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Royal Road is a growing community where new and rising authors post their works, and where their readers can directly interact with them to provide feedback and suggestions.

For us, the most important aspects of web publishing are publicity and interactions. Hence, we do our best to ensure that every reader can find the works they are looking for; that every author - old or new - can be discovered; and that readers can provide their invaluable feedback.

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Published and well-known authors of our community

Edward Castle
Author of Unbound Deathlord
RoyalRoad was a fundamental step in my career. It provided me with an awesome audience to 'test waters' and they gave me lots of helpful feedback. Building a fanbase in there first was probably one of the best early decisions I made.
Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue
Author of The Slime Dungeon
Royal Road gave me the audience I needed to start writing. The community helped me shape myself into the author I am today, and my success lies largely with such a wonderful place.
Author of The Iron Teeth
While I've been here I've not only had a lot of fun writing but I have connected with other authors and received a lot of great feedback. RoyalRoadL has left an undeniable mark on both myself and my writing.
Blaise Corvin
Author of Delvers LLC
Royal Road was one of the best places I could ever post my story and find a home as writer. It has been instrumental for building my audience.