The countdown event: 

Thank you for joining our meeting in preparation for our 5th anniversary. Many things are happening, and we need your help to make sure it all runs smoothly. 


The cat nation wishes to attack us. We have uncovered their plot. They intend to take our glorious cover art ON OUR BIRTHDAY. "They will be busy celebrating to notice our attack" is what our spy has heard. 

Quest: Help us thwart their activity with a diversion. 

Make a cover art size 400x600

Theme: Birthday, celebration, fantasy

The winning cover art will be displayed as the default cover on our birthday for the duration of the day.  

Rewards: A Winner Achievement and one month of Author Premium.

Deadline: 30th of October (Over)

See the rest of the submission here 

The delegation of the cat's nation has arrived as guests. They don't know that we know their plot.
While the artists from the first event work on thwarting their sneak attack. We need work that keeps them distracted, stories to remind them that we and our netizens are the best!  

Quest: Help us keep them distracted by telling short stories. 

Write a story with the themes of rebirth, celebration or fantasy that is up to 750 words.

As you write the story, keep in mind that on November first, the NaNoWriMo Challenge will begin.
The challenge is to write at least 50,000 words novel within the month. Use this contest to prepare yourself.

Reward: Top 3 favorites will get one month Author Premium, and Achievements.

Deadline: 31st of October (over)

Submit your fiction on Royal Road, then submit a link to it here [removed].
If you continue the story as a series, note that only the first chapter will be considered as a submission.

Imagine the surprise when our wonderful guests who came to celebrate our birthday, suddenly started celebrating their own “National Cat Day.”
October 29 is apparently the nationally acclaimed celebration for “them.” They have shown with this that they have an active promotion, and they are flaunting it in our faces.
This is why we need to meet them in battle.

Quest: Help promote Royal Road by creating an ad. 

Create an ad that will be used by Royal Road.

Use it to express what you think is;
it could be a drawing, video, script, screenshot or anything creative you can think of.

Note that we might use the works submitted
This also means you need to have rights for any image used in the ad.
If you don't, please state that. 

Reward: $100 to the top rated by the community.

Extended Deadline: November, 14

There is no submission limit, and you can reuse your CoverArt Submission.
You can submit your work here 

The Celebration starts on October 31st, to insure it runs smoothly we have placed everything we need in a Royal Room and locked the door. They who we shall not mention, have stolen the key and hid it from us. We were able to find the thief, but before we could catch him, he cut the map into four pieces and threw them in the air.

We were able to catch one piece before the rest vanished. Our Oracle helped us to know the direction of the other pieces, but we need your help to figure out exactly where they are.

Deadline: October 31st, 11:59 am GMT - (This quest is over)

First Hint: 

This level doesn’t exist, it is unknown  

A secret hidden, before all.  

It was revealed last, having hidden a penguin.

Instead of milk from a Dragon.               




We’ve reached our day of celebration successfully and safely thanks to you.


Happy Anniversary, everyone! Now, say it together … “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”


Regarding the events:

We’ve gotten excellent cover art submissions. The winning cover art is done by Whisper and is now, and for the next 24 hours, going to be our default cover art for Royal Road.

The 4th event has also ended. You can read in detail how to solve the quest [here]. Fortunately, loyal travelers were able to find the key in time which has allowed us to continue the celebration in peace.

Our 3rd event is still waiting for your creative input, anything you can think off from videos to testimonials, to pictures. So, fly and submit your magic.

As for the second event, we are still accepting story submissions, and we will continue to do so until November 1st, 10:00 am GMT.  Therefore, submit your work quickly.

On a separate note:

This year we decided to encourage you to take up the NaNoWriMo challenge, the National Novel Writing Month is a challenge that starts on November 1st, and every year it sees thousands of writers competing against themselves, their schedule, their writer’s block, and their coffee addiction, in order to write fifty thousand words in a single month. Winners are those that complete the challenge. You don't necessarily have to complete the fiction book, but you need to write at least 50,000 words.

We encourage you to do so in any language you want.

All winners will receive an achievement.  Two years ago we issued a similar challenge, and one of the winners was falcon167, author of “The Slime Dungeon Chronicles.” He currently has a game in the works after publishing 6 books, with the 7th book "Dungeon Wars" is planned to be released next month.

Take this opportunity to see what you can do.

As extra support, a CoverArt will be awarded to the author that completes the challenge and whose fiction has the highest favorite count by readers.


Here is how to take part in the challenge:

Spoiler: Spoiler

Submit a fiction starting November 1st, and add [participant in the NaNoWriMo Royal Road challenge] in the description.  

Once your submitted fiction is approved, paste the link here

Note that this event is geared toward new fictions. If you want to participate with an old fiction then our challenge to your is to COMPLETE the fiction with at least an extra 50,000 words before the deadline.

Deadline: November 30 at 23:59 GMT.

May you bring joy to the world, and have fun doing it.


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I have 7 cats. Should I fight with them?

Wait im confused. Whats the cat nation?

Down with the cats!!!!!!

