It is our 5th Anniversary Again!

Greetings young Lords

Today is our Birthday! Since it is our 5th one, we are Royally celebrating it for 5 days!  

Some of you might be new and do not know this, but before Royal Road became a website for original content, we used to be a translation community. So when we celebrated our 5th birthday for the first time, it was by counting when initial members of this community got together. Before we even started using this platform, or the domain before this one, or even the one before that. 

Since we had a major pivot from year to year, each time we calculated our 5th birthday from a different starting point. Mainly because it is fun. But alas, next year we will be breaking that tradition, as this is the 5th year since our last major pivot when we were starting to mainly and fully focus on original content. 

We are happy to have gone through this journey and growth with you, our loyal readers. Royal Road has been trying to be your path to finding the best fictional stories written by wonderful authors from our community, connecting readers and authors for 5 years. We are dedicated to continue giving you that for years to come!  

Please note that the main avatar picture has been changed to match the celebratory mood, courtesy of Shunnedanon and adsterhappy. While the cover art was done by Whisper.
Do comment to show off your celebratory avatar.

We will be kicking off this year’s celebration with a contest:

Character Design Contest

You need to design a character. It could be a side-character you’ve never described from a story you’ve written before, or it could be something brand new.

Some suggestions:
Write about the character’s looks, what they wear and what equipment the character holds. What the character specializes in, which abilities they have or the skills they trained in, what they love and hate, strengths or weaknesses, or even race.  

The character’s backstory and motivation, what sets them off in the world and what their goals are. 

Try using sites like for a personality test, roleplaying your character and answering the questionnaire in the character’s voice to try and understand for yourself what type of character it is. Write it down in your own words. 

All participants will receive participation achievements and exp.  
However, the characters that win most creative, or most ridiculous, or most emotional rewards will receive more unique achievements and higher exp. 

As for the overall top winner by the judge’s pick, he or she will receive an achievement. Also the winning original character description will be drawn by a professional artist. (The winner can choose to have the drawing done for another character of their choice). 


  • Deadline: November 5th [ended]
  • 3,000 words max
  • One character per person


How to participate: 

Write the character description, in whichever format you want, either as a story or an interview with your character or even by filling in a character sheet. 

Overall, you can only use up to 3,000 words. If the character description is written as a story, submit it to Royal Road, and then send a link of the chapter in this form 

If the description uses a different type of format, you can upload it to gdocs and send us the link via the same form. 



Royal Road Writing Month event: Writathon

Starting from October 31st, you have until the end of November to participate and win one of the Writathon challenges. 
Assuming you wish to start a brand new story, you do not need to complete the story to win the challenge, you just need to either write 35,000 words or 55,555 words at least. 

If you wish to enter the contest with a story you are already writing, then the challenge is to *complete* the story with at least an extra 55,555 words from where it began at the start of the challenge, until the end of the month.

Submit your fiction, and add [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description. 

Once your submitted fiction is approved, paste the link here and mention which challenge you have chosen, the 35,000 words or the 55,555 words one.

Once you pick your challenge, you can't change it. Those that win are those that complete the challenge they set out in the beginning. Everyone that wins, gets an achievement. 

Extra Rewards:
35k Writathon: Top 3 fictions with the highest favorite count from the start of the challenge will get a 3-month author premium.

55k Writathon: Top 5 fiction with the highest favorite count from the start of the challenge will get a 5-month author premium, and the top-ranking fiction gets a professional, commercially usable cover art (willing to reallocate the budget for something else the author might want).

To remind you: Last year’s winner of a similar challenge was The Dungeon Traveler by alstonsleet 
Who has published his story on Amazon, got an audiobook and is now working on his second book. 
Be next year’s success story.

Deadline: November 30 at 23:59 EST. 


Solve the mystery, find the cake [ended]

It is the 5th celebration again, and as if this is a running theme (it is) we’ve lost the celebration cake this year as well!
I can’t believe it happened again! How can we have a birthday celebration without a cake?
To remind you, last year we lost the key which opens the door to where the cake and other party props are hidden. It was only with the help of the heroes that the celebration was saved in the end. It seems that we need your help again!

Last week, The royal road staff and some volunteers met up for our second staff annual meetup. We spent a week together in Prague. Toured the city, and played board games together. And in preparation for the birthday celebration, we baked a cake!

It is a magical cake that adds prosperity and growth to those that use it for celebration. But after, we all flew back to each of our countries by the end of the day on October 30th. I discovered that I did not have the cake with me! The staff is tired and jet-lagged and can't really focus on figuring out what happened to the cake. 
I tried tracing back our steps, to see if I can find some hints, but it is not clicking for me. Maybe you can help me out with this? 

