Welcome to 2020

It’s been an amazing year for us here at Royal Road, and we’ve had a lot of improvements over the past twelve months. Some new features were introduced, and a lot more new fictions were posted. According to our statistics, more than 650,000,000 words were published on this platform as of today, and it seems like there is no slowing down. 

In our quest to be the best, we are proud to announce a new change in how we see ourselves. With an upcoming new look to our user interface, we are proud to present our shiny new logo:


UPDATE: keep in mind that the new logo comes with a LOT of different texture and color scheme options! While we have a different color scheme in mind for the redesign, we decided to use the above for the current theme.  


The new Royal Road logo will be displayed prominently where the old one used to sit, a sign of change into the new era.

With the new logo, we’ll be updating the new default cover image:

We hope you like it. The new logo was done because our older one doesn't fit the new design we are working on. 

Is the redesign done?
Not yet! As this is our brand recognition, we wanted to roll out the logo slightly earlier. The full redesign is expected in the upcoming months.

However, you don't have to worry, as we are frequently rolling out the new features of the redesign into the live site - from the new follow list, to the chapter tracking, to new achievements and logo...

  • Reviews are now sorted by a more intricate algorithm by default (named "top", it returns a weighted average rather than just the average of votes), and users now have the ability to change the sorting to Top, Oldest, Newest or Most Upvoted.
  • The new Follow List page is out for everyone after over a month of beta with the Premium subscribers. For now, users can still access the old lists under "Grouping" and "List", but we intend to deprecate these over time.
  • The Reading Tracker (pointing you to the last chapter read), stopped backtracking automatically, instead, the site now asks if it should backtrack the reading progress. The exact behavior can be configured under https://www.royalroad.com/account/options to either use the Legacy behavior, never show the backtrack box or never show it on your own fictions.
  • The text editor has been improved to allow for smoother writing, especially on mobile.

If you wish to support us to see faster and shinier updates, please get premium or disable your Adblock on our site
Since this is our first post of the year, here is

Some honorable mentions:

  • Highest level user- Exterminatus, with level 29
  • Highest reputation level - Andur, with level 35
  • Highest number of achievements - Lone, with 24 achievements 
    • J0nn0 coming in second with 20 achievements
  • Top comment count by Killashard for more than 30,000 comments


  • FlexiArts, for the logo.
  • RykyArt, for the background image used in the new cover art / all the new blog posts header images. 
  • Seyumei for the achievements, borders and commissioned contest rewards.
  • Noah Bradley for the site's background image.
  • AdsterHappy for the emojis used in the forum

Will you be the one to break some of these records? Good luck to everyone in 2020!


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Looking good, I will miss the old stuff but things change.

Guy above me is weird 


Feels weird that the logo and the colour schema is going to change but I'm always here for a good old revolution

I like the new follow list, but what is up with the new logo? It looks like it was made with wordart! The old one was way classier. But maybe that is just me.

I went to the follow list and realized, "Wait... something is different." Then, lo and behold a massive rehaul to the whole design of the site. Well done, it looks nice!

We need the rrl app to annihilate the menace called webnovel

Major hype for some updates, and super proud of the community for so many words!

Very nice. Andur! Gogo! 


Shouldn't there be an achievement for the most trashy member?

Skipping my question, it looks very cool! has a wing and an R, now it's blue... I would like it more if instead of metal it had something more like a crystal or ice? I love it but if it shines more I will love it more... Like glowy keyboard lights...  

*Rolls and does a trash pose*

:( ok, I know the raccoon should be avoided! But I will come back and roll again... until... nevermind, I'm hungry now. 

Thanks for the surprising news, so this was what kana was talking about 2 weeks ago. 


I have nothing to say

Interesting developments!

The new logo is simpler and classy. Keep up the good work! The follow list is a welcome improvement. I like the creative direction specially seeing how far the site has gone to. (Been here since translation days and never been happier!) Thank you!

the new year is looking great

Where can we change the sorting of reviews to the different options?

Will you be the one to break some of these records?

