Easter Event Search Party

People are cracking eggs to celebrate Easter; which has frightened all of the penguins causing them to escape and hide all over the site.
Find them, report them, and help us with keeping them safe.

??? 27 penguins. Alive.

How to report the penguins once they’ve been located?
Report the penguins found in this Google Form, remember to add your username and where you found the penguins; you can make multiple reports.
You may provide a direct URL, with a description as to where you found the penguin, on the page linked to that URL. Or, you can describe the steps taken in order to find the penguin.

We expect the penguins to return by themselves when Easter ends all over the world. However, we don’t want them to get hurt while they are all alone in the world, so find them quickly. The duration of the event is from April 1st to April 8th.

Do not cheat by telling other people where you found a penguin, if you are caught doing so, your own achievement records will be removed, and you will be banned from future events. Let the fun, be fun.

A unique badge exclusive to this event, and it will not be given at any other time. Whoever finds the most penguins (or all) will get a golden achievement.
Followed by silver and bronze badges. Don’t miss out on the fun.

To find the 27 penguins, you may follow these hints:

  1. “Romeo, Mike, Nine, One, Bravo, Mike, Quebec, Golf, Alpha, Whiskey, Four, Golf, Delta, Golf, Hotel, Lima, India, Echo, November, Victor, Delta, Yankee, Bravo, Mike, Zulu, X-Ray, Zulu, Lima, Bravo, Alpha, =, = “ 
  2. The penguins are sometimes hiding in plain sight 
  3. Some penguins are hiding in places that we think are essential, and we want you to know about.
  4. You could find the penguins on platforms that belong to RoyalRoad.


NEW HINTS and information [April 4th]

If there are ONLY 27 PENGUINS, but you can find more penguins than there are pages on the site. Do you think this means repetitive penguins count?

Note it will be very hard to stumble upon the location of the penguin/s hiding in #1. So far only 1 person was able to find the penguin/s. The second level of the code is case sensitive, so just because you know how to decode it, doesn’t mean it will work on the first try. Keep trying. 

Ask Google for help, and read Wing’s comments carefully.

The Majority of the penguins on this domain look the same, except for a triplet and 1 giant.

The rewards and punishments have changed:
Now, each penguin found (of the 27) would be worth points, and if you break any of the rules, you get -100 points.
Max points to receive is 650 (+50 for first finders).  

Now, go figure it out! And check out the new hint on our Social Media. 

Update [April 4th]

All penguins have been found by one user or another.

Update [April 6th]

If you crack Hint#1 and the video code, and manage to find the penguins hidden. Then you can contact Wing directly, and ask for your status (Count of how many penguins found, and EXP). 
Note this can only be done once.

Update [April 9th]

The event has ended. We have many submissions, so it will take a while to sort through them, but once we do - we will provide the answers and a list of the penguins each member found.
You can follow our facebook page for an update for when we are done. We will also be providing video explanation of how to find the penguins. 

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  1. Do the three on this post count?

I don't get the first hint, why so hard?

I have no idea what the military code leads to

Sgould i have said that

Found 8 so far. Probably the only easy ones lol

a few can be seen on more than 1 page, do they count 1 time only or how many pages u can find them?

    I would like to know this as well. There's a few... duplicates, so to speak, without giving away too much. Ones visible from more than one angle, so to speak, that are clearly the same penguin.

At the risk of seeming like a know-it-all - isn't the NATO standard for the letter 'A' in the phonetic alphabet 'Alfa', not 'Alpha'?

 there is a penguin in the tags of this very page


    Hint 2. There's also three of them on this very page..


      @drizz, you are banned from this event! 

      My apologies. Ah well; guess I get to sleep after all.

      Not trying to start an argument or anything... but I assumed that it would not be violating the rules to post what I did, as AstralTempest also mentioned it.

      Or were they also banned from this event?

      Actually, on that note, am I also banned from future events as is mentioned in the post?


