April Fools' Day 2019

The following is our prank for April Fools' Day 2019. 

We’ve received frequent complaints that our name has been hard to type into the browser for a long time. “Royal Road” is just not intuitive enough, and it’s particularly common to mistype one of the Rs as a T.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that we are supporting the SAVE THE FROGS! foundation, in order to preserve the majestic, delicate creatures that are so vital to so many ecosystems.

Sadly, that means our support for the penguins and continued loyalty to the Penguin Empire must end far too soon.

We have changed our name to Royal Toad to commemorate this great change and jump towards a new era.

We are also changing our trusty mascot to be 401% more royal and 500% more froggy — Introducing Tadpoleon:

Please help us make sure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible, and we thank you for your everlasting support and cooperation.



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is it me or is it the 1st of april

    Wakes up after posting a chapter to my latest of novels* 'I should see how things are going with it' opens my phone before going to the usual tab* 'oh looks pretty good! What's this?' Looks to the notification. 'Whats with my nerves all of a sudden!? Calm down maybe its another award or something right?' Feeling frogish I took a leap at the notification only to result in a cold..slow world, the wind no longer giving its warm nor gentle kiss. 

    'What have they done' its a lie right? Looking to the top left corner I find all hopes squashed cruelly by the royalToad. Eyes glanced back at the toad seeing its villainous smile in seconds it was laughing maliciously.

    Snapping my fingers the space cracks and the Toad is sucked into the vacuum of space.

    Checking the comment section I note there's mention of the first of April.

    'Hold on what's the date again?' Pulling down my trusted notification bar I check the date.


    Whispers into a device "loyal penguins remain on standby!"

    If this isn't an April Fools joke, I suggest you get out of Frsnce. ASAP.

    For a moment I believed it... but then I remembered that it’s the 1st of April 

    For a moment I believed it... but then I remembered that it’s the 1st of April 

Lmao this is hilarious

What, not pepe?!

royal toad achievements when

Delta would approve

All hail toadpoleon on this most glorious 1 of april, long may he reign 


This name is still too difficult.

Could you change it to « Toyal Toad »?

DAFQ? Well Tiny Snake God, your prophets have spoken.

Hm, but the standard profile picture is still the same... technical difficulties?

And I was hoping for the Royal Boat...

REBELION! Fight back, for the penguins!

Um, excuse me? Loyal penguin soldiers, rise up!

this is best thing that has happened all day

I was like: nah... someone just want the domain name! Till the toad part came in the picture, from that point i knew it was a joke. 

All watchout, hypnotoad has invaded royal r..... All hail toadpoleon.



Looks like it's the1st of April.

All hail the Tiny Snake God, and the Large Frog God! (It's too good for me to not)


Shout out to all my peeps out here at 3:43am because reading is too good sometimes. 

Toads !!!!!!!!!!! Hail the Toad empire!!!

slimy just like some of our members that need to bathe

Lol that’s great

All Hail The Toad!

I have been waiting for this: TOADS ARISE!!!

Ehh... All Hail the Frog Empire!


great April’s 1st change. Spring time and all that. Love it.


Ahh, so this is what happened to Large Frog God when he sacrificed himself for Tiny Snake God

I think its april fool

Froggy? Where did the penguin go?

Blasphemous.  I will still give my loyalty to the Penguin Empire.

My heart almost stopped.


And then I remembered it was April first RIP. 

Finnaly! The change this world needs. Our lives have not been lived in vain huzza!

The plan has commenced all shall worship the frogs.

petitions to save the frogs instead and leave the toads to their own fate

Maybe I should rename my story into Super Ribbit then.

All hail the frog gods!!!!

Tell me this is a joke ;_;

royaltoad.com still  doesn't work though.

Oh no

Spoiler: Spoiler

 april fools

I wish this was real. wink

Actually got worried for a second before I remembered what date it was today.

noooooooo !!!

this turtule shall not lose.

all turtule shell/sect

all hail the great frog god

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Ribbit! All hail the toad empire! Down with the filthy penguin spawn!

P.S. Unlike us humble and majestic toads who mind our business and respect privacy, penguins are barbaric and invasive rape beasts!


    I'll remember you. 

      Senator Wing ,Senator Wing. Puppetututut of Pyramid Theatre NEWS Can I get a comment on the reaction of the penguin empire to this seemingly unprevoked invasion into its borders by the republics elected Royal (in perpituty) Leader  Tadpoleions forces? We have yet to hear from the Royal Envoy Penguintus or His Imperial Highness Pengu Noot Noot or from tadpoleons press advisor a Miss Ribbette Tadpole of the House of Cane Toad .


      This invasion happened out of nowhere. We are in talks with the Toads, and their leader Tadpoleion
      But, they seem to indeed be loyal to the Empire. 
      We are not sure what will happen next. We will keep you updated. 

      we are hearing rumblings of the cult of the tiny snake god making a play for power in the senate senator can you confirm ?

