Results for the NaNoWriMo and Countdown event

Short Story Contest

Back during our birthday event, we had a short story contest. The following were our top picks:

1st place: Re:Dive by Eyeball1844

2nd place: Of Corporate Core Competency Plans, Capitalistic Synergized Growth Projections and Lethal Target Market Analyses by WeirdWhirl.

3rd place: Minglings by Carrarn

Our top 3 choices have received one month of Author Premium and achievements.
Everyone else received participation achievement. 

NaNoWriMo Royal Road Challenge

Anyone who completed the NaNoWriMo RR challenge is a winner.  The top favorited fiction was promised a Cover Art.

As of when this was judged, the top 2 favorite fictions were tied. Therefore, the top winner who will receive a cover art, will be whoever has the top favorites by December, 20th 10AM GMT. So, check them out and if you like them favorite them.

Epilogue by Etzoli  
Dungeon Traveler by alstonsleet  (Author formerly known as addmoreice) 

Top favorite: The Dungeon Traveler


Ad Contest:

We did not have many participants for the ad creation contest, but we liked the submissions. So, we decided to put them up on facebook and see how they perform.
You can see them and vote on Facebook 
On December, 20th 10AM GMT, the ad with the highest numbers of likes will count as the winner, with the winner receiving $100 USD
So check them out, and if you like any of them or all of them, make sure to give them a like or even a share.

Most likes: Ad by Durrendal

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Give epilogue a try if you haven't yet. It's amazing.

Epilogue, it's a great story. I highly recomend it!

both Epilogue and Dungeon Traveler already have amazing cover art, (it says whoever has more favorites by the 20th so I assume the new cover art hasn't been granted already)


    Correct, we have already contacted the authors about this. 

    1. They can use the awarded CoverArt commercially. 

    2. They can pick another type of art for their story. 

    They seemed to like these options. 

Epilogue is one of the best short stories.

Epilogue is what many have wanted to read over the years, but never got to. It's amazing.