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In these perilous times, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has left many people around the globe homebound in an attempt to limit the spread of the pandemic. In times of social distancing and financial uncertainty, some people live in very stressful situations with their daily routines interrupted.

Please read more about this pandemic, to try preventing its spread: [World Health Organization]  


While it is very stressful to be outside, let us work together to stay strong. Today we invite you to participate in a positivity challenge. Say something positive to at least five people, and then ask them to say something positive to at least five others. Let virtual positivity be the new ‘pandemic’. 

As a bonus, leave positive comments on all the stories that you are reading, let the authors know that you appreciate and like their work. 

We will start: 

We want to thank everyone who has to venture out into the world at these times, and our hearts go out to those working in the health, food service and delivery, social work, public safety and essential industries to keeping our world running while the rest of us are stuck at home.

We also want to thank all of you here at Royal Road for being the best users in the world. Our operations are not affected at the moment as we are following a work-from-home model to begin with. But, we couldn’t do this without you. So we are now focused more than ever to keep improving the site to make sure you have something fun to do in this period.

Here are a few more challenges for you, so that you don’t get bored while stuck at home. 


Challenge 2 for readers: Royal BINGO!

Read at least 20 chapters of a fiction that has the following categories   



Each fiction can fit in only one category. 
Try to search for stories that you haven't read before. But, you can read 20 more chapters of something you have read. Anything you read before this challenge does not count. 

How to find these stories: 

To enjoy the up-and-coming greats of the genres we sport here, go to our Trending List and see what caught people’s attention at this time.

We pride ourselves in constant updates, and our Latest Updates list is worthy of refreshing.

If you are new and haven’t yet check it out, head onwards to the Best Rated fictions and take your pick. Hours of fun await. 

If you’re looking for something based on a specific genre or category, our Advance Search is here to help you generate lists based on your taste.

For more fiction lists, you can check the dropdown menu [read] in the site header. Including the [Surprise Me] random generator. 

But don’t stop there! Our Forums are a great place to gather and discuss every manner of topic (related to stories), and it is a good way to satiate a socializing need. 

Make every post count, gather Reputation, and make it to our top levels. 


Challenge 3 for authors: Royal Road WRITATHON! [Ended] 

Royal Writathon is Royal Road’s writing challenge to our users. To win you need to write at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks.

You can only participate with an Original novel. 

It can be a new story, or you can continue an old one. But the 55,555 words have to be over one story. 

First Milestone:

Write at least 25,000 words by April 12 to qualify for the announced participants list (13:00 GMT).
The list will show the fictions that are seriously participating in this challenge, to make it easier for readers to find these stories. 

Second Milestone: 

Finish writing 55,555 words before April 30th. 

If you complete this milestone by the deadline, you will count as a winner of this challenge (even if you didn’t make it in time for the first Milestone)!   
List of Winners 



All winners will receive a 1-month author premium (can be used, or gifted per request).

All winners will receive a limited edition achievement (badge) to their user account.

Extra Rule:
For the duration of the contest, the story can’t include sexual or traumatizing content.

How to submit your fiction: 

To participate:

Add [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description of your story.

And register by filling this form [removed] 


If this is your first fictional story submission, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Register for an account on Royal Road if you have not already. This can be easily done here
  2. Click Write on the navigation bar, which will take you to the My Fiction page
  3. Click New Story
  4. Fill in the Title and Description. Select the genres and additional tags. Fill in your first chapter's title and the content of your first chapter.
  5. Upload a cover image that is 400x600 pixels or larger (this is optional)
  6. Click Submit
  7. All new submissions are manually checked for appropriate tagging and plagiarism, so expect it to take between 12-24 hours for a submission to be approved. Please be patient.
  8. Note: Please do not include links in your description.
  9. Note: If you do not select fanfiction for stories based on others' work, or do not choose the content Warnings appropriate for your story, the submission will be rejected.
  10. Once your fiction has been approved, you can find it by going to [my fiction] dashboard, found in your username dropdown menu (top right corner), or by clicking on [Write] in the site header.
  11. Add additional chapters by clicking [Add New Chapter].



Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think in these trying times.

Do you intend to participate in these challenges? How has your life been affected these past few weeks? How do you spend your time? What is your favorite work on Royal Road? 

Keep up the good fight; don't let COVID19 bite.

Yours truly, 

Royal Road.