      Me: Forget about the snow dweller, let me tell you, those snakes won't mean anything once we crush the penguin empire!

      Our great leader Tadpoleon will bring us victory! I assure you, as one of his top generals, their spilt blood will be colder than ours! His strategy of rapid concentration of forces never fails!

      Advisor: But sir, due to recent battles, most of the force this time will be undisciplined recruits...

      Me: It doesn't matter, we'll win.

      Advisor: What about the weather? We're cold-blooded afterall.

      Me: It will be as cold as the 9th circle of hell, but we'll prevail. Surely, the logistics department has prepared enough clothing and supplies to give us victory. So prepare yourselves penguins. And dear mister. Puppetgoestututut, tell everyone(that we haven't conquered) to side with the toads!

      hohoho im afraid here at the Pyramid Theatre NEWS we subscribe to nonbias but we can certainly report your comments to the populace speaking of which i just spoke with the ambasidor of the united tribes of insectia Mr Water Beetle and he has publiclly condemed the actions of the toadlion republic and made several statements calling the invasion and I quote "  a day that will live in infamy" do you have any response to these allegations General Sere of  House Knatterjack {its a toad}?

      I cannot understand why Mr Water Beetle condemned our action. All of Tadpoleon's actions are for the sake of the continent.

      He's trying his best to save everyone from the evil grip of the serpents, but everytime he was close to defeating them, the penguins intervened. Do you remember when he tried to supress those snakes by building a blockade to dwindle their economy? Under his charisma, each and every one of our neighbors agreed to the plan, except the penguins who disrupted the blockade.

      Why wouldn't they? Each and every time they insulted us and stood in our way.

      They refused a political marriage between our leader and one of their princesses, they bribed a traitor whose name shall not be said, into defecting to their side after he became prince over the newts, and they still follow the old and foul ideals of monarchy! Tadpoleon will save the masses from the noose around their necks enforced by the nobility.

      This isn't a mere battle for profits and glory my dear Puppetgoestututut, this is a battle for justice, and we shall be victorious!

      Even if our soldiers are undisciplined, even if our logistics aren't thoroughly planned, and even if we're charging blind to unknown terrain, we shall succeed!

      And logically speaking, I know it's madness to go there despite the newly informed fact that our logistics team would be undermanned and they'll have a hard time bringing us supplies in the penguin empire's terrain, but I'm sure that the locals will help in providing the needs for their liberators, and if Mister. Water Beetle asks why, it's because we all know Tadpoleon's legendary charisma, second only to his height(Don't tell anyone I said that), so there is nothing to fear, for we shall win.

      well from what was discussed among the delegates at The Hive House it appears that no declaration of war was issued and a large number of civilians are injured or "mysteriously" missing not to mention since the resolve of the tribal warring period of the now united tribes of Insectia species supression has been largely taboo and vocally apposed in their parlimentary precedings and blaming one group of extremeists of which i refer to the cult of the tiny snake god does not condemn all reptilian kind it would be like blaming the great dung beetle purges on the scarabs well known vanity and narcisism. oh on another note i just recieved word that supply lines outside of toadelion are being ambushed by the penguin geurilla forces it appears they are very vocal about the comments reported by the Pyramid Theatre News apparently your comments of being logistically undermanned has incited them to action. can i get a comment this is news in the making.

      Puppetututut of Pyramid News, this is Marrok of the Lycan house of royalty in the great northern Kindom of Wolvinus.

      I am here to report that we wholeheartedly support the Penguin Empire in this time of great chaos. And i also wish to say that the Amphibians know no honor! For they have attacked us from the back, and have taken our younglings, brainwashing them to the Cult of the Snake God. 

      We will not stand for it!

      Sorry for the delay, we were busy searching for the remaining spies that found out about the logistics problem before the previous interview, which was the only reason I even talked about the issue. We found out about the spies due to a report from a solder that one of his companions who is a bufo bufo was acting suspicious, and since a good general has to not only keep in touch with his men and surroundings, but also make sure to keep his eyes and ear holes on them, I sent a few soldiers to investigate, and the result was that the bufo bufo was a spy! What a sad thing it is when one of your men turns out to be a traitor... Sigh... let us continue, so after interrogating the spy, it turns out that a few of those who were lost during the march were in fact also spies! Sadly, we couldn't turn around and search for them due to the terrible weather, so the only thing we could do was divulge the information to prepare for the worst case scenario, though it came at the cost of morale which is the second least thing that any general wants. The first being mutiny, which would never happen in my army, due to my reputation and the fact that I know how to calm the soldiers down.