Try figuring out what each staff member or volunteer that was with us in Prague’s keyword is. Hopefully, we can read their brains and find the answers we seek.

Wing decided to go shopping on the last day as her plane was the last one to take off. She couldn’t find anything she really wanted to buy. But she was craving some round, chocolate-filled, sweet food.
Figure out what that food is, and you might find the hints you seek in order to find the cake and save the party.

Hint: This sweet is Wing’s favorite food, so it is a somewhat running theme on the site. If you still can’t figure it out, you can still ask her directly. 

Answer: Cookies

Kana: Kana was the first to fly back to his country, afterall he didn’t need to wait for a plane. He is a dragon, he just needed to spread his wings and fly. Like all Dragons, Kana likes to hoard stuff. Figure out what Kana likes to hoard, to find out what he knows about the cake.

Hints: you can check the emojis on the forum for suggestions. 

Answer: Gold


Nemanja does not want people to try and read his mind, so he divulged his secrets immediately. He says that he’s almost sure that no one has the cake, that the only way to save the celebration is to bake a new one...
But almost sure isn’t enough! Please try and figure out a solution to this predicament. 


Last year, our staff meetup was in Italy and Oinos was kind enough to host some of the staff members. There, we drank some fine beverage that he had brewed himself. In Prague, he didn’t bring his own drinks and instead bought beer. What is Oinos’ drink of choice? 

Hint: Language, Language, Language. 

Answer: Wine 


He likes listening to music, but his favorite kind isn’t mainstream. So he’s required to listen to them quietly or to use some interesting piece of technology that doesn’t let others hear the music he is listening to 

Answer: Headphones


Hint: Lone is a sloth, he stays up for 30+ hours straight to write, and then uses his sloth powers to sleep for a long, long time. What he is looking for is something comfortable, to put his head-on.  

Answer: Bed

If you followed the links and answered correctly, you will get a page that explains to you how to bake a magical cake. This has now ended, but since we couldn't find the original cake, those that baked a new cake saved the party. 

Note: If you managed to help us save the party, you will get an achievement badge so that the whole world may know of your heroic actions. 


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Ok, I'll say it.  Happy Birthday!  =)

"Google Docs - Resource Unavailable"

Oh no, the form is broken :(

Oinos drinks fine brewed rakija !

Next year will be the fifth time to celebrate the fifth birthday!

Happy Anniversary, again!

But wouldnt next year be the 5th Birthday of the 5th Birthday "tradition"?


    I know right? I WAS SOO CONFLICTED about this decision. 

      Not to mention that it will be five years since a large pivot point in that it was the first year that wasn't a large pivot point.


      Ah, there was large stuff, like fancy platforms, actually starting to make money, hiring people and so on. 
      Just that our existence, as a platform for authors to publish their novels on, rather than a translation community- was a change of what we are as a site. Rather than what we offer.
      It is like we are 2 different groups at this stage.  

      While honoring old traditions is important, creating new traditions should not be neglected.

      So I'm fully supporting your new tradition of telling that this 5h birthday will be the last. innocent


      No, we have no real affiliation with WW. We just completed our project and then moved on with new projects. 

Happy birthday and thanks for all of the work you guys put in over the years 😊

Happy 5th B-Day. *cough* again

Happy Birthday to Royalroad and thanks for all the work you staff have done for the site.

Happy 5th birthday! The events sound interesting as well. I guess I might take part this time  

Wow Happy Birthday RRL, has it been that long already I still remember coming to this site for LMS translations, though only made an account recently...

Happy birthday!!!

Imma try and make a better contribution to this site before the year ends

Happy birthday and I love Royal Road, great job you awesome peoples.


this site is the reason for my low attendance. 

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!


Damn, I'm only missing kana's part for the map. he hoards on roles and cheese... feels missing 

Happy birthday Royal Road!
Glad to be here for another celebration!

Now.... To find the cake!

All hail the Penguin Empire!

    This year's cake hunt was fun. Had a bit of trouble with Kana's until I realised I was stupid. 
    Though I feel last year's Hunt required more skill than this year's. Still a great event!



Happy Cumpleanos! May the road ahead always stay royal... Thanks for all you do and the stories shared. smile

Joyeux anniversaire Royalroad,
Je lèverai mon verre rien que pour toi.

congrats on your 5th anniversary again.

 To think we lost the cake... again... That's what we get when we are having too much fun to be responsible...

Happy b i r t h d a y




Happy birthday and thank you royal road and authors for giveing me hours and days of reading fun and memorable moments.

Happy birthday RoyalRoad. 

Oinos has the right idea! If you find the cake it's double the powah!

Happy Royal Fifth Birthday to all that walk in the road.