5 ???

that explains the rather drastic change from the time royalroadl was mostly centered around fanfics and translated fragmentf of "the Legendary moonlight sculptor"

Confused with the short story challenge, so its like a 750words one-shot with the above mentioned themes? Or a prologue?...



    Up to you. As long as it is interesting and creative. 
    Consider this a challenge in how to make the first chapter the best you can, rather than an info dump. 

I have no idea what's going on but I am so excited!!!!!

Prepare for battle! To flippers!

Hello Wing!

The Penguin in me namaste's the penguin in you!

So, I had a little query about the event in RRL. I was planning to enter the short story competition.
So, might I submit a side story (following all the rules of the competition) from my main story?
Since its a side story, can I put a link to the main story in the submission as well?

Thank you!

    Hi Durr, 
    The penguin in me salutes back! 

    As long as the submitted story is a new story on its own, you can. 
    So, if it was a spinoff or reimagining of your story, then that is fine. Otherwise, for this event - the answer is no. 

If there's one thing RR does really well, it's the events. Bravo penguin brothers.

As a snake I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Nice event, I think I'll join too. 

Oh Meow! The penguins are onto us!

A penguin carrying a cookie


Took a while to draw :)

Regarding the short story competition, we need to write a story that needs to feature one of the three; rebirth, celebration, or fantasy, right? Those three categories don’t need to overlap or anything right? Like, the story can have rebirth but no celebration or fantasy? Just need some clarififcation.

Congrats on the 5 year anniversary.

Greetings, it is I.



I might join too 


I might join too 


Oh no,

the cats are all ready attacking my phone

Is there a limit on how many stories we can submit? Also, do stories get submitted by simply adding in the description that it is for the competition?


    Up to 3.

    Note: you need to submit the link of the fiction in the relevant form for us to consider it as part of the competition. (Link in the Quest description). 

how do you upload pictures, I am failing hard to do it

I have arrived to watch over this event.


Am I aloud to promote my short story in my main story? Or should I try not to do that?

I have written the first chapter of my story. It has only 720 words. Can I publish it and enter the short story contest?

This is cool, goodluck everyone!

all hail the catnation!

How exactly do we win in the last contest? Like, do we need to screenshot it or something?


    Figure out the hint, and you will get your answer. 

    One piece of the map is not enough, but once you have all the pieces - the answer will reveal itself to you.

Does it require external knowledge?

I've found the last piece of the map but it's too blurred and doesn't fit D:

Found a piece of the map

I want to clarify something. Are the clues pointing towards the next piece of the map or are each of the underline words supposed to be for different pieces of the map?

One last piece and I'm overthinking. My brain cells.

Which timezone do we base the deadlines on? 

I'm so confused on the penguin one i cant find it anywhere =(


At least the last event wasn't too hard

I have only been with royal road a year and am at a total loss as to where to look?  Any extra hints I can ask for maybe? Like where I would even look to find the past I can't find anything in the forums? Could it possibly be I'm missing it cause I don't use Facebook!?

I love the irony of this situation. My birthday is on the 29th and I love cats. lol


Cats, is very cute and the same time can kill you..

how?? Because the are Cats........


When will the winners for the events be announced?

Actually sybmitted my entry a second tiime. The first tiime i did it was yesterday, when it was still pending approval, so i don't know if it was accepted. Just doing it again to be safe. 

I don't understand. Winners are those who complete the 50K challenge? 

So the short story contest isn't a short story anymore? 


    This is the second contest, except that you can use the first short story and continue it as part of the challenge.
    In that case, you will get 2 rewards (exempt from must complete the story rule) 

I totally missed that password map piece. I thought I’d get the password after collect all pieces of the map lol. 

How many people managed to complete the 4th quest in the end?


woohoo! 5 years, wish I had been here longer - going 4 years next... month? I think? - solely so I could bask in the glory of being a full-blown RRL veteran.

Glory to the Penguin Empire! Long live the Penguin Empress, Her Majesty Wing! Long live Royal Road! Long live the Authors of RRL! And long live the stories that have been told, are bein told, and have yet to be told!


All Hail the Penguin Empire!

Happy Birthday RR :) 🎂🎉

Happy Birthday, RR~! 

Happy B day, RRL. 

How often are events held, anyway?


    We don't always predict when the cats attack. Why? want more? 

      i published my novel on 31 oct... it got approved on 1 nov am i eligible for NaNoWriMo challenge?

      p.s. ive not mentioned <Applied for NaNoWriMo challenge> in the description.


      The "official NaNoWriMo" website would say no. But for the Royal Road NaNo challenge, yes. 

      It was the 1st somewhere in the world anyway. 
      Just remember to complete the other requirement (mainly the sign up to the form)

      I just want to know if events happen relatively often. There isn't anything about frequency that I can find, just that you can get achievements from them. I just want to know if there are some kind of events scheduled for most major holidays (like the Easter Event was) or if it is just at random.

Do authors have to keep the book used for the event uploaded, or can they choose to delete it after it's over?

Is it too late to start a fiction for NaNoWriMo?

Any news on the second even (short story)?

Is the second event (short story one) ever going to finish, or has it been scrapped?