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Indeed stay strong you all.

I wonder how much readers already fullfill that Bingo, considering their general reading habits (aside from the fresh stories)

And huh, surprise Writathon!

Thanks for hosting this, RR team!

Wow! How creative and fun!

Bingo boards are not easy to make, at least in my experience.


Neither of my stories would wualify for the last Writhathon rule, dangit. Invinci has smut, and Locking Horns is Grimlight. Guess I'll have to pass on this one. 

Have fun winning, ya'll 

in the last month, I think I may have the full bingo except for: the writathon submission; the random story; and the toilet paper bonus. I read a lot ...


    Read new stories for the bingo, rather than seeing if older stories you read fit in it. 

    As for the toilet paper, I was wondering who was going to mention it. I found it somewhat curious how the entire world agreed that having packs of toilet papers is the most important thing in the current situation. But, I've never seen any of it mentioned in any post-apocalyptic stories I've read. I'm curious to see if someone can find a story that mentions this. Or if new stories will start mentioning this henceforth. 

      The problem is, that with the rate I read, new stories just don't have enough content to keep me going :(

      It's a genuine problem. Anything less than a thousand pages gets burned through in a couple hours. Clearly the solution is to strap all the writers to chairs in front of high quality keyboards, ensure they are in the optimal position to prevent carpal tunnel or similar issues, hook up nutrient and hydration IVs to them and ensure they cannot leave until they have at least 10,000 pages of content.


      I think I have a problem...

      Ten thousand pages? Man, I can barely jam out 5,000 words in a week, and that's on the upper side of things, for my story. 10,000 pages, can't leave until I finish? I think I'd expire before I accomplished that. Probably get a lot of work done, but after a few chapters my brain gets funny and I need to destress before I can get more words out. ...I should be working on my next chapter already.

      HAH! I want to ask those people, "How much tp do you think you really need?". I mean a 48 pack from costco lasts us (there's three) close if not over a year. Are you gearing up for the apocalypse?  {hmm spelled it right the first try :) } Are you expecting a weird economic future where toilet paper replaces gold or printed money as the favored currency? I just don't get people these days.

      With a lot of spacing and formatting, 10,000 words can be 10,000 pages.

      Dungeon Crawlers mentions toilet paper, since the alien monopoly that took over the planet supplies the (very regularly placed) bathrooms with an infinite supply of toilet paper. Surprisingly a plot point, too (the bathrooms, not the toilet paper though).

      Are you expecting a weird economic future where toilet paper replaces gold or printed money as the favored currency?

      Damn it, he’s on to me!

      It's not a royal road novel but in Black tide rising they stock up on toilet paper before fleeing a zombie virus. 

      The husband isnt sure about going shopping and the wife responds "toilet paper is a right not a privilege."

      I honestly don't get the whole toilet paper hoarding thing either. But then again I use the 3 seashell's method myself.

For the sake of positivity please may I have an achievement.

Yay, more challenges! I absolutely love RR, thanks everyone for making such an amazing site and community <3

As a healthcare worker, right now is a very strenuous time for everyone involved. Thankfully, reading and writing provides some relief during this time where everything feels so chaotic.

Good luck to everyone and stay safe!

What stupid thing?
Allow authors to work at their usual pace.

Damned writathon

How could poor writers who don't write a ton complete you ?

I like the other challenges, which is why I won't participate in them and try my hand at writing again. 

Thanks for the chapter!


I'll comment on this blog post, so people can check off "A STORY BY AN AUTHOR WHO COMMENTED ON THIS BLOG POST"

Also, one of my books checks off 4/5 of row two.  Maybe they should make a writers bingo card, where you have to write enough books to play bingo.  

Something Positive? Hmm. I like how you made this challenge extra hard with a slogan 'spreading positivity' in a time of plague.

Oh man there goes Wing, spreading positivity, joy, and CHALLENGES to all who seek the glory she can bestow.

Love to see this! It's exactly the kind of motivation I need to stay productive as even my university courses go to a pass/fail module. you guys are greatπŸ€— (virtual hugs only)

You see, this just gives me more motivation to write. I'd come up with an idea for an original story a couple weeks ago, and was planning on starting today, and this shows today is a good day to start, even if I don't hit the 55k goal.

For the context of the writhathlon, is a story that I began three days ago new or old?

As in, does a "new" story need to start at chapter 1 or can the contest-entry start at chapter 6?