It has been a ways since moonlight sculptor.

Happy Birfday. Thanks for everything!

I joined not quite 4 years back. Never realized how young we were. Glad to be here for another year and happy birthday everyone!

God I love this place.

I read here every day, several times a day. I've recommended this site rather than any other single book. 

My parents and all my friends know about this place because im always on it and never shut up about it. 

Here's a happy cheer for another great 5 years!

Spoiler: Spoiler


 Happy 5th Birthday RoyalRoad!

Happy birthday Royal Road :D

May the cake be huge this year :)

I brought celebration potatoes. You may have some.

What should i do after I've got the entire QR code and magic word?

Def going for the character contest. The NanoWrimo challenge (50k WERDS?) will be difficult, though. 

When do the submissions for the character design contest end?

Happy birthdayyy!

*sips favorite drink*

The penguin gods are happy with the profile change, happy birthday!

    Happy birthday! I will give my cat lord a tuna in your honor.

Merry anniversary! 

If only I was capable of things other than reading I could find the cake, but alas...

Is this like the 11th annaversary of a woman's 26th birthday? So she is not getting older? I mean, how else can you have the "It is our 5th Anniversary Again!" rather than being the Anniversary Again, which is redundant, or the 5th Anniversary which simply defines the number more fully. Saying it is the 5th Anniversary Again means it is the 6th through Nth anniversary.


    Yes. But, no. 

    We can say this is the 9th year since I Wing, started making websites that are related to stories. Which is what I initially counted for.
    Other sites and projects that I was involved in, but it was a project that started off on another website, with another team, on a different domain. At the end of that project, it was moved to as a transition between it, and RR as it is today. But they are far too different. The line isn't clear for me, because to me it was the obvious and clear growth. But when you look at it from a normal sense, we are talking about two different things. 
    Pre-Royal Road the webfiction platform, and the webfiction platform.

    This 5-year counting is from when we headed off and started it as a full-on webfiction platform. Me not counting what came before is just separating me, from what RR is. 


Happy Birthday RR! 

Happy  birthday  to  everyone smile

With God bless  let's our journey  continue with great stories  to tell and  live. 

Happy  birthday  again. ☺

With God bless  let's our journey  continue with great stories  to tell and  live. 

Happy  birthday  again. ☺

when celebrating your 5th birthday every year are you adding four years each year to make it 5 or rewinding time to your 5th birthday?

Happy birthday! I totally forgot to bake cookies this year (シ_ _)シ Sowwy!

Happy SpOoKy Birthday! I love all you penguins!

Congrats on another successful year and as one loving reader of many of those that this site has brought to our attention, Thank You for all of your hard work and may another and many more after that years come to be as you only continue to grow!


Happy Birthday.

It is a day that is happy


I've been a reader since you were translating LMS, I came back a yeast or so later and thought someone had bought your domain from you and made a new site, and I was severely confused. Anyways, happy 5th birthday RRL!

Happy birthday Royal Road!

Thank you for all the work you do, including cutting down on 0.5 star reviews! :D

Happy fifth birthday - for the third time, meaning you are either 8, 15 or 125 years old. Since the internet is less than 60 years old, i'll go with 125 years old.

happy birthday, i this is the first birthday for RR ive been apart of glad to know about the site ish you all luck in writing for the next year authors

Apparenly i started reading on RR before the last major switch you guys talked about and i didn't even notice :p 7 years now, cheers guys!

quality had only gone up 

Happy birthday!!!

After clicking on the link for the cake, am I supposed to type the answer on the astral lock or am I just an idiot who doesn't know the password nor the answers to any of them?

Happy birthday!!!!!

Long live Royal Road!!!

Happy Birthday Halloween!!!

Congrats !  Loved the site back in the day when it was just about moonlight sculpture.  Love it even more now incredible work.

Happy birthday RR!  Be careful not to write, sing, mention, or think about the happy birthday song though; Disney owns the copyright for that apparently.

 Happy birthday RRL!

Can't find Wing's for the life of me.


No one has commented yet....

Happy Birthday, would do the contest but life, uh, gets in da wae.

Happy Bday rr!

Also I totally blame the penguin it's all wings fault 0w0

 Had to assemble the picture using snipping tool and ms paint. The things we do for internet points

Happy 5th Birthday RR! and happy holloween!

Happy Birthday RR!

Also, I cant figure out lone's Password...

Can I get another Hint please?😅

Happy Birthday, have lots of pumkin cake!

Happy 5th birthday Royal road; the greatest community I ever stumbled upon.

Happy Birthday!

