folks.

Ar'kendrithyst participating even without a rush, lmao

Well done everyone! Looking forward to reading this all over the next few weeks

Well gone for all who made the list! 

To those who didn't, yet attempted, I will also commend as those that completed know it was no small feat to even attempt.  

Haha, was hoping to see an exact 55,555 or even double at 111,110 😄

Congrats to all winners!

An easy link for anyone curious: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/36299/beneath-the-dragoneye-moons . 

Congrats to the winners!

Congragulations y'all!

How did the wondering inn not make the list? She writes on average twice that per month over the last 3 or 4 years.

Continue on your journey to find the depths within. The sky is the limit and you have started to reach for more. Good job and showing us the leader you are. Interesting read.

Will there be another one soon?   I kinda want to get in on this if I can heh.

Can someone tell me how good that "Recommended Stories for You" feature is? I'm thinking of subscribing this/next month. Thanks.

Where is the Wandering Inn