    New means it is starting at 0 words when participating in the challenge.
    In the registration form, you will need to check [old] and mention how many pages you are starting with. (even if it is as small as 2 page) 

      Hmmm. How oddly specific. I just finished writing my second page. I saw this twice before in other places. In the words of someone, one of the authors, I think, "Once is nothing, twice is a coincidence, but three times is a pattern". This was the third time.

When does the challenge start? Do we start on the 25k today, or wait until the first?




    It is 55,555 words in 5 weeks (actually 5 weeks and 3 days, but I guess the 3 days fall within the 5 weeks category). 
    So, you can start now! But, the deadline is April 30th

Can I get a clarification on the writers challenge? It says for the duration of the contest, no sexual or traumatizing content. Does that mean if a current story has a bit of that in there, we can still submit and add to it so long as the new stuff conforms to the rules?

Eh I'll just continue reading.


This could be really good. I might participate.

Does sexual content imply explicit description of sexual activity? Or is mention of a character being nude enough to disqualify you? How about discussion of sex, while clothed?

My story has heavy sexual themes, but is not erotica. I let my mother read it, for instance. She keeps claiming it's not as bad as I think it is.

Hmm, while I definitely write more than 55k words a month bwahaha, I think my story here only gets about 20-25k words uploaded each month... bummer. But good luck to all

Shameless self promo: if you're looking to fill out your bingo card, my stories check several of the boxes ;) . In the Shadow of Heaven has several female leads, a lead between 30 and 70, is science fiction, has magic, is written in third person... etc :p

I feel like the rules for the writathon are unnecessarily restrictive when they haven't been in the past. Could you provide any clarification as to why fanfiction/traumatizing content is banned?

Commenting for a blog post. :D

Am considering wether to write or not my novel. But I aint good at comitting myself to anything and eve less to abandon something I started, so it is a low possibility for me to write.

These are some awesome ideas. Especially for those on the border of cabin fever. This community has been one of the friendliest and most helpful, that I have been involved with, on the net. Stay safe, keep warm, keep writing and keep reading. 

So, Wing, if I were to publish my stockpiled chapters, would they count towards the milestone? I'll also write more chapters but which one will count? The newly written chapters or the ones that I will publish?

Also while I'm already motivated by 4theWord to keep up writing, now I have another reason to write while I'm trapped at home. Thanks for the challenge.


    The challenge takes the assumption that you will write chapters and publish them in the duration of the challenge. 
    But, what we can count is what you publish on Royal Road. So you decide. The challenge is mostly made to keep people productive and motivated in these times.  

Stay safe in your doomsday Bunker everyone

UwU well... I lost the water and plumbing for the first week here in Norway so… ooo and bingo

Hope everyone out there is staying safe during the pandemic! It does feel rather odd that I joined this site JUST before the Coronavirus got really bad in the west. 

I'm really tempted to start a story from scratch and let loose for this writing challenge. It'll probably be riddled with errors but I want that achievement and since I'm in lockdown mode I should have the time!

    I know the feeling; considering genocide (virtual or otherwise) is a major feature of my current story I don't think it fits with the who positivity thing... I really might just star a new story just for this.

thank for pointing out the suprise me feature I never noticed it

A great way to help fight boredom for those that have to self-quarantine, and not as cheesy as creating a contest where an author has to write about a Virus disrupting the world!  ;)

I doubt I can contribute for the writeathon, but I'm looking forward to seeing if I can complete that bingo!  Thanks for encouraging the spread of positivity in times like this :)

As ridiculous as it may seem, I only heard about this pandemic a few weeks ago when I left the house and saw the whole street clean without a single soul alive, for a second I imagined the scene as if it were a ghost town movie ... I'm not proud of that feat

Thanks for the motivation I needed to bump up my output!

Is it 55,555 words during this period or in total for the challenge?

Praise Potato!

As there is no kanaPotato emoji here, this will have to make due. πŸ₯” 

I've already done the bingo. Lament of the Fallen, and Binary Soul. Boom.

Oh, yeah, I'm in!

You know,  some of us are grounded because this mothe****** of virus so positivity is very very low. But if some of the writers i follow are going to post more is great.


(Lone, Quasi, get back to work!!!)😁

Yay, another Writathon! Thank you so much for doing this, you're awesome! :D

This is very exciting! Best of luck to all the participants! 