Number of comments in one month ? 😂

hmmm, for reader tracker why not just have both

i.e. indicators for last read, and furthest read chapters

    I second this feature. It's extremely annoying when go back to a comment on book 2 chapter 6 of a fiction that I haven't caught up to the latest chapter of and only to realize I've lost my spot...

      That wouldn't solve your problem though. In your case (going to a chapter further than you've read), last read and furthest read would both be the same 2-6 chapter.

      What would solve that issue would be implementing a reading history. This could potentially be implemented separate from the tracker/bookmark for when people need such details.

      It would though, my problem is backtracking and losing my spot.

      Well, then that's already solved. Now, when you backtrack to an old chapter, it doesn't automatically set that as your place in the story. 

Looking good, can't say I won't miss the old logos a little bit, but I like the new a lot too!

One thing I would like about the new follow list would be that the last two updates can be seen, as well as the last read. Most of the time not important, but, especially for slow updated fictions where I wait for the end of an arc, this could be useful.

The new R looking real nice.

Can't wait for the full redesign.

I like the new logo overall, but I am slightly irked that only the left wing is shown, which is my only complaint. Other than that, I really like the new Winged Royal Road Icon!

Are you changing the background image? The one behind the center column where all the text is? Will there be an option to change it back if I like the old one more?

Those updates are totally rad!

I dislike the new follow list.

Usually if I follow something, that means the last chapter I read is the last one released. So it is a bit annoying to see the same chapter twice all the time. It would be much better if the two appeared separately only if they are not the same. It would also help in telling when there's a new chapter.

I could probably get used to it, but I hope it would be possible to merge the last update and last read chapter into one if they are the same.


    I've actually considered doing that, just haven't gotten around to it yet.


    Kanadaj already put a red dot if there is a story you didn't catch up to the last chapter. Dunno how it look like on mobile thoo

      I used the new follow list since then, and I got used to it, but I would still prefer that change. How to say it... It's annoying when every fiction I follow has the same chapter listed twice.

      The new list is good, maybe even better than the old one, but it could use a bit more refinement. And it's also about which users it's for. Probably there are a lot of users who have fictions on their follow list that they didn't read all chapters of. For them, this new list is awesome as is. For those who read all the chapters and are just waiting for the new ones, not so much.

      (In my opinion at least.)

      The only thing I would change about it is that it shows the newest chapter and the last chapter read.  So for stories that update a bunch at once, like Ghosthound, it'll show latest chapter as 1500, but last read is 1485, for example.  I accidentaly read a chapter out of order when one of the stories I followed updated 2 or 3 at once and I didn't realize it.

Give me back the golden logo! T.T

When I noticed it had changed, I actually thought I had the wrong website...

Jokes aside, I think I'm gonna miss the good old sign. I already am.

Don't forget to update the favicon (the little icon on the website's tab) with the new logo or a derivative! :) Looking good, though!

The new logo is love!!

But the top bar feels empty now
Where is the silver logo used? I would like it if the silver one was used in dark mode and blue one in light mode

Those changes are quite nice, and i look forward to what is planned.

My litteral response to seeing the new logo: "Whaaa..." I love it.

The silhouette of the new logo is fine but the "3d" effect on the colored ones is making it look cheap and the wing are just making it difficult to read (is it a R a P or a B) if you don't already know the name of the site.

You can use the stylized R for the logo but putting it in the name is in my opinion an error , the R is identified primarily by the vertical line at its left and masking it behind the wing is a bad idea.

Just copy the big sites, put your logo next to your site name in a simple font with your color scheme.

Plus the top bar logo is horribly pixelated when you have a zoom effect on the page (even at 110% on chrome you can see the pixels popping out) and seriously you put a copyright simbol on it that's classy...

Nice  work. a cool looking logo

Really not a fan of the new logo. The 'R' doesn't look very good, and isn't very recognisable as an R at all, unless you already know what your looking for. 

I really liked the old RR logo much better. The gold and regal style matched the actual name of royal road. 

Now we have some kind of blue and an R with a wing??? It's just a bit all over the place, feels like it's clashing with itself. 


