Plagiarism, copyright infringement, and content protection

Since day one, we, at Royal Road, have expressed how much we take plagiarism seriously. While we cannot combat copyright infringement and plagiarism all over the internet, we can do so on our platform.

Accordingly, all fictions that get submitted to our platform are required to go through a verification process in order to make sure that the authors or the copyright holders are the ones who are publishing their works.

However, if for some reason something bypassed our verification process and you’ve noticed it, please either report it by opening a support ticket or contacting us directly via e-mail at [email protected].

We have a second layer of copyright protection in which if we are notified about a Royal Road author's content being available elsewhere, with a reasonable suspicion that said content is being plagiarized, we will then contact the author ourselves and inform them. This will be done on the assumption that no one else has done so already.

It is said that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." As such, many readers and authors have become indifferent to plagiarism. Even if you truly don’t mind it, you should still take a stand to protect your work if only to tell the industry that plagiarism is not acceptable. In fact, we reject 10% of submitted content, with the main cause being plagiarism. We define plagiarism as content that is mainly written by someone but then claimed to be written by a different person, falsely claiming to be the original author. Whether the intent behind that is pure or not, if it is done without the permission of the original author we won't stand for it. 

If you find plagiarized content on our platform or find a Royal Road author’s content on another platform and have reasonable doubt that it is being plagiarized, please notify us and provide any proof you can. Additionally, you can link an author to this post to know what to do when faced with a similar situation.


As an author, it is important to know your rights and the steps you can take in case something happens to your content.

Thanks to regulations, most websites provide a way of dealing with copyright-infringing content in a direct manner by simply contacting them or reporting the fiction. We, at Royal Road take action as soon as possible when we are made aware of the violation. However, some of the other platforms do not. In these cases, don’t lose hope as you can request a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notice.

The DMCA provides protections for sites regarding content that is posted by their users, especially for sites that do not know about the infringing behavior. However, in return, copyright holders can file a DMCA takedown notice in which they state that there is a copyrighted content of theirs being infringed upon. It puts pressure on the websites to take down the infringing content within a set timeframe when a legitimate DMCA notice has been issued.

This is how you can file it:

1. Find the hosting website’s internet provider

If contacting the site directly fails, you can contact the website’s internet provider and report it to them. You can do so by using any “WhoIs” website (Such as ). Once you find out who their internet provider is, you can then search in google for [Internet Provider] DMCA. The results should lead you to the relevant page. However, take note that each provider has its own requirements which you will need to check out and follow. You then need to send a DMCA takedown letter, which should have the noted requirements to be successful. For simplicity and ease, you can use one of the many templates that are available online.

** Remember to take screenshots of the violations as you might need them as proof later on, especially for steps #2 and #3.

2. File a DMCA form via Google’s Webmaster Tools

This will remove the reported pages from Google’s results. Google will do their own review, so give them as much evidence as you can. If you have notified the website already, show that to Google and include a screenshot of the contents that are in violation of your copyright.

3. File a DMCA form via other search engines

We recommend submitting the DMCA form with Bing as well since it is the second most used search engine.

Please remember to give the hosting website the necessary time to evaluate and act on your claim of plagiarism. However, if that fails, use the tools available to you. Note that filing a DMCA takedown notice is very serious as sites that have been filed against can submit a counter-notice. If you provide falsified information, you can be sued. Therefore, make sure to file a takedown notice only if you truly are the copyright holder or their agent.


If your content made it to Amazon:

In similar cases in the past, it has proven successful for the author to contact amazon support directly and to request the removal of the listing.
You can read from amazon's site about the steps that you can follow in this situation: 

From previous author experiences, both methods seem to have swift responses to them, both by filling this form or by sending an email to [email protected]

Sometimes, however, they require further verification that you are the original author. If you are published on our platform, you can direct an email to [email protected] for assistance. 

Please note that if your content on Royal Road was affected, we would appreciate being updated about the situation regarding what steps you followed and how long it took you to resolve the issue. Any new information an author may provide could be beneficial to others to make the whole process easier for them in case they also got affected by plagiarism.

Best Regards,

Royal Road team.

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I guess I will add this link to my main post for future author 

Great of you guys to post this kind of friendly reminders. 
There are so many russian sites and aggregators that copy popular fics that it breaks my heart. 

I'd be curious what other authors think about Blasty. I took a brief look at it, and the way you input information for your content does not seem that friendly for RR. It seems more suited for books published on Amazon.  


Not many thoughts about it yet, but you can check this forum for reviews and maybe add your own: 


This is good to know.

Ahh...Plagiarism... Reminded me about undergraduate days.

How reliable and effective is Blasty?

Thanks for the info, but please read review of Blasty until today:

For all the people who have subscribed to their paid service they no longer let you unsubscribe and keep deducting money from your credit card!!
I couldn’t stop the auto-rebilling feature from their site and had to call my credit card processor and file a fraud claim against them. That’s the only way to stop them from charging till forever your credit card. Plus the worst part is they no longer take down the infringing content which they were supposed to do!!

Also their support is non-existent, any e-mail I had tried sending to them I never received a reply!!

Even on twitter they dont reply or exist anymore: Twitter Post

What I did was I switched from Blasty to after learning about them at the Boston writers convention!
I’m very pleased with their 24/7 online support and with their DMCA takedown service. So far all my books have been removed from all piracy sites, forums and search engines!

I'm curious about top fiction on royal road. MetaWorld Chronicles

How is it not plagiarism 1:1 from this anime I watched in past.

Which probably comes from novel Versatile Mage.

I have read like 10 chapters from MW chronicles, and comparing to anime, one difference I found is gender of main character. Author could at least state in description of fiction that it is so 'vastly inspired'.

I've seen thatanime and follow the novel. I do not see any similarity whatsoever. quanzhi fashi only differentiate between different kinds of elemental magics and adds on a few utilitarian schools. Its magic system is frankly laughably simplistic compared to MW's. As for the characters, it uses all the anime tropes like the little girl who's the heir to a mysterious organisation.... None of that in MW.

You have two emails in here listed. One of them still has the 'l'. Since this was linked in the forums recently by Wing, you might want to fix that so it's correct and people aren't sending to a bad email (if the one with the 'l' no longer exists).

Thanks For Posting This!

There's the cool pirates and the uncool ones, dont steal from independent creators. Steal from the big corporations :)

It's good to have an protection, some sites don't do it