Good work RoyalRoad! Know that without you my days would be far more boring!

Good work RoyalRoad! Know that without you my days would be far more boring!

The dungeon related box is hard for me. I'm already reading all (quite a few) of them. How can I read 20 chapters... Please! Someone post 20 dungeon related chapters!

Definitely glad RR is doing something to help writers and readers through all this.  Hopefully, everyone will stay safe and enjoy a good read (or more) to last through these times.

And who knows, maybe there'll be a silver lining out of this from people reading more.  

I love you guys such much. I think I am on my 4th birthday now, but either way for the past few years RR has really kept me going. I can't imagine these past and upcoming years without you all.

Corona will not prevail!

Oooooh, my first community challenges! YAY :D

I'm to weak to write a fiction but I do have, wait, lemme count, ..., 32 different fictions open in my web-browser and another 60+ on other websites. I think I will have mighty problems with commenting on everything. But I really like the idea of making these challenges. *mumbles* Maybe I will try writing something on MS.Notepad tho...

I hope you mods are in good health too and I hope that if yes that ya'll stay healthy and if not that you get healthy real quick.

Was your hands, get rid of your germs keep all those of your friends. 

So, bingo x5 I guess...

Crap, now I need to actually update my stories. RR admins, I love you, but stop giving me motivation. I just want to curl into a ball and be a slug for a while.

What cruel fate that I must not.

What does the [Ready For...] section of the sign-up form mean? Is it just what we are aiming for?


    I changed the wording a bit. But the idea is, that there are two milestones (as described in the blog post). 
    You don't have to achieve the first milestone in time, to win the challenge. So the question is, are you taking on the two challenges? 

Well in fact, I'll probably use this quarantine as an incentive to at last write my first novel.

Nothing too fancy, more of a side story than anything. I don't know if it can have 55,555 words honestly, I'll do my best.

Thanks a lot Royal Road, for being a good place for web novels to be.

I can mention deaths like 'he died after being stabbed' but can't be too specific regarding blood organs gruesome deaths etc? (mostly asking cuz traumatizing content)


    Gore is fine in a limited capacity. 
    Death is part of life so you can talk about it. But your character can't kill and justify those kills.  

    The traumatizing tag is "Moral values that are questionable by society and might cause a twisted sense of the world ...."

    What categories as part of this tag varies, some acts could pass as long as they are not twisting the moral values of our world.

    It really depends on how these acts are being written, and explain. 

    The most popular form of traumatizing content is Wuxia-type content (Where the MC would kill millions because a young master of that village slapped him. Somehow making the MC seem righteous in his act). Or when an evil act is being done but it is written in a justifiable way. It could be by an unreliable narrator, or in the first person, it depends really on how these acts are written.

    Or, there is a certain culture in the story, with some really strong values, that are questionable by our society. 




Define traumatizing content. Does fighting, killing monsters and getting hurt yourself( the character of the story, not me lol), near death experiences in a dungeon and so on count as traumatizing?

I've been reading stories on RR for years now and it has been a wonderfull experience. I recently gathered the courage to start writing and now have ideas for like 5 different stories, but I'll write them one at a time lol. Anyway, I don't know if my first story is any good, I hope it is, sooo maybe check it out and give your opinion.

All the best in these dificult times to my fellow readers and writers. Stay strong and positive, just not corona positive :D

    I would say yes, since seeing it or doing it would be traumatizing. This is supposed to be uplifting and spread cheer, not cause people to imagine being hurt or bleeding.

    Not only be positive, write positive as well. πŸ˜€

That's Good. Although I tend to read very sporadicly, as most fictions I read become boring in a while or go into hiatus for not getting picked much by readers or authro irl problems. I hope those authors can finish their work or improve the stories. 

Recently read two, five seems that's going to take me a while. Is that 5 weeks for reader's too? I suppose yes. I can't write a story since I'm not that good at writing. 

I hope the best to everyone, to the site amd mods, pls all of u wash yer hands a lot. 

The virus will continue for 6 months or a year being strong (time needed for a vsccine or some antiviral med)

You need to think that the 1 month lockdown is only to prevent health services collapsing. So try to think for the long run and how to prevent infection in those months to come. 

Have a nice time reading homebound... If a story with that title exists... I guess i'll just check...


Great ideas!!! hope to see a lot of good content be born and enjoyed in the nesxt couple of months.

