Domain name change, and new updates

Domain name change

After years of deliberation, we have finally acquired and changed our official domain name.
If you promote your fiction with or shared our previous domain link, don’t worry - all old links will redirect to our new domain. However, we would prefer if you used for all future linking and refer to the website as such.

We are very excited for this change, and accordingly for this day, we have decided to release many things that have been in the works for quite some time.

Due to how the web works, this change also means that all users have been logged out - credentials and cookies are domain bound, and we apologise for this inconvenience.

Author premium

As promised, the author premium is now ready to roll with many features.

The Author Premium will have the following features:

  • Additional analytics, including daily pageviews, reader retention rate, referrers, analytics for individual chapters and daily/weekly rating breakdown
  • Push notifications for new reviews - you can disable these for individual fictions if you don’t want them in a new pane on the settings page
  • Chapter page customizations, including pretty ornaments to replace the Horizontal Ruler and custom header artworks
  • A search feature to find all mentions of a term in all chapters in a fiction
  • The ability to also replace the matching terms across your entire fiction
  • Autosave in the chapter editor as a draft until it is published so that you will never lose your work due to connection issues
  • Export your book as an ePub directly from Royal Road

Additional features may be released in the future, and we may make some of the premium features available to the general public over time. Additionally, premium authors will have the option to sign up for Early Access, which will allow them access to features as soon as they are released for public testing.

We have also negotiated a 25% off of Blasty for our premium users for those who sign up for Blasty before December 31st, 2018 and have an Author Premium subscription. What is Blasty, you ask? “Blasty continuously monitors your digital products online. As soon as a suspicious copy is found, it is added to your dashboard and an alert is emailed to you.” So, now if you wish to sign up and monitor all of your content online in a more serious manner, now you can at a discount!

For non-premium authors, you can sign up for the 10% discount - read more about it here:

In addition, we would like to thank our beta testers who have contributed to finding bugs and suggesting improvements to our features:

For those with Reader Premium

If you have an existing Premium subscription, don't fret - we have implemented a seamless upgrade system which should allow you to upgrade to Author Premium by paying a pro-rated difference between your left-over premium time, and your first renewal payment after that will happen on the date when your original premium would have expired.

To subscribe or upgrade, simply click here.


We are also releasing our own webshop to sell Royal Road merchandise. This includes t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more.
Look forward to seeing a notification about it going live in the next few days.

Redesign sneak peek

As we mentioned in our status and plans for this year in Q1, we are working on the site’s UI and UX. If you are active on our Discord, you might have already voted on some design plans to help us decide the direction. Now, we are in the process of finalizing the design, adding minor adjustments and then implementing them. Here is a sneak peek for some of the new designs

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This all looks really cool. I can't wait to explore the new features. Thanks for the update!

(flashback of using RRL instead of RR just a five minutes ago)

I am no author, but it looks good!

It was like a Uni website or something before? I vaguely remember accidentally going to it years ago. 


Damn, it's been years since I started reading here.

Love this site and I hope it continues to improve and grow!

Nice and thanks for the info

o_o new interface Poggers!

Great going. Keep up the good work.

Looks really nice, really liking the redesign sneak peek in particular. Gonna have to push my favorite author (you know who you are) to get the premium it seems. ;)

Yay!! Congrats for thiis new step on the Royal Road!

Legends, I'll miss you.

Wow that looks sexy 

What a wicked upgrade! While I personally preferred the RRL, as I liked tthe Legends part, I can live with that. I hope...

The new formats looks sweet as freshly juiced honey, and the Author Premium sounds darn tasty! With all those gadgets to play with! Nice. I think?

keep up the great work penguins !

All Hail the Penguin Empire!


DoktorPrimat is still around, wow.

Also, nice!

The new design looks awesome!

So getting Author Premium! New site looks awesome!

Any chance of a mobile app in the future?


    We are on it. We cannot give you dates yet because the timeline keeps shifting around (staff availability, finances, other unexpected events keep moving things back and forth in our timeline), but we are definitely working on it!

Tomolone, I am one with eternity. I am everywhere and nowhere, at all times and never to be seen as well. I am.... Dok!



    Reply button fixed x3

      Ah, the reply button isn't showing on the mobile site, just to let you know.

      Another little quirk I noticed is that replies (on this thread at least) comes through as (correct picture - My username) instead of the other person's name under the notifications dropdown. Take your reply, for example. I would see your  picture, but it would say DoktorPrimat instead of kanadaj. Can't really remember where to post for bugs and whatnot, so you get it here. Cheers mate, and keep up the good work! ^^



      Truly. How weird.


    Used to see you comment everywhere back in the day. Thats why I was suprised ^^

      Ah, yeah. Back when you had a majestic title asociated with commenting. Good times. Now we good lit achievements to make up for it. But - know this - I am still lurking around, still reading and commenting on all sorts of good stories. It's just about finding them. Mwhahahaha!


