Changes, Status and Plans

A Farewell

As the first of our topics for today, we would like to thank Curvinho for his services contributed so far and wish him well in future endeavors, as he will no longer be a service provider for this site. It was a hard decision, but nevertheless, one that had to be made to ensure the website’s and the community’s interests.

Wing will be taking on the duties previously held by him in regards to the community.  Please send any correspondence or questions to her PM. Or via [email protected]

Recap of 2017

Since the release of V3 in late 2016, we have consolidated the website’s changes and released a large number of bug fixes, we had some critical changes to how the website operated both under the hood and over it. While we are happy with the progress, this year the focus will be on providing the user more features.

You can read a bit more regarding our current plans for 2018 below:

Author Premium

We are happy to announce that the Author Premium features are nearly finished, and we will be releasing them to select authors for testing over the next few weeks; said authors would be winners of our last facebook competition, as well as the winners for our 2018 resolution contest. Note that you still have time to participate in the latter.

After the testing period, once we can confirm that everything works as expected and the authors are happy with it, the author premium will be made available for all authors.

The Author Premium will have the following features:

  •         Additional analytics, including daily pageviews, reader retention rate, referrers and analytics for individual chapters.
  •         Optional push notifications for comments and reviews
  •         Chapter page customizations, including pretty rulers, header artwork, and a custom background image.
  •         A search feature to find all mentions of a word in all chapters in a fiction, including the use of regular expressions
  •         A Find & Replace feature
  •         Autosave in the chapter editor as drafts until it is published so that you never lose your work due to connection issues.

Additional features in the future are possible, and we may make some of the premium features available to the general public over time. Additionally, premium authors will have the option to sign up for Early Access, which will allow them access to features as soon as they are released for public testing.

The Plans

Mobile Application

Our first plan is to finally satisfy all of you who have asked for mobile applications over the years. We have contacted companies regarding the development of Royal Road applications for Android and iOS, and we expect to have a concrete timeline by the end of Q1.

UI and UX

We will be focusing more on the UX and UI site designs to make the site more comfortable, ergonomic and natural. 

Marketing and Growth

We believe our authors deserve to have as many readers as possible, and that every reader should have more stories. And so this year our focus will be on Marketing and Growth. So far it has been done by word of mouth, all of you have truly made an impact on this site. We will continue to rely on you to do the same this year, and this time around we will also do some more serious marketing on our side.


In addition to the above, we have decided to make Royal Road a truly international website and community. In order to do this, we are first rolling out language settings and preferences for fictions and users, followed by a translation project across the UI of the entire website.

This will allow us to reach new users across the world, and to allow native content in additional languages filtered by the individual user’s preferences. In the meanwhile, if you would like to write in your native language, please submit it with the language you are using in (parentheses) in the title.


Considering how well the Christmas community Event went last time, with chaotic and fun singing, we will be hosting a second Karaoke session on Saturday, February 10th for 21:00 GMT, under the Valentine theme - for both the lovebirds, the broken-hearted and the forever alone.

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Great! Let's go RoyalRoad!

Hurray! Most interested in the RR mobile app.

Hi there, I’m an avid reader on the site and I actually work for a digital media and social media marketing agency (we’re located in PA, US) and we focus on building web traffic through Social Media marketing. If you’d be interested in the services we can offer you please send me a PM! I love all the hard work and creativity I get to enjoy every day here and would love to make sure it can survive for a good long time.

Sounds pretty neat! Although going for multiple languages seems like quite the project.


Well done, guys. I'm renewing my premium. :)


keep up the good work. 

I have to say I got on this site on a wim 2 years ago after a Friend told me about it. At this point I honestly don't know what I'd do without this site,so thank you and keep up the good work.

The only thing that saddens me is that the auto-save feature is available only to premium paying authors...

Aside from that, I find it in general a year of improvement, full of new stuff :)

Just a little query but do we stay logged in for less time now? (not on about the remember me feature)


    We had to change the setup for without "remember me". We were using 24 hour expiration cookies before, but people ended up getting logged out while posting due to the hard cutoff time. Now we use session cookies; they last far shorter (until you close your browser, unless your browser extends sessions), but they shouldn't log you out while using the site.