Thanks for the challenges! I might have to try the competition, but do you only win if you release 55K words? I write with a backlog, so if I succeeded, readers wouldn't get those chapters in the month of April.

(Also, my story gives you a bingo on the fourth column.)


    The challenge does assume that you will write chapters and publish the chapters in the duration of the challenge. 

    What we can count is what you publish on Royal Road.  
    The challenge is mostly made to keep people productive and motivated in these times. So you decide if you want to make that challenge personal. 

Time to binge read then with how much free time we have :3

This bingo card is really cool. I like little things like this.~

dont want to be negative , but a big no for me

dont want to be negative , but a big no for me

wonder what will come out of this challenge

Well, I was meaning to take a break from my main fiction, so I guess this is as good as any to write that story that has been going through my head

Be happy be smile forever

Noice. Although you really didn't need to create a bingo cause people read a ton of stuff on here anyways, even more now with everything shutting down haha. 

It's too bad that stories can't count for multiple bingo spots, because my stories fill most of the card categories.

As it is, I can fill nine of them (I have nine stories). 😁

If I go on Hiatus for my other stories (one here, two on another site), I could crush the writing challenge in just over a week. I'm too busy, though. Good luck to anyone participating and to anyone that just wants to write.

It's a great idea as it can spread awareness as well as motivate author to write books.

Poor Carl.. His life is basically unintentional traumatizing and sexual content

Thank you to all of the writers and the admin at RRL for providing me with great stories to read.  It is especially appreciated these days.

I'm really tempted by that 55k challenge! I just... need to think of what I'd start working on.

The major ideas I have in the hopper don't seem to suit the challenge restrictions (and I wanted to think about them longer before working on them). I'll need to have a think about it tonight. 

Thank you for the challenge, Wing! I have appreciated the posts I have seen from you in the Discord and on RR itself. I haven't been around RR for very long and I didn't lurk for long before I made my account, but you and the other staff on Royal Road have always come across as diligent and friendly. It was one of the reasons I chose RR as my web fiction 'home'. I hope you all stay safe and well and so do those around you.

Welp, read my story folks. It is an apocalyptic story (Also has a toilet paper in it T_T)

The Changeling

I'm trying to write more for everyone out there, I promise! My work/country hasn't been completely shut down yet, so I'm still time poor... But I hope people enjoy what I've written, it's all for you <3


I feel like my Bingo card could be filled with just my follows list.

I will use my current story to participate. I look forward to the event and think it will help a lot of people stay entertained. I assume that the word count starts from our latest chapters after we apply.

I love this platform. Also thanks Wing for giving so much Rep to my forum posts. That one were you gave 10 for my post being funny made my day. This Writeathon thing will be harder than I thought it would be with the content warning restrictions, but on to the challenge! As for the Bingo, looks pretty doable, but that between 30 and 70 aged character is gonna be a tough one to find.


This sounds reaaly fun

No sexual content? I am out. 

But seriously, especially in a time such as this... sexual content is much needed πŸ™„

I want to ask a very important question that what if someone and I mean not me but someone else post a story with 55,000 same words so that means I wi- *cough* *cough*no no they won the competition???? 

we will survive in this pandemic guys. 

I would like to participate, it would definitely help give me a bit more motivation to get a few new chapters out, unfortunately I'm still at work fulltime, so my schedule is kaput. Maybe my story will help someone get their bingo? I'm not sure it qualifies...

I like the WRITATHON!
I think it will be good motivation for me =D

i keep on waiting for the writing prompt Love in Quarantine, since it seems so obvious, but nobody seems to be doing it yet...

Eh, in my honest opinion, it kinda feels fake to just say positive things about another person or their work just because you feel compelled to do it. If i know that you are doing it just because the covid is out, it loses all its intended meaning for me. Saying something positive to me and then asking me to say something positive to 5 other people would just irk me tbh. Idk, is my thinking wrong? If you truly mean what you will be saying, then please, go ahead and make someone's day better...

    Agree. If the words that are you saying to others have zero meaning/emotions then it's pretty stupid to say them in the first place.




