Recent Changes and Updates

Current version - RRv4.0.20181106.163210 as of November 6th, 2018

Changelog 6/11/2018

Most of this month has been spent working on various aspects of the new design as well as changes only pertaining to the staff (i.e. admin panel features), so our log won't be quite as long as last time.


Made the AutoSave feature for Author Premium toggleable. Go to the options menu to review this.

Added a new, experimental ad redirect tracker to the site we are working on the back-end and UI aspects of this, but we expect to be able to find and block offending ads much easier.

Reduced clutter on the account settings page by removing unused options.

Improved logging across the board so we can find and debug problems better.

Replaced error page when trying to save a draft without a title with a warning message on the same page. > Less reloading = Less bandwidth

Changed process from x86 (32 bit) to x64 (64 bit) architecture this should (hopefully) remove some of the error messages we've seen in the past. > This should also increase stability in the long run as RR will be able to utilise a supercomputer we don't have funds for.


Fixed new achievements not getting pinned by default. > Go to achievements settings in the options tab, just to make sure.

Fixed blog comment reply notifications displaying the wrong username.

Fixed forum notifications not getting marked as read.

Fixed the issue with blog post links showing encoded characters on Google, Facebook, Discord and Twitter.

Fixed the problem on the premium subscription page where subscribing to Author Premium would still show the features of the Reader Premium on the summary page.

Fixed an issue with Discord tokens where the token would be longer than the database field, hence returning an error.

Fixed the issue where users without any fictions couldn't retrieve their Discord token.

Fixed the issue where the author of a chapter wouldn't appear properly on Twitter cards.

Features 03/10/2018:

Initial setup for automatic sexual content flagging > We have bought some trained monkeys and hired a data scientist to feed them bananas. In return, they are making a system that automatically flags certain content as “sexual.” We feel this can be improved by using a neural network.

Revamped forum permission system - group owned public forums! > Forum permissions have been tweaked. Users will no longer be able to post threads where they shouldn’t be able to.

On-site forum notifications > Replies to threads can now provide on-site notifications. Please use the ‘Subscribe’ options on top of the thread to enable these. This option is now available without needing to reply to the thread.

Note: The default value can also be changed at

Push notifications for moderators concerning ticket replies = faster responses! > Kana said, and made the supermods’ lives hell.

Rich info cards for Discord, Twitter and Facebook from forum threads > Linking threads to social platforms (Discord, Twitter and Facebook) no longer provides meaningless text.

Content flag filters for advanced search > You can now filter Advanced Search for fictions with or without specific Mature Tags, so if you don’t like profanity, we have you covered.

Adjusted quote visibility in the forums > Quotes are no longer a mess to look at in the forums.

Bug fixes:

Fixed double notifications for authors about comments when users respond to an author’s comments in their own fiction.

Fixed links in support ticket reply emails.

Fixed display bugs in the forum for mis-matching tags.

Fixed mixed up style and story scores for My Reviews. >
Our bad.

Replaced "Context.Request" text on certain pages to "request".


Fixed a duplication issue with premium subscriptions which caused the daily subscription update to fail.

Increased background task resiliency for the premium refresh process. >
Background checker now properly works to update who has Premium or not. That’s right, you can’t dodge paying.



Set up the basic layout of the new design > New front page
 that we talked about a while ago in the blog posts? Well it’s closer than ever before!

Add new management pages for group leaders to add/remove group members >
It looks really cool. We can’t show it to you, though.

Increase forum badge visibility for staff members.

Show available, non-acquired achievement on the achievement list >
You can now look forward to getting more achievements. Level Up!


Add sorting for author premium's Export Epub.

Add API for Discord Bot. >
RR now has a Discord Bot to perform basic role management. More information on our Discord server.

Add Achievement settings page. >
You can check which achievements you want visible to the public. Max of 15. Sorry, Lone.

Add achievement filtering based on pinned achievements to forum, fiction and chapter pages.

Improve epub export image compatibility and fix various formatting bugs.

Replace OneSignal push notification provider with Firebase.

Change fiction status to ONGOING immediately on chapter release. >
No longer requires midnight GMT for the server to pick up on the change, and is less prone to failing to change the fiction status automatically.

Fix comment box for the chapter page when JavaScript is disabled. >
Comment boxes should behave properly when JS is disabled. Bad, bad comment boxes.

Fix thread page error. > We won’t tell you what it was about, just that we fixed it. You’re welcome.

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A neural network to flag sexual content you say? Time to include butter, maple syrup, and pancakes in all content.

Hey, make that your neural network flag chapters too, so that I would not have to search for it. :D

And now for something completely different.

  • Linking threads to social platforms

Um, no. I would rather not have this. Personally I prefer a more "minimalist engineering" view of the site. At no time have I ever come to RoyalRoad expecting or desiring to see "social media" content. I leave my Fb and Tw account linking intentionally blank. I would also prefer not having those content boxes at the home page either.

Granted, each user might be different from me and might like extraneous content; however I do not. Beyond and, I wish to not see anything from any other domain.

As an alternate concept, if I intentionally leave those external account fields blank, can you understand I want to "opt out" of seeing external content? I'm a practiced developer to know how to wrap an external link in an if|else condition. Will you please consider either this, or add a checkbox to user preferences, so I don't see the outside stuff?


    You misunderstood the point. The idea is that if you link a thread from our forum to, say, Discord or Facebook, the preview card doesn't show up blank.


      That is, if you copy a link such as and post it on Facebook, the preview will show up with actual content.

      Ah, okay.

      But still, I do have those other concerns; do you have any comment on them?


      Will discuss this internally, though as far as ads go, Premium subscription is the only opt out we can offer. But as for the rest (including user content from the authors, though that stuff is more problematic) we will discuss what we can do and how much time it will take.
      The account linking doesn't work the way you think it does - it's simply to allow you to use your Facebook/Twitter/Microsoft (Outlook) credentials to log into your account instead of your username and password.

Thanks for changing the double notifications for authors! That was kind of annoying lol. 

And you still haven't added more genres. why is this taking so long?

    We feel our current configuration decently encompasses the trends on RR. Also, do note that changing tags would mean we would most likely have to retroactively purge all fictions of their previous ones.

    On that note, which genres do you feel are not currently represented?


      @Nemanja that first statement isn't right...

      @Melcontent to expand the list of genres and tags we need to revamp the UI to support showing more. It's simply not feasible at the moment; we are waiting until we finish the site redesign for the new tags.

      Considering adding more tags would mean obsoleting previous ones, any changes to tags would mean they'd cease being correct.

      Seeing that Dungeon is quickly becoming one of the most used tags I would add that one in.

      Gateway to another world. Light novel. Time travel. Gay. Apocolypse. Vampire. Zombie.

      Cultervation. (I keep skipping the martial arts section because it is full of people who think the monk class is OP or cool for some reason.)

Nice work by adding monkey to the circus! 

PS : don't give them too much bananas otherwise they would go bonkers and the neural systems will go haywire.

 Thank you for all you guy's work on this website. Also, rip mods with push notifications

My poor 21 achievements. :c

6 can never see the light.

those monkeys u bought r really doing a great job


Can you guys make it so whenevery there is a reply to your comment you get a notification about it.