2018 Resolution Contest

The end of the year and the start of a new one brings change, it is a landmark in time that many use to set goals to better themselves. In accordance with that, RoyalRoad™ is hosting a short story contest about characters who try to change, whether it’s by breaking a bad habit or by bringing their life around.  

You can participate in this contest, by submitting your entry via this Google Form.

The theme of the entry is the concept of your chosen character changing themselves physically, mentally, or even by setting a goal to change.


  • 10,000-word maximum
  • Only one entry per author.
  • Use new original content, no fanfiction, or side stories of already established characters.
  • Try to keep profanity, gore and sexual content to a bare minimum


  • January 31st- 23:59 GMT
  • You may edit your submission before the deadline.  


Many factors will be taken into consideration when we do the judging. From how true the short story remains to the contest theme, to grammar and spelling as well as overall quality. The winners will get the following awards:

1st place - 3 months of Reader Premium
2nd place - 2 months of Reader Premium
3rd place - 1 month of Reader Premium


But the best reward of all is setting a tone for the new year, to visualize improvement and advancement and to at least get your fictional character to do it.

Happy New Year,
May this one be greater than the last. May you have a strong resolution, and achieve your goals.


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Third. Is. The. Best. With. That. Hairy. Chest. Lol. I. Don't. Know. What. I'm. Typing. 

What are the benefits of reader premium?

 woot im here too

I'm a little concerned about copyright- how do I know that my contest entry won't be published without my knowledge?

    The submissions may be used for promotional purposes by RoyalRoad™ after the contest has been concluded. But as always, the author retains full copyright over their own novel.

You own your story on rrl there aren't any weird strings like that.

 This sounds like it will be very fun! Looking forward to seeing the entries and result, good luck everyone :]

Another contest! :3
I'll see if I can come up with a good storyline.

Excellent idea. Can't participate though. Amazon deadlines for two books.

Just submitted my story too.

I think maybe the 10k word limit, which was one of the first top-limit constraints i faced, made me write much less, leading to me undershooting it for just about 4k words.

Even though i know/ i feel like i can elaborate upon it so much more.

I might change it later on tomorrow or something. But for now, i'll submit this since it's fairly good IMO.

First novel post & contest entry for me. :P

I've sent but I don't know if it works or not :).