      I think the world has reached a point where insults are so easy to dash out. But, people feel embarrassed to compliment someone out of the blue, even if they realize that a person needs it. This is more about giving people the excuse and the encouragement they need to be positive. 
      If you smile to someone, they will smile back reflexively. At a time when we are upholding social distancing, and we can't smile at people, why not do something positive and proactive that might work for our situation? 
      If you feel like that is fake, you don't have to participate. Or you don't have to say it is part of a challenge and still find people and compliment them.
      Receiving compliments makes people happy (unless they are really cynical I guess?).  

      Regarding the comments, I understand your concern. However, we aren't asking people to lie, we are asking them to be more proactive than they usually are. It is easy to just read, and then jump to the next chapter. We are encouraging those that have positive opinions to actually share them. It doesn't make their opinion any less valid just because they were encouraged to give it. 

"Extra Rule:
For the duration of the contest, the story can’t include sexual or traumatizing content."


Annnnnd, Royal Roads is now censoring content if its authors wish to be in contention for free premium accounts.


Fuck Royal Roads, I'm done.

Shameless self-promotion here: Legend of the Lost Star has always and will continue to do daily releases! 

πŸ™‚ was a writer once...

As I don't have a laptop, I can't write...

just asking: if for the bingo i  want to read a anti hero lead story on i can't have a lead (not male, not female and not non human ) and it can't be newer than 4 years old other than being not fantasy, sci fi, world building as "Each fiction can fit in only one category. "?

what can i read?


    You misunderstood. Let me explain it in an example:
    You are reading a story. It could fit in the categories for [female lead], and [fantasy].
    That story can only take the spot of one category, and can't be listed twice on the bingo board. 

    So you have to choose, either female lead, or fantasy. The remaining category will need another story to fill it. 

I'll be able to start writing again next week, I should be able to pump out 60k ;)

Guys, I love RR. I love this community of readers and I can't wait to beat all of you in the writathon because I'm going to be number 1!

I have started writing a story involving a murder case, could it be presented at the writhathlon or it will break the traumatizing content rule? 

What are the limits? Telling there was a murder is okay, but the description of the corpse is off-limits?

Can we define traumatizing content? Like, yeah I read what you said about a four year old watching it, but... that means entirely different things in different cultures. Some of the violence in American kids shows would be horrifying here, and yet we could probably put in some casual nudity that no one would bat an eyelid at but would cause the muricans to blanche and cover their kids eyes lol. 

I guess my question is this: as long as the over all tone of the story is positive-ish, is it fine for the challenge?

--Bingo participants, if you feel like giving Live by the Sword a try, it falls under:

  • Male Lead
  • Written in Third Person
  • Fantasy (light, but definitely ticks this one)
  • Anti-Hero Lead

--Thanks to Wing for explaining the details of the competition. I'm afraid my story doesn't qualify for the writeathon as it kind of falls under Grim Dark. That said, I wouldn't really call it erotic, or morbid, but 100% not clean enough to show to a 4 year old. I have already decided to work some more on it before seeing the challenge though, and will post a re-written chapter, as well as some new content, possibly.

--Cheers and thanks for engaging with your community.

I have a complaint.

Note: Please do not include links in your description.

I have to give attribution to the images in the cover. It is part of the license.


Lol, this is good stuff, re-entering RR and finding some nice comments makes you want to hug the laptop... Thanks! Nice idea RR, keep safe from coronavirus everyone. 

I see it's 'fill in with your own category' for me. Psychological.

Check out my fiction if you have time to come by. This wave lasts until end of COVID19, so stay safe, guys.

Man is made of desires. Man is not rock. Man breathes for tomorrow, for a gift, for goals, for god. 

About time I pen in another chapter.

Does struggling with mental health issues count as "traumatizing content"?

Thanks for being a positive presence in these times. 

Thanks for making another writathon. I had a lot of fun starting my fiction during the last one. And extra thanks for actually listening to our feedback and taking the effort to make this one awsome. That 25k word milestone announcement is a great idea. Even a few extra views on a chapter can be enough to keep new authors motivated.

And a month of Premium for completing the challenge?! Damn, you guys are too nice to us.

Now I just need to decide on whether I want to enter my current fiction, or create a new one. Decisions, decisions...

Dear mods, is there a current list of challenge-takers? I would like to confirm my entry...

How does writing an online novel affect it's chances at sales after the fact? I have I rough draft I could do some work on for the challenge and am interested, but although I'm mainly writing just because I feel I can make a good book, if the overall effect is a massive net loss later down the line, I have to consider that. Though in all honesty I'd probably make a lot more than I would working alone and then publishing having a fanbase and all that...