      And I want to say that we are not suppressing a species, we are trying to make the tyrants that lord over the penguins pay, not only for the insult to our great nation, but also for the horrendous actions they inflicted on their people. Though we are indeed invading the penguin empire, we are not the ones who are burning their people's fields, destroying the land, and throwing the masses who are seeking refuge at our enemies. Say what you will about us, but we are here to free the people from these demons.

      Now if you'll please excuse me puppetgoestututut, we have to set camp and perform a military trial to the spies, after that we'll obviously try to make sure we're not ambushed by partisans again, if we were, it would be the tenth time this day.

      My question is where is the Dragon or Vampire army during all this?

      The dragon army is busy waiting for us to lose, so that they'd attack us in the western side of the serpents' homeland, having fun dining on sheep, but it is impossible for us to lose, despite the fact that about only 115,000 soldiers remain and our scarce supplies are still dwindling, and no. I'm not lying to keep the hopes of the men up so that they won't fall into despair, since even if we did retreat most of them won't make it back home to their loved ones.

      And the vampires? They're waiting for the serpents to start their attack, so that they'd flank us from the east.


    What's with the random spoiler button?

Such majesty. Such Poignance!

I foresee Waterloo....

    What is this waterloo? It sounds like blasphemy!

    Despite the fact that most of the army is currently undisciplined and the fact that we're going to fight in a frozen hellscape, though we're cold-blooded. We'll achieve victory!

Cry Reeeeeeeeeeeeee and let slip the frogs of war

I for one welcome our new Bufine leaders!

Now this is the sort of april fools joke I can get behind. DO NOT, tease me with fake chapters.


It took me 30 sec to remember the date and those were the most strange 30 sec since a long time

best april fools joke ive heard today and continuing in this vein.

{NEWS music playing in}...ahem this just in the toads republic of toadelion and the glorius penguin empire politcal tensions rising as the republic of toadelion has invaded the royal road now dubbed the royal toad the royal envoy to the empire's god emperor pengu noot noot,  penguintus of arctieece has yet to respond to this seeminly unprevoked invasion. we have yet to hear from the leader of the toadalion republic tadpoleion about these militaristic moves but we will keep you up to date as the story progresses this is puppetututut of the pyrimid theatre news. {NEWS music playing out} 

‘Ribbit’ finally took long enoughundecided’Ribbit’

Keep the toad alive until the end of april

This was a job well done, to be honest, but it just came on a wrong day cool

If the name was Royal Tiger, then maybe more minds would have fell for it, but toad is a bit too much to ask for.


Now i want to be a TOAD, not a Penguin !!!!! Enter the Toad-Faction so that there will be an ethernal struggle for survival like there should be in the animal kingdome!

Lol...toadpoleon looks like a pokemon name

Tell me why this is just a joke and not a real thing. Royaltoad sounds great in my opinion XD.

and i thought royalroad shut down HAHA

All hail the tiny snake god for the last miracle of the small frog god!

I for one welcome our new amphibian overlords. All hail Tadpoleon!

ROFLMAO  One of the best jokes

I'm divided, while I am a loyal penguin soldier, i find this hilarious so i am struggling to decide whether to raise my hands in anger or applause???

Well played toadpolean, well played

And like before, as Deviantart has its Pear, RoyalToad has its Road.


Puppetututut pyramid theatre NEWS can I get a coment sir you seem incredibly embeded within the hierachial structure of the two camps do you see any hope of reconciiation between the two sides or is the republic going to press for open war? Has the venerable Thos of the freezing seas commented on weather or not he will be taking up his war axes again will we be seeing the return of the Chilling Niflhiem Raiders? and if so whos side will they declare for? Did the penguin guild confirm or deny the allegations of voter fraud in the election of tadpoleion to the seat of  Royal or the allegations of the alleged assasination of Archduke Hans Hamisterand  of  Hamstria that they are embroiled ?

    Ah I see well the press would love to see your finished work when it is sufficently peer reviewed. Of course reporters of the Pyramid Theater NEWS, always subscribes to proper grammar. hopefully the toadelion republic and the penguinis empire may yet reconcile their differences  

    Ah I see well the press would love to see your finished work when it is sufficently peer reviewed. Of course reporters of the Pyramid Theater NEWS, always subscribes to proper grammar. hopefully the toadelion republic and the penguinis empire may yet reconcile their differences  

What a wonderfull day to join RoyalToad, ribbit!

Amazing! This change was long time coming! I feel a bit sad about penguins, but! But we have an empire of toads! Yeeee!

Hmmm, I wonder........

So it is time to move on from those cold lands into swamps? Man I really love amazon forests!

NO, though our leaders have abandoned us, we must FIGHT for the penguin empire. Do not let those toads take hold! 

Next news: Stopping the Madness.

The dialogue described my reaction perfectly!!!! XD

Omg I had to re-read this post a few times to get over the shock. Didn’t get the joke till I looked at the date XD Happy coronation to our new toad overlord (secretly waiting for the beloved penguins to come back for their rightful place).