Hope you had fun in Prague! :)

Happy birthday,..... wait, there are actually such thing as ' ' ?? , why nobody tell me of this site ?, that could actually help a lot of new writer for making/develop character here yell (if it actually do show on royalroad discord, then sorry, I didn't usually visit it much =.=!)

[*Process to steal this link for my material thread anyway*]

Happy Birthday! When I read 5 years, I thought, wow I'm reading here longer than just 5 years, checked my join date


Hmm.... Did the date change when you remodeled the page?

And I noticed that I'm a woman of no reputation ... oh lord when did that happen?


Happy Birthday! 

Happy Belated Birthday 

Happy Birthday RoyalRoad Legend >3<)/

OrdinaryUser was here >w<)/

Hey, it's actually my birthday today.... Hold up, i might have  (stolen) found your cake

Happy birthday!

Question: Can we add the character description as a chapter to an existing fiction and link to it on the form or do we have to submit it to RR as its own separate thing?

Happy 5th Birthday for Royal Road!


 Happy 5th Birthday! Is this QR thing still on? I already sent the PM anyway.

Happy wappy yappy birthday 🥳🥳🥳

Congratz to everyone involved; a wonderful accomplishment for an even more wonderful community. n_n

Probably the last too noticed today

But Happy birthday from me as well

And I wish you many more

Happy birthday, my well wishes to you all

I bid thy a special birthday celebration, and what a special birthday celebration it will be. Mwahahahaha...ha.

As someone who joined not long before this pivot began it has been cool to see the site and community change. Thank you Mods, authors, and readers alike for making this an enjoyable platform.

Happy birthday!! :D

Happy birthday day!

dear Royal Road.

Happy Birthday to you.

Yay Yay Yay Yeah


 Happy Royal Birthday!!! Let the Road for our writing journey be well paved for the next 2 centuries.

Happy 5th birthday! I just realized I joined at 12/21/2014, 3:29:03 PM. So i was here before the revamp in 2016 occured...That was way too long ago. Well, let's see if i find the energy to write a story then.

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Time is subjective. I'm glad this demesne exists. Happy birthday!

This is so awesome. Was mainly a lurker up until a few years ago when I committed to starting my fiction-writing. Felt like I've come a long way, but thinking about it, it never would've happened without the RR platform. Appreciate every single staff member that contributed to allowing us all to express ourselves in the only way we know how.

 Happy birthday!

I find it interesting that it seems to be exactly the same as mine, or at least not more than a day off.

I tried doing the challenge, but since it requires knowing things about people (which I'm bad at) who I've never met (a common theme), I kinda failed. I got the "guess what the dragon hoards" one, but my candy guesses and the obvious one that the sloth would want were duds (I have no idea how to go about the music one). Worse, I don't know if it's a minor spelling difference I'm missing on the former, or some obscure candy...

Happy Birthday!

So what does *Complete* mean? like actually complete and finished or just 55,555 new words from the beginning of the month?

Lone’s is so confusing!

 Oinos one is tough. Some other hint please

Np pal. It's more rewarding when you can decypher the hard things yourself. Also the harder and more effort you put before getting a cool rewardng sensation is also nice. 

I got trouble with kana's password. I used everything the dragon hords: treasure, gems, coins, cheese, money, roles, code, games... And forgot the most stupid one. 

Congratulations on reaching 5 years! It feels like yesterday when Weed was just eating some grass porridge. cry  Now, Weed is eating grass porridge, but with extra spice! laughing

Here's the cake 









Happy Birthday R.R. I am so happy to be apart of this community. So much creativity on one site.

Happy Birthday R.R. It's been one hell of a ride. Glad to have been here.

A tad late to the party, but it's still the 5th local time. I'll finish off what cake remains.

 Happy Birthday~!! ^w^
Sure wish I saw this earlier because I missed the character description competition by a day! XD

I am here with you since march 2014 with the novel royal road. In the beggining a site translation become a fan novel site and lastly a full original novel site. Congratulations for your hard work and happy birthday !

Its been that long huh . Feels like it was just yesterday when i joined

Just had my 5 year badge awarded. :D i thought i made an account earlier but i mustve just been using the site. really cool journey though. lots of things have changed.

There was soe talk about a form to fill out. Where?

How long does getting the achievement take? I finished and turned in the form during the event and I still don't have the achievement

We put [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the synopsis, right?

I haven't seen any secion called "description" and I don't want to miss out on my achievement due to a technicality.

 Imagine having cake but no cookies

So its the 5th anniversay... again? Like did you guys do a groundhog day?

🤔 I only see 4 "Happy 5th birthday" image in the topic first part (from 2016 to 2019)... Does that mean you still have to celebrate the 5th's 5th birthday in 2020? 😁

What happened to the 6th? What did the 6th do wrong?