New Year, New Developments

“I’m not interested”

Ever since we have implemented our rating system, we have noticed a tendency for the users to mark fictions they don’t want to read with a 0.5 rating.

While this is technically what a rating is, we’ve found that it negatively impacts the authors. To remedy that, we’re adding a new Not Interested feature, as well as changing how ratings can be made.

As you can see, the new “Not Interested” button can be easily accessed from the fiction page.

Furthermore, fictions can no longer be rated if no chapters of it were opened (but they can be marked as Not Interested). This should remedy some of the problems we’ve seen with ratings so far.


Additionally, fictions you’ve marked as Favorite, Following, or Not Interested, will be marked as such on your main page. We will consider expanding the functionality of this to more elements and features in the future. For now, let us know what you think.

The end of endless lines

Additionally, some of you may have noticed a change in reader width. We’ve changed the default reader width for larger devices (monitors and wide screens), in order to preserve a smaller character-to-line ratio consistent with printed books and ebook readers.

For comparison:

70% width (the default setting for 1080p monitors)

MAX width (100%, default setting for mobile devices)

The default setting can be overridden from the dropdown menu accessed on the top of the chapter content (“Width” section next to the “Light Theme” button in the image below) and should be automatically saved on local devices.

The change was done based on prior research that suggested between 45 and 75 characters for line length, 66 characters being the ideal length of the line.1 Our maximum width far exceeds that.

Too much scrolling

Furthermore, we’ve added the navigation buttons to the top of the page (as well as the bottom), so you can more easily go between chapters if you’re looking for a specific one.

Ads for our users, by the users

Starting today, we’ve implemented a new internal advertising system (on top of the existing external one).

This system serves strictly image ads created by our users at a low cost. These ads will be used on devices with ad blockers, pages where we can’t show normal ads and in place of low yield ads.

To clarify the dangers of the last one, low yield ads not only bring in extremely little revenue, but are harmful in other ways - these impressions are often bought by people who want to use them for redirects, popups and phishing attacks, since they provide a low investment access to a large pool of users.

The new ads are 100% user friendly. There are no redirects, no flashing windows, no popups. They are also manually moderated by us, and we will strive to only allow ads that may be of interest to you, such as book releases, fictions on Royal Road, or, when we have nothing else, banners for our Premium service.

We hope that in the long run this will benefit all parties - authors will be able to advertise their works more easily, be it hosted on Royal Road or sold on Amazon or elsewhere; users will see more relevant ads and less malvertising, while we hope that it helps us better fund the numerous projects we work on.

For now, the system will start placing the Premium banners and we will start trialing ads for authors for both technical issues and efficiency. Once that is done, we will make the system publicly available to all authors.


Bringhurst, R. (1992). Horizontal Motion. The Elements of Typographic Style, pp 25-36. Point Roberts, WA: Hartley & Marks.

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Note: If you haven't done it already, I recommend you read the 2 fictions listed in this blog post. 

The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale  (ongoing)
Don't Fear the Reaper (author vanished, but it is still a good read) 

Hmm. Quite like these updates ngl.

Thank You for The Update

Very impressed by the love and time this site is getting a giving and I’m eager to see how y’all continue with it!

I was just wondering, will artists be able to use the new advertising system?

I approve of this update. Good work penguins!

Is there a way to make novels that you have marked as "Not Interested", be hidden from the various lists?


If I'm not interested in a novel, I don't see why I should see it popping up on all the lists.


    Not yet. Some of the lists absolutely don't allow for hiding items without major performance impacts (especially on the homepage), while the longer lists don't have such functionality yet. But I will consider adding it as an option with a later update.

I love the 'Not Interested' button, as well as the Listing implements. Could you somehow also add the 'Read Later' to these. It is somehow quite relevant.

Generally i love your care of the website and I have been an avid reader for quite some time and will continue to be so. Maybe even a writer here at some point. 

Finally comeback and got the update I always wanted. It’s sad that many great authors just leave. (Not going to put a list)

Oh, there was a front page update post. I should frequent that more often rather than go directly to bookmarks or whatever. Anyways, the "Not Interested" button would be useful for hiding things from latest updates, rankings, and/or search which we've previously viewed and not wanted to read. At the very least, it'd cut down on the amount of stories I see regularly updated but never read on the latest updates pages. Then theres the lists it could be placed under if we change our minds and want to read it later.

Does this change retroactively remove ratings that were placed with no chapters opened? I'm assuming not but that would be nice.


    No, due to a number of reasons - partially because we have no historical data from before 2017 or so, and partially because we wouldn't want to remove ratings that were meant to be given by users who read without logging in, or by users who registered after reading and therefore don't have the given story in their account history.

Are there any other planned changes to the rating system?  An overwhelming majority of ratings/reviews are completely worthless.  I'd love to see some sort of "preferred reviewer" or something implemented

Is there a place to buy ads for the site?  I don’t necessarily want to get one but rhis may change in the future.

Though I don’t know about half star ratings for not wanting to read a fiction.  Most of mine have come from 1) fanboys of a different fiction (or the author himself) becuse my fiction happens to rate higher than theirs, 2) pedophiles who discovered that my MC wouldn’t sleep with his 12 year old friends, and 3) people who ignore all the reviews saying my story is extrememly dark, the warnings in the desciptin text etc... only to be turned off by the grimdark.

Still, I welcome any excuse t lessen the category that are the cowardly, testicleless people who give 0.5 star ratings.  They are mostly whiny bitches anyway so who needs them.

Why are these ads showing for premium users?