I don't understand 

Is it just me, or does this look like it says Poyal Poad?

I don't mind the new logo but I'd increase its resolution. Even on my 1080p screen it looks pixelated along the edges of the letters.

I like the new Follow list layout. Very handy. :) 

Good job. :)

Not really a fan of the new follow list. The old style gave me the info, links to recently updated chapters, I needed. 

Your logo looks bad when zoomed in with browser zoom. Many people are going to be using that since it's required to make a chapter fill a widescreen monitor and not just be a narrow column in the middle.

Oh wow, now that you mention the fact the background is by Noah Bradley... I can see it!

I guess to be fair we have to wait for the whole new design. Once it matches the rest of the design, the new logo might look less like a cheap scifi style imitation. Even when using only disabling the background imagine and using the torching white theme instead of the slighly dark theme it already looks quite a bit less cheap. (The #c2a970 headline text color of the slightly dark theme really pulls it down).


I am enjoying new features, great work! Would you mind leaving list view alongside V2? Sometimes just reading through couple last chapter titles is enough to refresh my memory when comming back to story I haven't read in a while.

New logo doesn't look good in 4K, comes out little blurry.

Thanks for the hard work! 

I like the new logo

If the logo is a sign of what's to come, than the site will be much more streamlined, any entirely new features? Offline, an app, etc.?

I like the R shape, but I have some suggestion for FlexiArt (guy who did the logo) for next iteration. (I don't know how many iteration you've gone in your design process, but by the look of it, it's still under 5 iterations).

  • Bevel & Emboss is aged. The site look old with that old style. Why not do flat look?
  • You can add stick onto the wing on R-shape so that it would form a feather pen. Great symbol for writing site.
  • Where's the old color? Gold/Yellow is very nice for the word Royal. Grey was great complement. If design brief you're assigned require blue, hmmm, I think I've seen luxurious article of clothing fit for a Roy. How about taking inspiration from this random art?
  • I think you need to put even more emphasis on R. Reducing the size (or wide-ness) of other letters or using less attention grabbing typeface might do. The A look nice, but distracting.

Of course you don't have to go with my suggestion. It's suggestion after all. But from logo maker to another (I've quit), I think you can improve it.


    We've spent the entire last year going through multiple iterations and multiple artists... You wouldn't believe the stuff we've gotten before this one...

    As for the rest, we'll see. I personally feel like the A gives the logo an overall better blance the way it is. Sadly the artist is done with the logo, but we do have all the source files so we can play around, including the original flat white vector shape. I personally feel like the logo looks better on the page with the textures and bevel.

Not a bad redesign, I reckon. But will miss the sleek gold and silver.

The new design got me good, real good. Confused as hell.

I LOVE that answering a comment no longer resets your read to location. I was a 'Royal', err, umm, pain sometimes to find my way back on longer stories.

The old logo looked a lot more sleek and cool to me. But I guess I’ll just have to get used to the new one

Oh shit!  I get an honorable mention!  🤘

New logo is terrible. Looks like something from the early to mid 2000's

Andur and Killashard...  Lmao, but I swear Killa has commented on every single web novel on here!  He is so omnipresent I'm starting to be spooked!

Hey, I don't want to be negative, and I'm not sure what all went into the design for the new logo, but I can't help but feel it still needs some work. In particular, there's too much negative space. It needs something else, maybe something similar to the lines underneath the old logo. The concept is fine, but right now it kind of looks unfinished and not very professional, more like something for an amateur site than what RR actually is. 

(As a sidenote, something that just came to mind would be to have the smaller symbol be RR instead of just R, as that's what people use in the abreviation when talking about the site. Maybe have one R superimposed on another or something.)

New logo is weak for this kind of website. It doesn't match anything here. It sticks out like a goth kid at a football game. That said, the "It appears that you've backtracked! Do you want to move your Reading Progress to this chapter?" feature is awesome. Very nice. 

Went over here just to say how much I appreciate the new Follows list :D Great work, the website has come so far! 

I like the new font of the title.