I'm really looking forward to the Author Premium, and UI/UX updates.  Thanks for sharing!

At last author premium is here. Was waiting for that soo long.

The App news is pretty great. I only just recently joined, and have had a long history of both reading and writing using my phone. I've always found the web interface of RRL on mobile to be pretty sub-par when it comes to usability. Its not the worst, but its not great either. I've been resorting to emailing myself copies of chapters so I could use my desktop to post them.

Sounds great! A personal (Or mabey not) issue is tables and if you could help make them easier I think a lot of people would appreciate it. Sorry for sounding selfish. Love RRL.


    Tables are basically already as easy as they can get - you can either use the chapter editor's visual table editor, or you can copy-paste tables from Excel or Google Sheets; it works perfectly fine.

 sounds good bro, hope your ideas for this site come to fruition 

If you could introduce tags that'd be awesome. It would make it so much easier to find new and undiscovered stories about exactly what you're looking for. For instance fantasy is a big genre but what if I want to filter for sword & sorcery or urban fantasy specifically?

    THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. Tags would be so helpful


    Custom tags aren't a realistic addition due to the fact that we'd end up with so many different tags for different stories that it would become unusable for search. 

      Sorry but that's plain nonsense. Custom tags work great for a lot of websites because users are pretty good at sorting out relevant tags very quickly. Take for instance the example above. If I'm writing an urban fantasy story, I WILL tag it #urbanfantasy and so will other users that write for this genre because people want their stuff to be found!! Tumblr uses custom tags and a lot of people post their fanfiction there using relevant tags and it works just fine. Just saying. 

      We don't need custom tags, we just need a better organizational method because there are so many unfinished/dropped stories out there that just searching for the current tags will bring up many, many fictions. Although I am not sure that's what you are getting at.....

how much does the author premium cost?

You heard me...*_*

Ruining secondary worlds.

Language can't stop us.

Going around the world.

Plotting world domination.-

Trying to write in the meantime....

I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a more prosperous site. Although I can’t actually see it get that BIG since I’ve been roaming on this site for a long time now. I love that it gets readers but not many good Novels get updated and the ones i love get dropped by the Writer lol. Perhaps that’s a good thing though. Less competition for others

I really hope for something from the “Marketing and Growth”, though I don’t know what to expect...

The International one sounds really good, aiming to be the next Qidian or Syosetu?

While the site is doing well, I feel the quality of the stories have declined.Seems like the authors rush to get out chapters, to get enough chapters to go publish. and that we are just free proof readers. There are some good writers, just a lot of poor ones

 I had been asking for a way to pick only English speaking fictions or other such for years, as for word of mouth I found this place and I have only shared the site I think with a handful of others. But keeping track of things worth reading to share is hard when I often browse or read everything someone wrote.  And then don't look back at it til it appears again, the ability to track chapters after the fact is a huge help.

Greetings. I am an author, editor, and soon will be a publisher with my own online bookstore, pending.

As an editor I couldn't help noticing that there is a typo in the first paragraph under the heading "Author Premium" The last word in the first paragraph should read "latter" And the link at the bottom to log in doesn't work.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the changes you are making here work out. smile

I'd like to see a more diverse tagging system. The options are pretty limited. If there were more tags, authors could cater towards more specific groups of readers and readers could find works that appeal more specifically to them. Just a suggestion that'd be cool to see implemented.

    Agreed, especially with regard to some stories being rather...18+. The current tag doesn't really show how graphic the story is gonna be, which is a big factor in what to expect. 

Hoh.. Sounds interesting!

Just realized after seeing it a hundred times, that picture above was taken relatively close to where I'm living (Bled, Slovenia). 

Hmmmm....I am awaiting Author Premium....

Heck yeah! Here we go!

I hope we gain some cool skills :D

Very happy to see you all expanding.