Guys i can confirm the save the frogs website site is 100% real...

HOW IS ROYAL ROAD HARD TO PRONOUNCE :D when i opened up a chapter from a novel on my phone i almost got a heart attack when i saw the damned toad :D 

They forgot to change the web address, it still says royal road. 

Really, how would you live without me?? undecided

SAVE THE TOADS! They have yummy legs, save them, breed them, and then eat them.

As a Loyal Toad citizen, I support this change. Save the frogs that have been run over by cars on the Roads. Ribbit. 

I, for one, welcome our new Tadpoleon overlord. 

does this mean we now war with the penguin empire yell

Love it! Long Live the Toad!!



Annnnnd you got me.

Pepe approves! Needs more orange!


@wing What are your thoughts on toadette? 

Happy April 1!!!!!!!!!!

Toads dare take over! Nooooo~

Donc désormais on écrit en français ?

 Frog legs for dinner tonight.

As an hop-timist I leap in joy in the name of our new toad overlords. I expect this change to meet with croaking success, and the new mascot to eat whoever bugs it.

 Down with the TOAD, up with April Fools.

And the toads stood as fools in an elegant pageantry of falsehood named the first day of April. All the while, the Penguins awaited the coming of the rising rebellion heralded as April the Second.

This is definitely legit and not an april fools joke.

Frogs are cute, but Penguins are cuter, and also eat frogs.

Damn, took me a solid 20 seconds to realise what date it is :D

 The picture smells like putins and the rext smells like puns...


Look mom I am a toad now

How about King Toad. It sounds better and it will appear on the search engine easily.

Lol, when you wake up to see a notification and think someone commented or posted another review to walk right into an April fools joke.  Haha!  Well played, sir ... well played. 

All glory to the Royal Toad!


In my defence I was very tired. Yes, I did believe.

Its Not bad april joke:)

<p>Thanks for promoting the savethefrogs.com website. Though the post is most likely a prank, promoting a good cause is&nbsp;very nice.&nbsp;<img src="https://www.royalroad.com/Scripts/Plugins/tinymce/plugins/emoticons/img/smiley-laughing.gif" alt="laughing" data-mce-src="https://www.royalroad.com/Scripts/Plugins/tinymce/plugins/emoticons/img/smiley-laughing.gif"></p>

Great, a step long needed, royal road just isn't unique enough and makes googling harder, royal toad is sure to work better!

All hail the tiny snake god!


Ahhhh, Though more royal, he will never be the one true mascot. ;)

I know this is a joke. So go frogs. Until the penguins come back to the kingdom. 

I know it's a april 1st meme, but that frog art is legit good.

is it at least ribbited for are pleasurer

Lose the kosutache and embrace your beauty, you wonderful creature. Gift us the privilege of looking upon your wonderful, glistening magnifiscence! 

I know it's a joke but I say we nominate Hypno toad as king

" All glory to the hypno toad!"

My Toads! Rise up!

It keeps saying I received this notice 0 seconds ago? O.o

Time to make europe croak


 I know its a joke but I really like it, the toad by my username is dope.

I vote Foil toad, just throw a tinfoil hat on that guy and were good wink

You could aslo occasionally send super paranoid sounding messages to random people as well.


This shall be my avatar from now on.

this took too long, this should have happened way sooner

I am sorry, but I am NOT some kind of toady who will just hop to whatever rhythm you play. I do not think Royal toad is a very ribbiting name. It lacks strength and character and stature. And frogs versus penguins, the frogs lose by a landslide. You've never heard of an emperor frog but you have heard of an emperor penguin. So in conclusion I really hope this is an April fool's croak. Because if it is, then I will LOL, but if it is not, I must say it is not very funny.

I don't see anything wrong, they just made some changes for me


I though this is just silly little joke. But then, Royal Toad profile picture poping out. I laugh.

It's April 2ND, and the toad is still HERE. ITS NOT A JOKE PPL. 🤣

It's April 2ND, and the toad is still HERE. ITS NOT A JOKE PPL. 🤣

Okay. Now it's April 2nd. You can return to normal now.

Please tell me this is a joke? It's still April 1st over here.

I would believe this if you guys change, your site official link to - www.royaltoad.com

 It was funny on April Fools... and it's still just a little funny... but I would like for it to return to normal soon...

it is now second, this means that it OFFICIAL BABY!!!!!

I really don't get how Royalroad is hard to type in? *Sigh* I just have to get use to the term RoyalToad. Though for book marketing purposes I don't know. I'm still kind of hoping it'll go back to RoyalRoad, though that dream is slowly dwindling seeing the official website link to *cough* Royaltoads.com.

Is there anybody here???



Going for 420 comments

Even if single handedly.

A shame... I love frogs and toads, so I wouldn't have been too against the change to RoyalToad ;)