Nice , I was wondering why I was logged out , why Google wasn't auto filling the password and why the domaod changed a lil bit XD 

In the first sneak preview theres a typo "Recommandations" > "Recommendations" (the button 3 down from "Start reading")

hmm can't edit post

another typo "avarage views" > "average views" in the first preview (at the fiction statistics bar, followers, views, etc etc)
in the same place "Word" > "Words or Word count"
another "Caracters" > "Characters" (in the rating bar of the fiction)


    Yes we are aware of the typos. These are design pictures, not actually implemented pages. It could just as well say "Lorem ipsum" there. Everything will be re-typed when we implement it :)

Hohoho this seems like a positive change for sure. Hope you all never shut down! 

#"Export your book as an ePub directly from Royal Road"


Is a pdf version possible too ? I am not directly concerned but it might be interesting for some.

And shouldn't you change the mail of admin and ad in consequence ?


    We will get there, but changing the email addresses come with some hurdles that we first have to get through.

    While waiting for RR to add this feature, you could use this website : not sure it'd be 100% wih some of the formattings used in some stories, but overall it works pretty well (and it's free)

    Just to be clear : I'm not affiliated with them at all, just found their service to be really good.

      It seems to simply save a website page as pdf which you can already do easily without outside software if you use firefox or chrome. It's problematic when you have a lot of long story with many chapters unfortunately. It doesn't provide some useful stuff in a pdf file (like bookmark in the side panel) and waste a lot of bites in saving background picture instead of only the text.

      Also while it may be safe I don't really trust them (But I trust royalroad as it's been a long time I followed it).


      However thanks for the reply, I'm always interested in interesting software and links !

Great work, thanks for the awesome changes!

Woah! I'm really excited for that webshop. Also, Im really happy for you guys, this site has come a long ways and looks like it will continue to improve for both the readers and writers.


Whelp. Didn't know about this domain name change. Left me wondering, WHEN they made that change. Till I found this blog update. Answered my question FAST. Regarding redesign of website appearance, I dislike bright backgrounds. MY EYES!!

new domain name and soon to be layout :O
whoop whoop!!

Congrats for new domain

This is all really good. Kudos to the designers of the new UI; it looks very sleek. I remember finding the domain strange when I first found this website over a year ago. When I looked into the domain that we are using now I was disapointed that it wasn't getting used for this wonderful comunity of writers and readers. That injustice is finaly being fixed! May we all walk upon the Royal Road for many decades to come and a huge thanks to all of the wonderful Admins, Programers, Designers, Beta testers and more who make it posible.

Wow I feel happy that the site improving, it’s been stagnated for to long. I hope you do find a way to promote people content though...

Will the old design still be available?


    No, sadly, that would require us to maintain entirelly different copies of the website, which would be more or less a technical nightmare. So no, that is unlikely.

I like that the new design is not full on white which hurts my eye, and the dark mode which is just different shades of grey. All in all this is pretty awesome, good job on this redesign.

Phew How many years have i been reading here, 4, 5, more? It feels like i stumbled here yesterday in a boredom driven search for entertainment. This site has changed immensely

Might want to remind people to check their add block, since its a new domain addblock would automaticaly be back on even if they addblocked the previous domain

If a bunch of people don't start posting stories called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone all at once once the new website re-design comes out, I'll be sad.

if you are going to improve the site's design the please optimized the code

The site is just slow, specially on mobile. I tested the site on lighthouse and it take about 18 seconds for the site to be interactive


You guys still don't have an app. That is why many read at qidian. 

    Qidian cannot compare to the genuine feel of a reader/author-base driven royalroad! That is why many do not use Qidian, with its clearly mercantile and business-like atmosphere that seems to want to swallow wallets while producing the bare minimum of effort required to do so...

    Last time I asked it was in the works, but making a good working app is hard.

You guys still don't have an app. That is why many read at qidian. 

Hurrah! Author Premium is available, finally! So happy! 

the sexual content should be a tag and not a warning, it is somewhat difficult to find without having a tag ..

Glad to see things are still getting better! I'm just a reader myself and I only have a kindle tablet, so some of these features aren't noticable... But good job! The previews look dope!

 The previews look great! Thanks for the update!

There are people dont use dark theme >.< ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORLD SHATTERING INFORMATION!!!!

The light theme burned my retinas, I demand compensation.

okay now this isss re3aally cool1 ive been reading this site since it was just a translater for the light novel they orgianlly were doing and i have got to say u guys have gone very far. makes me very proud!


The ads where it takes you to a whole new page and won't let you click the back button are extremely annoying and time consuming. Ads are fine, just not these. 

I'll just keep it simple. Congratulations.

It's been half a year and I was so confused because the URL said royalroad and not royalroadl.

Kinda sad, though. I liked the 'Legends' addon to the site name a lot :(

So pretty! Even though I'll eventually have to fix my bookmarks, the change seems to be a good thing.

Will you guys add a tipping option for writers? I think it would make you more competitive.

I thought Exterminatus had more books than that...