Stopping the Madness

Author uses Block - it's super effective!

Hi, in today’s update we will be adding a feature some of you have asked us to implement for a long while.

We allow authors to do many things here. They are free to post on their schedule, write about the topics they like, and communicate with the readers on their own accord.

To realise more freedom for our authors we allow them to moderate their own fiction comments, for example deleting them when appropriate or if they contain spoilers.  

While this works, it’s not a sufficient measure for a different kind of spam authors (and readers!) receive.

To remedy some of the remaining issues, we are introducing a feature to block users from contacting you. This should help with the unwanted spam some authors are receiving in both PMs and on their fiction comments.

In order to access the feature, go to the user’s account information page and click the Block button in the top left.

Please don’t block Wing. She’s lovely

There are 3 options that you can choose from when blocking a person, as shown in the confirmation screen below.

The options are fairly straightforward:

  • Blocking Private Messages prevents the user from sending you any messages
  • Hiding Comments makes any comment by that user invisible to you
  • Blocking Comments prevents the user from making a comment on any of your fictions

To unblock a person you’ve previously blocked, repeat the steps above, but make sure that no options are checked when you click Block. We will work on implementing a more intuitive unblock feature in the near future, as well as a list of blocked people that you can check.

Let us know what you think in the comments.




I'm innocent, don't block me. 

Will you add a feature where we can block other user's fictions and reviews too?

does it remove review said person has left on an author's works too?

could be useful if I had people to comment on my fiction

It's a nice feature, but I think like deleting comments, it can too easily be abused by authors to remove critisism.

Thanks for the update.


    We do not allow blocking reviews, so criticism can still be posted on the fiction's page. It just stops the user from commenting on the chapters of the author if the option is checked.

      what I mean is the reviews were you give a passing grade say 0,5 stars but don't leave any evidence that you did so...
      that thing in the top right corner of the front page

    You have to understand that any tool can be misused, and perhaps reporting an author that's abusing this new tool would be something worth adding as well. As is, bigger authors end up getting dozens and dozens of messages nitpicking details about largely stylistic errors all the time.

    I remember having a guy spam over 50 comments into one of my chapters talking about how I was misusing gravitational magic in my own story. It completely ruined that chapter and a few other chapters comment sections, which quite a few readers get a lot of enjoyment out of.

    Just expressing the other side of the story and why this feature may be warranted.

This is beautiful and you are wonderful people to implement it.

Does this include all their fictions, or just one? Also, what if you just want to ban one person from just like one or two of your stories. What then? Like if they like one of your stories but does hate crimes on the other. I'm also guessing that it doesn't block from reading it.

Where does I report a bug? In the POPULAR THIS WEEK session when I RIGHT CLICK and open the novel in another tab, my mouse's arrow bind with the novels AS IF I was keeping my button down. Resumind, when I open another tab, the site undestand that I'm pressing the left button and bind it. Of course, the binding disappear when I move my mouse's arrow to next, the same way as pressing the left button. 

This is great! Can you make it where we're in control of deleting our own fiction without having to submit a support ticket to?

Nice to be able to hide comments from people that just spam comment sections with no worth just as a reader.
 + I guess it's nice to not see the first constant "First/second/third!" x posters anymore in a lot of novels I read.

Really going to help out the community! Way to go!

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

(Time to follow the tutorial and block Wing!)

Well done. Cheers.


thank you for your hard work senpais

I appreciate this feature, but I would like it a lot more, if the button was not in such an obvious place. Every time I open someone's profile, it's the first thing I see. I think there is no need to have it right there.

Leave one dead mouse on the bed, and they block me. I was just saving it for later. I promise.

So, you're saying you're giving authors power to ban anyone they want from commenting on their releases?

That's pathetic...


You're just transparently allowing authors to remove any criticism they like.

    Read the reply from @kanadaj further up. I don't think authors would block comments from people that admit that a chapter didn't really feel good to them or they would get negative reviews just because of that. And if you really have to criticize the whole work of the author or want to offer your opinion of it, the reviews are unchanged.

    Overall, a welcome change I guess.

    You can still criticize them in reviews if you want to. I agree the chances of this creating an in-fic echo chamber are large, but I've also seen users contacting authors go wrong enough times to understand that this feature does have a use. I hope they don't touch the review system though. Author's deleting reviews they don't like would render reviews even more useless than they often are.

When are you finally going to implement that new template and other things you promised a long time ago?


    The redesign has been delayed due to technical issues and due to us rushing out some features before the design, which in turn needed us to re-adjust the design.

    As far as the mobile apps go, we've had some serious financial setbacks in the last quarter, essentially stripping us from the funds we've indended to use for the app development. We will get back to that issue once we've solved the funding issue.

Is there any chance to input a function where you can group remove books from the bookmarks. It seems really inefficient when I have to scroll down and change page every time I delete just one book.

Can I give all you guys working on rrl an internet hug for being awesome?

Acrually, why doesn't RRL limit the power to review to paying members? Authors still have to face drive-by trolls and other stunted creatures, which by itself doesn't help in creating an accurate idea about the quality of the story.


    Your suggestions doesn't make things better, it would need the erasure of most reviews and ratings currently on this site to start and it would lower the amount of reviewers to the point of uselessness.

Well, I guess promoting one's story in messages will mostly be limited to the chat?

Cool change. I would like to see those 1/5 star reviews removed from total score counting, they are just vindictive and take away from the authors' efforts. 

I want to know more about the cookie tax and the ruthlessness occuring to S.MOD. Is it a violent yet provocative way the cookies are being taken from him, is that why he is speaking in outrage??

Referring to @ Zalpha's comment - I think they're should be a way for authors to submit the 1/5 star reviews to be reviewed by a staff member and subject to removal. I.E. if the 1/5 star contains zero comments as opposed to a 1/5 star that actually has reasoning behind it. There are a small small handful that do deserver a 1 star review. The majority do not though.

I'm okay with blocking private messages and hiding comments from your own view, that's everyone's own decision, but fully blocking a user from leaving a comment is making that decision for all other users following your fictions too, and not the way to go. Guaranteed, 99% of the time it will just be used to remove everything and anything that rubs the author the wrong way.

Honestly, you need to learn to deal with "trolls" and other annoying people the old-fashioned way  (ignore and carry on) if you mean to keep sharing your work in public. Everyone has the equal right to freedom of speech, even if that right is sometimes abused. The consequences of limiting that are often way uglier. 

I'm a bit worried about the option to block comments for all of your readers as well; is it plausible to have an option for readers to view the blocked comments in case an author doesn't take criticism well? A lot of stories on this site are very long, so I think readers deserve to have some warning as to whether their time investement will be rewarded or not as a lot of people have busy lives.

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