      You don't have any badges, so there is nothing to do with the previous achievements. But, any submission for this event, will not be taken into consideration.
      And same for all future events for this account and any account that is found to be associated with it.

      Attempt to bypass this, will be faced with a ban. Tempest also didn't do it the same way but instead asked a question that required answering, (that was obvious to me from seeing the responses that all included the same question). You, on the other hand, were also warned by another user about this, and a couple of minutes later you provided more assumptions or hints.

      I don't see a reason as to let you ruin everyone else's fun.
      The only reason I am not deleting your comments is that of how obvious what you stated is.

      I also don't want to go back on my word, or else the entire event will plunge into chaos. A couple of people will find all of the penguins, and then hundreds would just follow their list without playing themselves. So yes, you are banned both from this event and future ones. 

      Ask me to reconsider again on the last day of this event, maybe the situation will change then and my reasons above will be gone already. 


      I see, thank you for elaborating.

      In no way did I intend to ruin anyones fun - but I can see how it could be looked at like that. After 13lack12oses comment, I actually searched for a way to delete comments but alas... yeah, doesn't matter now.

      (Just as a note though: In my later comment I state that what I (publicly) assumed to be the solution cannot be true - is the public discussion of potential solutions to a sub-problem also violating the rules? Naturally, it would be against them to post the full solution, but I hope you see what I mean. Don't answer this if you don't want to, your actions are justified either way. In the end, it's interpretation, really, and you are the judge.)

      I hope you'll have an enjoyable rest of the evening/night, I'll get back to you on the 8th.

    It does say specifically not to help people...

    " Rules: 
    Do not cheat by telling other people where you found a penguin, if you are caught doing so, your own achievement records will be removed, and you will be banned from future events. Let the fun, be fun. "

Hint 1 is driving me nuts. It can't be Base64 (31 % 4 != 0), but it looks so similar.. argh. I already know I won't be able to sleep tonight (not like it'd make much of a difference, at this point).

Do they all need to be that particular emoji? Cause if not.... I'm up 19 now....

 Ive only got 8. this is difficult.

Ok, well that's enough searching for me. Depending on what counts or doesn't, I think I found somewhere between 10 and 14, or 20 of them.

Penguin in search for people spot

Does the Corp. count?

 Agh, I think I'm about to give up.

Err, I thought I was pretty observant, actually, and there I am, struggling to even reach the half of what is asked. Even worse is that I thought I looked pretty much everywhere... I'm disappointed in myself :(

Well, let's sleep and try again tomorrow. Good luck in your penguin hunting, good reading and happy Easter, everyone.

How do I know my idea, i looked but I couldn't find it

Ok, I’ve found 8 during lunch. All on IPad. Now back to work!

Quick question. Do we get a response to our submissions to say if we are correct/incorrect?

Okay this is proving much more challenging than I originally thought. I only found 13 (1 of which might be a duplicate) cry. I suspect (other than clue 1) I'll probably need to figure out what clue 4 in referencing to find the next batch.

Oh. An event. As this is the first event I will actively participate on, I'll do my best.

By the way, after the event ends, I'd like to ask the url and locations of all of them. Only after the event of course. Best of luck to all of you! Let's do this!

Is Golf listed twice? Or is this your way of telling us you're a fan of the sport?

Sorry, three times...

What does "Username + [ID]" mean? More like, what should we write in "ID"? Is it some kind of number or just our username if we have the same one por logging in and as public name?

Srry if its obvious, but I'm kinda lost.

 The 4 clue includes RRL twitter, Facebook and Discord?

Ive only found 5 so far. Username is "Root". Found one in the search bar of the members list. Theres one in the tag at Home that leads to this post. Then theres the 3 here, tho i dont think they count, do they?

Oh jesus, I think I know what you're doing with that first hint. Motherfucker, it's been forever since I studied this back in college. I hope I'm wrong, because that's just fucking mean

So... Some 'rules' i assume are true.
For one, comments can't count as i could just repeat ðŸ§ðŸ§ðŸ§ 27 times and be done with it. 
And then by extension, posts on the forum can't count either, because they essentially also are comments. Also fictions and such.
royalroadl platform means that the site itself and its extensions, like the forums i.e. sites that belong to royalroadl. Then facebook and twitter and such shouldn't count since they dont belong to royalroadl.