    Enough people start here and then publish that it's basically a well-worn publication route at this point. Post online to gather feedback, then take it down, do initial story edits, get a professional copyedit and cover art, publish to Amazon, start another book, repeat.

    I haven't done it personally, so I can't speak to its profit levels, but I feel like the visibility from a successful RR run should be valuable. And more importantly it's an easy way to see up-front if your work is viable for publication. If general reactions are meh-to-negative, it's a good bet that the work isn't ready to be published for cost either. But if people generally seem to like it, then you may be onto something and the project could succeed.

    Theoretically. Again, I have no first-hand experience with any of this, and am just hypothesizing.

Till when can you submit your story for the GREAT WRITATHON?

I hadn't realized until the last minute we had to actually fill out a form. Hopefully I'm still eligible as I will squeak by with the word count, but only if it's counted by the start of the contest date.

...I already got 2 bingos since this started, and this is my first time reading the bingo sheet, and for the bonus How to have fun in the apocalypse has a mention of toilet paper if I remember correctly, not one of my boxes since I read it long before now, but still fun to know

I ended up clicking the 55000-word option in the survey but made the first milestone of 25000. Will my story still be on the announced participants list? (Though when it's this close I could probably just wait and see)


How do I check my since-date wordcount? I was so sure I'd made it.


    What story did you register with? 

      Trickster's Luck. I was doing some major revisions last month, so though I'm pretty sure I added 10k in the last week of March, if it's only counting chapters technically posted after the start date rather than overall wordcount comparison, I'm guessing that's what happened.

      Either that, or I really did just miscount somewhere. xD


      The count is from the start of the event.
      You needed to write an extra 25,000 words starting from 23rd March, until today. 

      A large number of words were added to pre-existing chapters, since I was revising at the time. I was under the impression it was a total-wordcount comparison, not a new-chapters wordcount, since it asked in the signup thing for the current pagecount. I'm sorry for any confusion. I was clearly in error, and will take that into consideration for the future.


      We did not account for edited chapters when we made the list(it was mostly automated).
      I went over your story manually. After taking into account the edited chapters, your word count received a huge boost which was enough to make it to the list! πŸ’―

      Yay! Thank you~ :)

Is there any way to double-check your word count or even if you are successfully registered?  I am continuing an existing fiction, but haven't seen any updates or messages.

Someone submitting a new story for the contest can't link it until after the first chapter is posted. If the wordcount starts after you submit the form, does that mean the first chapter doesn't count? Or does the first chapter count on a new story that's linked after it's posted?


    After further evaluation, I decided to change what I previously said about this to the following: 
    "Now it counts chapter content starting from March 23rd (rather than specifically from your registration date). Unless you have a unique circumstance, such as including traumatizing/sexual content before the registration date." 
    I will hate having to go over this manually, but I'll take into account if you purposely registered late to avoid being disqualified due to the type of content your fiction has. 

      Oh, no, I was talking about submitting a new fic entirely for the contest, since it said from when we register, yet a fic submitted for the contest would technically exclude the first chapter, since we can't register until after the first chapter is up.

      But if it counts from the 23rd, that includes the first chapter of a new fic submitted for the contest, which is up before the registration. Got it!

Thank you for that! it inspired me greatly!!!

HI and shout out from Barbados. If your story started on the  first of April would it be eligible for this challenge? 

Stay strong and have a great day everyone!

I feel weird, how did I miss that this was even a thing :/

Found out about the wriathon challenge with less than 3 weeks to go... what a rush! But, mass chapters scheduled for release to complete the 55555 words.

It's been an honor - taking a week hiatus to rest

Yay! Made it! :)  57k+ achieved today. 

What's the deadline for the Writathon's 55k upload? Midnight GMT on the 30th? Is it already over?

Dang, did the Writathon end yesterday? It says before April 30th, but does it mean before the END of April?  If I've already missed it, I'll save the chapters.


Anxiously awaiting final announcement. 

Hi, I'm an aspiring author that commented on this post. ;) Come comment on my chapters to invite me to read your work!

Wow, this is a really wonderful idea. I really support it. Maybe I should start plowing through that backlog of 'stories I've been meaning to read'...

Oh my. I saw March challenges and I thought you meant new challenges starting today... @[email protected]

Does your marketing team need a boost?