Just came here to say that the change of the new logo to gold and silver again was a great idea. It looks so much better. Did you play with the color combinations? Like one word pure gold and the other pure silver? If you did and this is the one that looks better, then that's fine. I just want the long logo to look the best possible way.

As for the short one, you should really change the one R into RR. Preferably to each one having a different color.

Is the comment section on the redesign list? Would be cool to have voting (just upvotes or upvote/downvotes) on comments. Currently it's not that usable when binge reading of popular series. Lots of 'First' comments and 'thanks for the chapter'.

The gold and silver is much better than the blue.

So, like everyone else in these comments, I have a problem with the new changes. The main problem I have with it though, may be a bit more unique.

What I really care about at this point is just being comfortable with the site. I guess one of the things I always loved about the site was how it felt.

The user inteface is sleek but friendly. And the side art makes you feel a little bit like you're stepping your imaginaion into the world of fantasy it depicts. It's all the calm of a library but with the new feeling of a bookstore. The glory in its theme and simplicity.   


Over the few years I've been on the site, it's become a habit to retreat back to it. After a long day or a hard time emotionally, I could come back and find the site just as I left it, and have something new to read. My own little haven against the world.

But recently? I click on the mislabed bookmarks (now follows) in my browser's top bar, with the now unfamiliar icon, into the follows list that by default is set to display differently, with a new topbar that I neither like nor recognise.    It's the small things that drive you crazy. 


Even apart from the sheer habit, it feels like the new changes are clashing with the friendly feeling of high fantasy the site has so encouraged; the change to the bookmarks tab removes a refrence to books and instead replaces it with the social media esque jargain of "follows", the new top banner is metallic and harsh, and the new gold and regal logo taking the place of the browser icon feels wrong and out of place compared to the soft tones of the old logo.

    A couple of side notes:

    The browser icon thing I'm talking about is called a favicon, and it is hard to express just how much changing it screws with my mind. People (me especially) use the image to strongly imprint their impression of clicking onto a website. More than even making me feel unsettled, it makes the habitual parts of my brain think I'm on a completely website.                                                         If you guys are committing to the logo, it would need to be changed eventually, but be aware       that aside from a ui overhall, it is one of the singularly most disruptive changes you can make.  

    For the V2 version of the follows tab, the text for "last update" and "last read chapter" should really be made smaller, or some other effort to otherwise offset or make the text less prominent.

    Please make an option to go back to the old ui when you're done with this round of changes. It would make me so happy. (and you could even you use the old rrl domain! 😁)



      Th bookmarks were relabeled because people were giving us confused pikachu faces about where to find their followed fictions. I know, I know. It's maddening, but it's a fact and a difficult one to address without having a unified language. It was made worse by the fact that browsers also use the term "bookmark" to confuse people even more, and "bookmark" does not have the implication of getting notified about new updates which is clearly the use case here. So "bookmark" ended up being a misnomer.

      We are aware changing the logo and favicon will create a disconnect for a while, but it was unavoidable due to both practical and other reasons. Personally I like the new one way better than the old one.

I see you put in a V2 in the follow list, nice. Please don't remove list mode though, I read all of the content and it is easier to tab navigate through the list mode. The new mode seems like a clear upgrade over the grouping mode though, good job.

    To expand on that. At 200% zoom it drops into mobile mode (I assume) and remove all the side bars. Thus I can tab ~10 times to get to a series and the text is big enough to see from a distance and tab to get to the new content to read.

    Even at higher zooms it never gets rid of email subscribe and unfollow. Making it take up much more room to get to the next release when most stories release a chapter at a time and not multiples.

I like the new gold silver logo much better, I wasn't convinced with the blue one.

I generally like the new follow list but I think it could be better:

When you've read the last chapter and last update and last read are the same. Maybe only show one of the two?

And adding more chapters to the last update list, like the grouping list did before. Or add a setting where you can change how many chapters to show.

The old logo was better.



Don't mind the caps :3

There have been quite a few comments on the logo, and I would recommend going with a cleaner approach.