And that's about it for the limitations... kinda.

So, ofc theres another fairly obvious ðŸ§ present on this blog post but since the same one appears on multiple webpages. I'm sure its the same one. Would each count seperately or just as one? Even though it technically 'appears' on different webpages. Could you clarify?


    If you count all of the "same penguins" that appear on the site. 
    You would end up with more penguins than there are pages on the site. 
    So figure out the answer for yourself.

    As for the extension. You could be right, you could be wrong, you shouldn't take that at face value. Nor give hints to others. 

Found two already

This is too easy

Welp, for now, I'm stuck at either 16, 19 or 21 including some that I am a bit unsure. I still haven't understood the first clue so that's at least one more but I can't seem to find any others.

I either have like 5 or so or somewhere in the teen depending on what works and what doesn't

Do I get a reward if I found the hardest one? Or do I just get another cookie?

    You probably get nothing but you can have a penguin. 🐧 ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ ðŸ§ 

I think my limit is 14 -.-

Argh, this is so frustrating and I can't even vent properly incase I accidentally give hints yell

out of curiosity has anyone managed to solve the first hint


  1. Romeo, Mike, Nine, One, Bravo, Mike, Quebec, Golf, Alpha, Whiskey, Four, Golf, Delta, Golf, Hotel, Lima, India, Echo, November, Victor, Delta, Yankee, Bravo, Mike, Zulu, X-Ray, Zulu, Lima, Bravo, Alpha, =, = 

Find out about different types of ciphers and don't waste your days trying to find the answer, unless it gives you a link to a web page (which is most likely does not) then you can find it faster. I probably have just by looking around. 

  1. The penguins are sometimes hiding in plain sight 

They really are sometimes, but you have to dig to get gold or get lucky or steal it. 

  1. Some penguins are hiding in places that we think are essential, and we want you to know about.

If you were an admin or something what do you think would be cool or useful to know about the site? The purpose of this event is so that you discover things.

  1. You could find the penguins on platforms that belong to RoyalRoad.

I don't know maybe changing one word will help.  You CAN find the penguins on platforms that belong to RoyalRoad.

Actually, why do they say "Could"  Does that mean there were penguins in the past? Is it a typo? Am I overthinking things? Probably or am I? Did I just discover a penguin conspiracy or where the penguins always here, watching us, waiting for the right time.

Don't over think things.

I believe the purpose of this event is so that you learn something and have fun. Stating the obvious right? Go to places you normally would not go. See something new? Check it out.

Or if you are a hardcore achievement hunter

Divide and conquer. Check everything and check it again, but again don't over think things. If you think you have found everything on this site than go to other sites connected to royal road, but don't waste your time there






Wing you will tell us what Hint one meant at the end of the event right?

 How many are yet to be found?

found one on the advanced search near order by dont know if its found or not


Hail the Penguin Empire!

Is this still going on? I barely ever check notifications ;(

I was wondering what was up with all the penguins I was seeing but never bothered

how many penguins have been found so far?

"except for 3 triplets and 1 giant."

Are there 3 triplets as in 9 total or is there just one triplet?

If i change my profile picture does it count as a penguin found?

oi Wing after it ends will the locations be released of where the penguins were at? Also if not can you at least let me know because I am curious.

I've completely lost count of how many I've foundfrown

How long will it keep going? I've been keeping off sending what I've found in as I'm still missing a few, and would like to find them before I do send it

How do you know you have caught a penguin


    You don't. 
    You just submit it and hope for the best. 
    There are enough hints to let you know what is valid and what is not. 

Wanted to join but all I could see was boxes instead of penguin. Anyway, good luck to you guys :). Hopefully, there will be new events that I could participate :)