  1. Gradients in logotypes are 2000.
    1. I recommend going with a flat logo or simplify the single letter and then the royal road in text. The white logo on the picture looks great.
  2. It feels out of place. Most of your buttons, cards, are square. As the new logo is uber rounded. it feels cartoonish.
    1. I would recommend referencing webnovel.com, for their logo style. The clean text is well-spaced. Small logo for brevity for a sense of familiarity.  
    2. Another is medium.com, which features the tabloid-style, with clean pages and a well thought out style guide, which fits the logo (which is just text in this case, because it fits the style).
  3. The typograph is not of the same family (or heavily skewed)
    1. There is no relation between the logo and the site.

My recommendation is to go with the new logo, flattened, experiment with the color scheme.

Another thing that royal road lacks, is a general style guide (UI framework). sometimes, there are different styles of buttons and links. Verbose dropdowns that differ in style. too verbose pagination/no-pagination.

    Another thing. If you're at some point going to opensource your website, I would be happy to contribute. I spend way to much time on this site, and it's a little sad to see it decay when newer and more well-funded sites like webnovel.com pop up.


    Flat doesn't look particularly good. We've tried but it feels like it's just missing that pop.

    As for general UI style, the site's design was cobbled together by me when we needed a new site engine; and I'm by no means a web designer. We do have a redesign coming and we've shared screenshots of it before.

    That said, pagination is actually probably the most consistent layout element we have (it's really only the blog comments that has no pagination) :)

    No, I don't see us ever open sourcing the website. The benefits are very limited compared to the total damage that could result in.

    And no, we didn't decay, in fact we've grown since webnovel popped up.



Good job, now the follow list is clean when you are up to date the last chapter. You merged both. 


Not a fan of the current textured and embossed look tbh, it clashes with the sites aesthetic and looks pretty 90s. 



My two cents. Stickin it here if anyone wants to see. @kanadaj

I can see why you may have been indecisive with the flat look. The design doesn't lend itself as well to that look because it is inherently "fantasy shaped" unlike most site logos that use the flat look which tend to be more minimalist.

I added a white glow to the white bit, it follows the kinda glowy fantasy art aesthetic you guys role with and overcomes the aforementioned issue to some degree by giving it some fantasy flair.

Colours are just the old logos gold and plain white.

P.s That feathered R has some wibbly wobbly and minor spacing issues with its silhouette. Could be cleaner.


    It's honestly difficult to decide on a singular look for the logo.

    I find the old logo even worse off, with its only saving grace being that we got used to it while it used flairs from the 90s to make it look slightly less plain.

    I think the woobliness you see is mostly just the resolution of the images. The original is fully vector so no bits sticking out there. I did notice the spacing as well, but it's difficult to fix and I myself don't have anything to edit vector art with.

    I do find that glow over-the-top myself. But we did consider a version of the logo with just flat colors. It just doesn't fit. And honestly, we've been trying to get a new logo done for a year now and the current one was by far the best candidate; I think that's a bit sad in its own way.

Here I thought it'd be a big change but it's just the logo design lol

Nice, Always wanted the text-editor for comments get updated/fixed. So I can make linebreaks. Like i just did here. Or here.
Huh. Seems it wasnt fixed (to be exact, I'm talking mobile (which obviously means javascript disabled)). And the reply button didn't work either, have to pay an entirely new comment (instead of continue the thread of- or edit- the prior message)

    Sorry, no amount of editor patching will fix JavaScript disabled. The rich text editor we use uses HTML formatting, line breaks are defined differently.

I like the new logo, and hope this year is just as good as the last :)

Would be nice to be able to sort comments by old, new and most liked.

    Comments don't have likes in the first place, old is current default and selecting new would be more work than just going to the last page.

      Okay then maybe an option to view all comments on the same page like on wordpress. Pagination for comments makes sense because otherwise the scrollbar becomes too small on pc and it needs to load extra stuff. Still it is not fun to have to click page 2, page 3 and so on. Is there an option or a button to load them all?

Have to agree with other posters, not liking the new logo.

Thanks RR, looking forward to 2020! <3